NewCath's Brennan Hall joins the 1000 Point Club

Page 2 of With his reverse lay up in the 2nd half of tonight's game at Lloyd, Newport Central Catholic senior point guard Brennan Hall joins the 1000 Point Club.... 17 comments | 815 Views | Go to page 1 →

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    What a cool moment and accomplishment! Great player and even better kid!

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    It's not where I live, It's what I live for

    Good time for a shout out to those that volunteer their time to take photos of the players to capture these achievements.
    Guys like Panda, Allen R, Dale Dawn, Wayne Litmer and many I have missed.
    When my boys played, we were blessed to have Tim Cooper take a lot of photos and when Jr. Eclipsed the 1,000 point mark, one of Panda's co workers was also there to take some great shots and that game was filmed by Joe Zinc and he put together a wonderful you tube video capturing the moment. #Glorydays

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    Those are some great pictures of "the shot".