Kentucky vs. Indiana Region Series Needs to End

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    Kentucky vs. Indiana Region Series Needs to End

    I saw Chris Jung post on twitter about the Western Kentucky All-Stars playing against an Indiana All-Stars team. I didn't have anything else to do so I made the trip to Hopkins Central to watch the boys game. I caught the end of the girls game, which wasn't much of an all-star game and was frankly hard to watch. I was a little upset that only 1 player from the 8th district was on a team that lacked actual all-stars. That was just the start I am afraid. The boys team lacked actual all-stars as well, with the exception of Shorty Cager, Detorrion Ware and Ware from Henderson. The biggest omission of the night? The Indiana All-Stars!!! The boys game turned out to be 2nd/3rd Region vs. 4th Region (only Russellville, Bowling Green and Warren Central players). If this is what this series has come to it needs to end. If they want to keep what is left of the actual Kentucky vs. Indiana game go ahead but these regional games are a waste of time and the $10 for me and my kid.

    Rant over.