Last week was a Doss Dragon steamroller as they beat the #2 and #6 teams in the region clearly separating themselves from the other contenders. With the Fern Creek loss to Hopkinsville on Saturday, it is also likely that Doss has narrowed the lead as they claw back to the #2 spot challenging Fern Creek for the best team in the 6th region.

1) Fern Creek (14-2)- Good wins over 6th region rivals Butler and Bullitt East, but a bad loss to Hopkinsville. The margin (20) was very surprising. In the LIT they face winner of Fairdale & Western in their first game.

2) Doss (12-5)- Doss deserves the #2 spot this week and they also deserve the #3 seed in the LIT where they will face the winner of Central & JTown in their first game.

3) Valley (10-3)- Doss jumped Valley by beating them, but Valley rebounded with a win over North Oldham. How Valley does in the LIT played on their home court will determine if they are challengers to Doss & Fern Creek or a notch below them.

4) Bullitt East (11-5)- The Chargers have finally put their full team together against Fern Creek and came away feeling they are going to be all right by tourney time. They are the #5 seed in the LIT and play PRP in a first round match-up that will impact future rankings.

5) Butler (11-5)- Butler was beat badly by Fern Creek, but bounced bacK with two wins. They face Eastern in the LIT and if they win they could get a rematch with Fern Creek to regain some stature.

6) PRP (9-6)- PRP won the game they were suppose to versus Beth Haven, but the loss to Southern was a tough loss to a Panther team that could have moved up the rankings with a win. They now play Bullitt East in the LIT with another chance to move up into the Top 5.

7) DeSales (10-5)- DeSales had a bad week going 0-2 causing the ranking drop with losses to Doss and St.X. They hope to rebound with a win over Valley to set up another shot at Doss in the LIT.

8) Moore (11-5)- The Mustangs jump a spot and could have jumped even more with a victory in the LIT over St. X, but they lost by 12. They still are a team to watch to rise in future rankings.

9) Jeffersontown (7-7)- J-Town beat 6th region foe Western last week, but then proceeded to lose two in a row to 7th region teams, Waggener & Central in the opener for the LIT.

10) Fairdale (7-8)- Fairdale did not have a great week last week with two losses, but rebounded with a big win in their LIT opener to beat Western to round out the Top 10. They play Fern Creek next on Wednesday.

11) Western (6-9)- Not a good week with losses to JTown, Seneca, and Fairdale.

12) Iroquois (8-8)- The Raiders lost to Butler, but won over Shawnee and Whitefield Academy. They play Western next week to earn a chance to climb in the rankings.

13) Holy Cross (8-7)- Holy Cross deserves credit for a big win over Southern, nice win for the new coach.

14) Southern (7-10)- Southern went out and beat PRP and then Atherton to appear to be ready to rise significantly. But then they lost to Louisville Collegiate and Holy Cross. It is hard to put them ahead of Holy Cross after losing to them.

15) North Bullitt (5-11)- Nice win over the weekend over Christian Academy of Indiana.

16) Bullitt Central (5-9)- A very nice win over Meade County for BC.

17) Beth Haven (9-5)- Beth Haven has a decent record, but evidence of their ranking is they lost to PRP by 48 on Friday night.

18) Whitefield Academy (5-8)- Winless in 2017.

19) Evangel Christian (3-11)- 10 losses in a row but they play Whitefield Academy next week in what appears to be an evenly matched game.