Kerry Stovall back at Christian County

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    No way as Heyworth and Stovall will have their number? Where will the region be this year? Maybe Henderson??? that might help them out a little.
    Yes. Henderson County will be the host. This will be their best chance to break the streak.

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    This would make the first time the region tournament will have been in Henderson since 1968...when the Henderson City "Flash" was host. ("City" and "County" consolidated in 1976-77.)

    Henderson County has hosted a region tournament only once since its inception in 1954-55. That was in 1963 when the Colonels were in the 3rd region. They lost a first-round game to Henderson Douglass (the all-black school) in the first round that year. That was in the days when teams were not seeded for the region, and you could play a district foe at any time...depending on the draw.

    Indeed, perhaps a change of scenery will be good luck for the Colonels. They've not had much of that in tournament play.

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    If everyone is eligible and returns in the 8th district it will be another all 8th final again in Henderson.