LIT week in Louisville is a big thing and this past week history was made for one 6th region team. Fern Creek earned their first LIT championship in 70 years of this long running event. The Tigers had only ever been to one LIT Championship game during this time (2004), so this was a monumental championship for the Fern Creek High School & entire community.

Eleven 6th region teams made the 2017 LIT but only 4 scored victories as 7 recorded losses in their openers. Bullitt East and Fairdale each recorded an opening victory while Valley and Fern Creek made the semi-finals with the Tigers representing the region all the way to the finals where they defeated Trinity. With the passing of LIT week, only 5 weeks remain in the regular season. This homestretch gives teams plenty of time to hit their stride or their slide, what is it going to be?

1) Fern Creek (18-2)- Not feeling any hangover from their loss to Hopkinsville, Fern Creek bounced back in a big way with 4 consecutive wins at the Valley gym during the LIT. They clearly have established being the favorite when the region gathers back at Valley for the post season. Clint Wickliffe has emerged as a threat in the paint which gives an added scoring weapon. Clint joined PG Anthony Wales on the all-tournament team. Wales continues to show he is one of the state's best floor generals capable of impacting the game whether he is scoring (14 PPG) or in other ways. Chance Moore is clearly the main scoring threat earning the LIT MVP award, but is also growing into being a complete player. The Tigers now play district foe JTown and then Southern this week.

2) Valley (12-4)- Valley jumps Doss in the rankings as they found their home gym comfortable going 2-1 with a loss to Trinity as the only blemish in what otherwise was a great showing. Valley had not advanced to the semi finals in a long time but this is a talented team with a proven leader on the bench in a coach that has played the game at the highest level. Eric George and Curt Lewis continue to lead the Vikings as they each landed on the LIT All Tourney team. Tre Anderson and Cam Wilson have also added scoring in bunches so this team can beat anybody when they are all playing well.

3) Doss (12-6)- Doss can't be far behind Valley if at all, given they beat Valley the week before the LIT by 16. Still Valley deserves the bump after going 2-1 and Doss suffering an opening loss to Central. A loss to Central at the LIT is not a bad loss, they have a track record of upsets so this is not reflective of Doss playing poorly. Nobody from Doss made the All Tourney team, but Jaylon Hall did commit to Wright State this week and he continues to lead the Dragons along with Cam Mattox & Stephon Franklin.

4) Bullitt East (12-6)- BE beat PRP in their LIT opener before losing to Ballard in a close and competitive game. The Chargers are clearly a top team in the 6th after starting slowly. Ballard is likely the 2nd best team in the 7th behind Trinity so the loss shows the Chargers are not far off from being a challenger for the top spot. Luke Ezell had a coming out party at the LIT showing that he is an elite PG in the region capable of scoring or helping set up his teammates.

5) Butler (11-6)- Butler failed to get a victory but remains in the top 5 for now. Time will tell if Butler can get back on track or if they can even be a dark horse to contend for the title. In a close loss to Eastern, it was a missed opportunity for Butler to convince others they were a team that was capable of making a strong tourney run.

6) Moore (11-5)- After 6 consecutive wins, Moore fell to St. X in their first round game. Still, Moore is a very dangerous team that has only loss 1 region game which was in their first game of the season. They have earned the spot just outside of the top 5 and may bust that ceiling if they continue to win.

7) DeSales (10-6)- DeSales dropped their third consecutive game losing by 14 to Valley in the LIT. They remain at the 7th spot, but their next three games against Butler, Fairdale, and Moore will be watched closely to see if they belong this high in the rankings.

8) PRP (9-7)- PRP switched places with Moore dropping to the 8th spot not because they lost to Bullitt East in their only LIT game, but how they lost. It was a 68-48 margin that leaves you scratching your head with PRP. They have the talent, especially in 2018 Guard Trey Hill who is a Division 1 prospect. Yet they remain a mystery on why they are losing some of their games. They now have four upcoming games that could make a difference in how they finish the season. They have Valley, Fairdale, Doss, and then Ballard which could be a 4-0 run or an 0-4 run.

9) Fairdale (7-9)- With a first round win over Western, the Bulldogs get a slight rise in the rankings. However, they then lost to Fern Creek and despite keeping it close for the first half, the final score was an 18 point loss showing they have a long climb to be viewed as a possible contender. Their Coach deserves credit because they fight to the end and are capable of surprising the higher ranked teams if they do not come prepared to play.

10) Iroquois (10-8)- The Raiders have quietly climbed back over .500 and after being in the bottom of the 6th region for so long are going to be given the 10th spot this week. Either they will stay there or drop next week as they play Western & Moore this week which are games they must win or likely drop back out of the top 10.

11) Jeffersontown (7-9)- Not a good week for the Chargers with a loss to Central in the LIT by 18 and then a 22 point loss to CAL in a regular season game. They can redeem themselves and make some noise with an upset of either Fern Creek or Doss who they play this week.

12) Western (6-9)- The Warriors lost to Fairdale in the only game of the week they played at the LIT.

13) Holy Cross (8-8)- After an 18 point win over Southern, HC turned around and had a 22 point loss to Iroquois showing they just do not have a top 10 team in the 6th.

14) Southern (7-10)- North Bullitt and Fern Creek this week.

15) North Bullitt (6-11)- Expect a rise as they are getting their players back healthy.

16) Bullitt Central (6-10)- January 24th is the next 6th region game.

17) Beth Haven (9-6)- After the 6th region All A Classic game(s) this week, Beth Haven will not play a 6th region team until Holy Cross on January 31.

18) Whitefield Academy (6-8)- Beat Evangel Christian convincingly 72-47 this past week to clearly stay out of the last place position

19) Evangel Christian (3-13)- After the bad loss to Whitefield, it doesn't look like Evangel can get a win against 6th region opponents.