Again the 6th region did not have a very good week as it related to teams stringing victories. The only team in the Top 10 that made it through the week without a loss was Bullitt East. Has Bullitt East found their groove at the right time? They have strung together 3 victories in a row and losing 5 of 6 games right before that. Doss continues to beat 6th region teams, but lost to Lexington Dunbar in the Jock Sutherland Classic. After a strong LIT showing that made it within reason to suggest there was not a lot of separation between the 7th & 6th, there now appears to be a growing opinion that the 7th is significantly stronger top to bottom.

Top 10

1.) Doss
Doss is undefeated in 6th region play with a 10-0 record and 19-6 overall. DuJuanta Weaver may be the best point guard in Jefferson County, for sure in the 6th region. He continues to be the steady player on a team that is best described as very up and down. One person who has seen them recently said they did not seem to be that interested in playing. The grind on the team with all the controversy just seems to be taking a toll. They won two games in the week, but one of those victories was a 3 point margin over Iroquois that has only 6 wins on the season. They ended the week losing to a dangerous Dunbar team in overtime. This week they have Bardstown and Moore which should be victories. They are closing to wrapping up a regular season without any loss to a 6th region team.

2.) Bullitt East
Just when you get close to counting out Bullitt East, they come storming back. After overreacting to their rough spot losing 5 out of 6 games and placing them 5th, they delivered a statement with three consecutive wins over Shelby County, Jeffersontown, and CAL in rather easy victories. Only the JTown game was close and they won that by 8 pulling away in the 4th quarter. They play a respectable Dixie Heights team from the 9th region at home before they travel to rival North Bullitt to end the week with their upcoming games. They are now 16-9 and 4-3 in the region.

3.) DeSales
18-6 with a 8-2 record in the region, but they lost their only game last week to John Hardin by the score of 64-73. Given the DeSales respectable record, the loss will only result in a slight drop to the third spot in the rankings, but John Hardin has only 2 wins in Region 5 which makes this a bit of a surprise to see the loss to a team not even highly ranked in the 5th. DeSales has three games this week beginning with 6th region opponents Fairdale and Whitefield Academy. They end the week with Collins.

4.) PRP
PRP has only a single win in their last 4 games and that was a two point win on a layup with less than 5 seconds remaining. The win was over Moore who has only 6 wins on the season. They lost last week to Shroder (OH) who is not known to be a stronger OH team this season. Still they are 7-1 in the region and 14-7 overall which places them firmly in the 4th spot. They play Iroquois and Fairdale this week in 6th region match-ups that will give some insight into whether PRP is going to be a factor late in the season.

5.) Fern Creek
After going 1-1 last week, the Tigers are now 14-9 and 7-3 in the region which is probably where they were expected to be at this point in the season. Quite a few of the losses leave you wondering how close this could have been to a very special season as 5 losses have come from a total of 8 points. The inability to win most of their close games leaves them just outside the top teams in the region. They had a chance to win both games last week, but lost to Whitefield on the road on a last second shot resulting in one of those close 1 point losses. They finished the week with one of their best victories, an 18 point win over Iroquois. Three tough games are on the schedule for this week, Fairdale, Central, and St. X. which will provide some insight to determine if Fern Creek can make some noise in the post season.

6.) Fairdale
Fairdale stays in the 6th spot after going 1-1, including a big win over 6th Region foe, Butler by 12. They however had a 15 point loss to Atherton from the 7th region. They are now 11-11 and also 8-1 in regional play, with 4 games this coming week. Tre Richardson has really been playing well for the Bulldogs with his toughness around the basket. Fairdale will need a big week from him as they play all 6th region foes in DeSales, Fern Creek, PRP, and Iroquois. If Fairdale can emerge with 3 or even 4 victories then they will obviously rise in the rankings.

7.) Western
Western did nothing to drop or rise from their 7th spot. They took care of their rival, Butler, with an 8 point victory. However, they lost to 7th region power Trinity in a 54-78 score. Western has not had many games compared to most teas, and unfortunately they also had a win last week, but it came from a forfeit when Walden opted to not play their scheduled game with Western. They are 9-8 and 5-3 in the region.

8.) Whitefield Academy
Whitefield jumps back in to the rankings on the heels of three consecutive wins last week, including a win over district rival, Fern Creek. That 46-45 win was on the back of their 6'7" Senior Center, Kyle Jackson. Jackson was all over the court blocking shots and throwing down dunks with strong moves to the basket. Whitefield is now 14-11 and 3-4 in the region. They have 6th region games with DeSales and Valley this week.

9.) North Bullitt
North Bullitt stays at the 9th spot going 2-1 last week. They suffered a bad loss to Central Hardin by the score of 81-55. North is beating the teams they should beat, but is not able to beat the teams on their schedule that are the more competitive games they must win to advance in the rankings. They get that chance this week when they play Bullitt East who is the lone remaining team to offer them that challenge. They are 14-9 and 5-2 within their regional schedule.

10.) Holy Cross
With a win last week over previously #10 ranked Bullitt Central, they deserve the final spot with a 12-13 record and 4-7 in the region. Holy Cross has stepped up and played a challenging schedule which deserves recognition and they are for the most part staying competitive when they do. They play St. X and Western this week.

Top Player(s)
Without a shadow of the doubt the honor goes to Brandon Johnson from Jeffersontown. The honor is long overdue, but playing on a team that has not had many wins is likely the reason for the oversight. However, Brandon is not the reason for the losses piling up. It is sad that this senior has had to exit his great career on such a sour note. He has been part of many victories over the past several seasons and this year he just does not have any complementing players able to share the load. He is doing his part. Recent games have recorded 43, 37, & 34 point games. Even facing defenses that are focused to stop him, he rarely has had a game lower than 25 points in the past few weeks. Hats off to this great scorer and despite the team's lack of success, he is a winner.