Johnson Central 80 Belfry 78 (2OT)

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    Johnson Central 80 Belfry 78 (2OT)

    Incredible game.

    Isiah Roblee for Belfry hits 3FG to force OT, hits 3FG to force double OT, then hits 3FG to tie game in double OT before JC freshman Isaiah May hits floater to win game.

    Senior Isiah Roblee finishes with 33 points to led Belfry. Junior Jacob Rice finishes with career high 30 points for JC. Freshman Cory VanHoose finishes with 24 for JC. Freshman Isaiah May finishes with 14 points (to include game winner) and game high 13 rebounds for JC.

    Fun game to watch. Both teams will be tough out in regional tourney.

    Side note: JC was without senior PF and starter Dalton Collins (hand injury - JC's only senior). Every player Belfy played in the game was a senior except Sophomore Dezmon Roblee (starter) and Junior PF Ty May (limited minutes).