This past week stirred up some rankings in the 8th region as we witnessed exciting basketball across the region. This week starts the All A tournament and I believe it has the ability to have some close contests, with several teams having a shot at winning. The All A is being held at Walton Verona and will begin Tuesday. After reading all of the boards this week, I found myself laughing at posters, concerning who is ranked where, who is beating who, remember this we are half way through the season and a lot can change. Players will mature, especially young ones, unfortunate injury's can happen, and getting on that cold bus can make it hard to win road games. The teams that improve the most this month, will be there come end of February.

1. Oldham County Colonels- Coach Zerhusen has the Colonels in a familiar spot in my ranking. A hard fought win against the Dragon's on Friday catapults them into the #1 spot. They are getting a lot of contributions from the junior class, of Gibson, Henderson, and Larimore, but it seems as if the seniors are starting to emerge as leaders. Ismail Jones was really good against South Oldham, and Ryan Heelen continues to give them that spark when needed. The Colonels lost to Scott County on Tuesday, but those kind of games prepare you for March. The Colonels have Spencer on Tuesday, and last district seed game on Friday. They can wrap up the #1 seed in the District with a win.
2. South Oldham Dragons- Yes they lost to Oldham on Friday, Jo Griffin only played around 12-14 minutes in the game, flu like symptoms, just proving what kind of player he is. No way he should of played, but no way he is not going too either. Give the Dragon's credit they hung in there in a tough environment and proved they can still hang with the best in the region with their two best players not being really good. The Dragons have Collins, Simon and Frankfort this week,so a busy schedule indeed. The Dragons have made a 172 (3) point shots at a 42% clip, just crazy if you ask me.
3. Collins Titans- The Titans just keep winning, they have faced a lot of adversity this past week losing several key players to injury. It appears that Fort and and Feltner will be out 4-6 weeks with their injury's, and I am hearing the Dominique Turner should be back ready to go this week. The Titans have 2 freshmen that are pretty special and have played well at times in McKnight and Veil. They have a tough go this week with South Oldham and Shelby County. They got wins last week over Spencer County and Grant County. Charles Cochran is averaging around 14.5 a game for the Titans, and has a chance to be on my all region selection team at the end of the season.
4. Anderson County Bearcats- It is amazing how a team that is 10-4 is struggling? Last time I checked they have (3) guys averaging double figures, one of those is Cobe Penny 24ppg, and a POY candidate so I think they are just fine. It takes time to lose a starter and gain a starter to mesh out some kinks. I think at the end of the season they are dangerous to win this region. I worry about their depth and winning back to back games, aka last year. Penny looked wore out in the final. They got a win over Shelby County this week. They have Perry Central, and Casey County this week.
5. Simon Kenton Pioneers-Hawkins and Kelch are both averaging around 13-14ppg and are a mismatch for most teams in the 8th region. It is hard to gauge how good this team is with most of their guys being football players and playing 9th/10th region teams who are really competitive. They lost to rival Scott High and beat Ashland Paul Blazer this week. They have a tough week with Cooper who can win the 9th region and South Oldham to round out the week. I was told that Timmy Cottrell is no longer on the team and that is a big loss for the Pioneers.
6. Spencer County Bears-This team keeps improving and will get to prove how much, this week against Oldham County. I really like the play of Jacob Coke and Wheeler the 2 upper classmen. I agree that the Bears have some good young talent but lets not forget that Wheeler is a senior and an all region candidate and Coke is a junior. Replacing these 2 will be tough the next two season's. But the improvement of the younger players could take up the slack. The Bears lost at Collins this week, beat Nelson and Trimble County. Oldham and Larue County coming up this week.
7. Walton Verona- The Bearcats are hosting the All A this week and have to like their chances at home. They like most teams are a lot better on their floor. They only had 1 game this week and it was a hard fought win against Owen County. They open up the All A with Trimble on Tuesday night. If they win they get the winner of Owen and Eminence. Deionte Miles the big center sophomore is just getting better with every game, and he causes problems for a lot of 8th region teams.
8. North Oldham Mustangs-Their record might not show it but with getting Henry back this team will start to win some games, and may climb the rankings. The Mustangs lost to Valley and Waggener two very good teams and beat Whitfield handily this week. They will get to prove themselves as they got Oldham County Friday and Harrison County on Saturday.
10. Eminence Warriors- I have told folks about Kemyrn Jenkins, he is a player, 27ppg, but do not let that be all you worry about as the Warriors have (3) other guys averaging between 11-14ppg. They beat Gallatin, Williamstown and Evangel Christian this week. They are eyeing the All A tourney this week and will take on Owen County, a team that beat them by 2 a couple weeks ago.
11. Gallatin County Wildcats-Jon will have his team ready for the All A run this week. The Wildcats beat Carroll and lost to Eminence this week in a close game. The Wildcats are also led by Mason Wilson's 20ppg and Rassman's 12ppg. These 2 can get going on a win this All A region for Coach Jones.
12. Willsamstown Demons-Like every other All A team, the Demons feel as if they can win this thing this week, and I think they can as well. The Demons beat Grant County, lost to Eminence and Barr Creek Indiana. They will have the Carroll county Panthers in the first round of the All A.
13. Grant County Braves- This Braves team is getting better each week, they have high's and low's like most teams do. Right now they are unpredictable, and if they can figure some more things out can win their district again. They lost to Williamstown and Collins in OT this week. The Braves are hosting (2) 10th region teams in Montgomery County and Pendleton this week.
14. Shelby County Rockets- The Rockets have played a brutal schedule and only have 3 wins, but I still think they are very dangerous in their district. They lost to KCD in a heart breaker, and lost to Anderson County Friday where one of their best players was ejected in Josh Edwards. Edwards over Christmas had a 29 points 23 rebound performance against Johnson Central in the Rockets win. The Rockets have Collins Friday and it appears both teams will be missing big contributors. They also play Warren East Saturday in the State Farm Shootout.
15. Henry County Wildcats- The Wildcats got 2 wins this week over Carroll County and Lloyd Memorial, and are led by Zach Hinkle who is an all region candidate at 18.5ppg. The Wildcats have Bullitt Central, Iriqouis and Eminence this week, so a legit shot at 3 more wins. Consistency is what the Wildcats are after.
16. Owen County Rebels- The Rebels have Eminence coming up in the All A tourney. A tourney they have dominated the last several years. Coach Duvall knows how to prepare for the tourney and have their hands full with Eminence in the first game. They also have Carroll at the end of the week. Only game this past week was at Walton Verona and they lost a close game. They are led by Cameron McNally's 15ppg.
17. Carroll County- The Panthers are capable of beating some teams this week in the All A and being a sleeper to win it if they can show some consistency. They lost to Henry and Gallatin this week and open with Williamstown in the All A. They are led by Evan McMahan's 18ppg.
18. Trimble County Raiders-The Raiders lost to Spencer County and Hanover Indiana this past week, and play against Walton Verona in the All A tourney. Tough times in Bedford, the Raiders did get their first win over the break vs. St. Patrick. They are led by Troy Grishaber's 10ppg this season.