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News and Notes:

Adair County
is continuing to roll along this season as they are now sitting on a 24-1 record, 16-0 against 5th Region teams and 6-0 against 20th District teams. They last lost a game on December 19th against Collins on a neutral floor. While some may say that their schedule isn't very challenging they do still have wins over North Hardin and Taylor County in the 2017 calendar year. Kel Stotts has been out the past few games and his return will only make Adair County that much stronger.

is coming together nicely as they are now 18-5 overall, 10-0 against 5th Region teams and 8-0 against 19th District teams. Bardstown has had a good schedule this season as it is to be noted that all five of their losses have come from out of region teams. Bardstown will face North Hardin this week (February 7th) and will also face Elizabethtown, John Hardin and Pulaski County before they begin the 19th District Tournament. Bardstown will arguably be the most battle tested 5th Region team once tournament play rolls around.

North Hardin appears to be getting more and more comfortable with Trace Young in the mix with each passing game. North Hardin is now 19-7 overall, 9-2 against the 5th Region teams and 8-0 against 17th District teams. North Hardin hasn't lost a game since January 12th and look to finish the season strong heading into the 17th District Tournament.

John Hardin is sitting on an 18-7 record, 5-4 against 5th Region teams and 5-3 against 17th District teams. It would be easy to write off John Hardin but I just can't quit them yet for some reason. While they have some heartbreaking losses they are showing signs of a team that can be dangerous come tournament time. All a team like John Hardin needs to do is win that first game of their district tournament and I can guarantee they will be one of the teams that no one will want to see at the end of this month and the beginning of March. Do not sleep on John Hardin.

Taylor County, Larue County, Bethlehem and Elizabethtown are all teams that have had successful and somewhat successful seasons. While they won't get the fanfare as the previous four teams that I have mentioned it should be noted that if any of these teams are able to make it to the region tournament they are all certainly capable of causing a problem to any team they face. Especially Taylor County.

5th Region Rankings(2-6-17):

1. Adair County
2. Bardstown
3. North Hardin
4. John Hardin
5. Taylor County
6. Larue County
7. Elizabethtown
8. Central Hardin
9. Bethlehem
10. Marion County
11. Nelson County
12. Washington County
13. Fort Knox
14. Caverna
15. Campbellsville
16. Green County
17. Thomas Nelson
18. Hart County