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7th Region Rankings:

1. Trinity
2. Ballard
3. Waggener
4. Central
5. St. Xavier
6. Christian Academy-Louisville
7. Eastern
8. Male
9. Louisville Collegiate
10. Atherton
11. Kentucky Country Day
12. Seneca
13. Manual
14. St. Francis
15. Brown
16. Shawnee
17. Portland Christian

News and Notes:

Trinity remains the #1 team in the 7th Region and the state. Trinity is playing some fantastic basketball at the moment and don't look now......Jacob King has returned.

Ballard is quietly lurking right behind Trinity in the region and state rankings and look to make some noise during this week's LIT.

Central scored the first big big upset of this year's LIT with a win over Doss last night. It's usually around this time of the year when Central gets going. Keep your eyes on Doug Bibby's team.

Waggener is another team that is quietly adding wins to their resume as they are currently on a 7 game winning streak. Their January schedule is unreal and come February this Waggener team will be one of the most seasoned teams in the entire state.

Anthony Mathis of Kentucky Country Day is the region's leading scorer at 24.8 points a game.