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News and notes:

Adair County
is still rolling along as they have won 10 games in a row. Adair County is 18-1 overall, 12-0 against 5th Region teams and 4-0 in the 20th District. Bardstown is still Bardstown and they are currently 7-0 against 5th Region teams and 5-0 in the 19th District. At 13-4 overall Bardstown is still a strong threat to win the 5th Region championship this season.

John Hardin has won 6 games in a row and is looking to be one of the hottest teams in the 5th Region at the moment. Huge game against North Hardin looms on the horizon for John Hardin to make a statement to the 5th Region after a shaky start to the season.

Taylor County had the biggest win of the week with a 71-66 victory over North Hardin. While many people weren't sure what to expect from Taylor County this season their recent success is not surprising to anyone.

North Hardin began the season as the #1 team in the 5th Region along with Bardstown. While they have stumbled recently they are still very much a strong and talented team capable of winning the 5th Region. Do not sleep on North Hardin because of their recent slip ups.

Fort Knox had the second biggest win of the week with a HUGE upset over Bethlehem in the 5th Region All A Tournament. Fort Knox then defeated Caverna and if I am not mistaken they will face Campbellsville in the finals of the 5th Region All A Tournament. Salute and good luck to the kids at Fort Knox!

Kel Stotts recently became the second person in the history of the state of Kentucky to score 1,000 points at two different schools. Stotts has now scored 1,000 points at Adair County and he scored over 1,000 points while at Russell County. Congrats to Kel Stotts on what has been a fantastic high school career.

5th Region Rankings:

1. Adair County
2. Bardstown
3. John Hardin
4. Taylor County
5. North Hardin
6. Elizabethtown
7. Larue County
8. Central Hardin
9. Bethlehem
10. Nelson County
11. Washington County
12. Marion County
13. Fort Knox
14. Caverna
15. Campbellsville
16. Green County
17. Thomas Nelson
18. Hart County