Now 3 weeks remain before district play begins and this past week brought a few insights that confirm there are several tiers with the 6th region where teams are falling within. I see a group of teams within a top tier of the likely favorites to contend for the regional title, a second tier that should make it past districts, and a final tier for another 4-5 teams that have some work cut out if they expect to make the regional tournament this year. All other teams I will simply rank with updated records as they have not shown enough to believe they can get out of districts based on their body of work.

I would like to see some comments about the 6th region, as not too many here on the board seem to be tuned into the 6th. Let your thoughts be known even if you are a casual observer that follows another region more closely.

1) Fern Creek (22-2)- Fern Creek is at the top of the top tier with a strong performance this past week making a statement they may actually be getting better. Wins over Ballard (a third time) by 15, a 30 point win over Waggener who has Devon Cooper back, and a 26 point win on the road over Taylor County finished it off. 2 games this week with St. X and Whitefield should not derail the Tigers. Chance Moore and Anthony Wales continue to lead the Tigers in scoring with excellent all around play from Ahmad Price, Tony Rogers, and Clint Wickliffe. Smooth Jones has added some shot blocking from the post position which could be an important development.

2) Valley (16-4)- Valley had wins over Meade County and Atherton so there was not much risk against either for an upset. This coming week they play Fairdale and Moore. With the Moore game on the road they could get a test. The leading scorers continue to be Curt Lewis, Eric George, and Cam Wilson with plenty of help from others. The Vikings are in that top tier of 6th regions teams that would be considered to be viable candidates to challenge for the 6th region crown.

3) Doss (14-8)- For the 2nd consecutive week, Doss went 1-1 last week suffering their 2nd region loss before bouncing back against an out of state team from TN at Taylor County. The home loss was to PRP by 4 and Doss struggled scoring against the PRP zone for most of the night. Jaylon Hall is having to carry the load scoring for the Dragons with Stephon Franklin and Cam Mattox also in double figures. But there is little margin for error if any of those three have an off night scoring. Doss should end the regular season on a high note as the remaining schedule should gets easier from here on out. Doss will remain in the top tier capable of defending their regional championship for another trip to Rupp at stake.

4) Bullitt East (15-7)- BE Remains at #4 even with the Doss loss as just as they were poised to jump into third they lost on Saturday to John Hardin. After beating 5th region Bardstown earlier in the week, the Chargers lost to another 5th region team 68-78. Luke Ezell, Connor Green, and Jared Osborne all average in double figures and have shown they can lead their team into a deep post-season run if their supporting cast can bring additional firepower. Bullitt East has a good chance to rebound and finish the season winning out as their schedule like Doss is not as challenging as it has previously been. They should remain in the top tier and be a likely candidate to challenge for the title.

5) PRP (11-8)- PRP jumps back in the top 5 after taking out Doss this last week in a 51-47 road victory for the Panthers. PRP will have a game this week with Ballard that if they can win would set them up for a nice finish to an up & down season. Currently they are just outside the top tier and head up the 2nd tier group of teams that deserve to be kept an eye upon in case they get on a roll before season end. Scoring continues to come from Trey Hill, Gerald Gray, and BJ Robinson.

6) DeSales (13-7)- DeSales gets the nod over Moore again in the rankings, but lost on the road to Moore 49-53 last week so those two teams are very close. They finished the week beating Eastern from the 7th region. Those leading the Colts in scoring are Jaxon Burgess, Austin Black, and Sam Weining. Right now they are in the 2nd tier of teams that should make the region, but have some way to go before challenging for the title.

7) Moore (14-8)- Moore almost jumped past DeSales, but lost to Male after that big home win. Ramon Collins, Antwan Hurt, and Shamar Overstreet lead the Mustangs in scoring. They play Valley later in the week which will be a big test for them to see if they are capable of being a serious threat. Right now they are in the 2nd tier and should be in the regional if they continue to play as they have.

8) Butler (12-9)- Butler has lost 4 of their last 5 with only a win over Southern in that span. They are hanging on to the final spot of the 2nd tier, but unless they quickly change how the season is going they may not be able to make the region much less become a challenger.

9) Iroquois (13-11)- 3rd tier team
10) Fairdale (9-12)- 3rd tier team
11) Western (8-11)- 3rd tier team
12) Jeffersontown (9-12)- 3rd tier team

13) Holy Cross (10-8)
14) Southern (9-12)
15) North Bullitt (6-16)
16) Bullitt Central (7-13)
17) Beth Haven (10-10)
18) Whitefield Academy (6-12)
19) Evangel Christian (4-16)