Mason County 74 Bracken County 42 (39th District Championship)

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    If this years district tournament doesn’t show why seeding is crucial for the betterment of the district tournament I don’t know what will. This game should have been the first round game with Mason being the 1 seed and Bracken being the 4 seed. St Pat and Augusta should have played each other as the 2/3 seeds. Yeah I know it was to our advantage this season but that doesn’t change the fact that seeding is the way to go!!

    It was yet again a 2-2 vote this season and for all the upset Patties this should be your wake up call. Get your administrators on board and do the right thing next year.

    I’m happy for the 38th. At least they got it right for the future.
    I brought this up on another thread as to why Robertson County was the only school in that district to vote against seeding when they could easily be the top seed in that district the next 3 years( I mean they beat a 6A size football school by 20 for frosh region title). Was told by several posters that this decision to blind draw was made based on the best interests of the other team sports(baseball,softball volleyball,girls basketball,etc.). What say you?

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    Robertson is poised to make a nice 2-3 yr run. Will Challenge PC next year and should be at worst the 2 seed.

    Other than Basketball the only sport I follow closely is volleyball because PB98 jr has played varsity since the 8th grade. That’s where it’s even more paramount for seeding IMO because you want your best teams any given year in the Regional and drawing for a district tournament just goes against all that

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    Keep this thread on THIS game, not the BC/St. Pat's one.

    Also, lay off the personal comments and commenting about how other posters are posting. If not, some of you won't be happy.