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5th Region Rankings:

1. Adair County
2. Bardstown
3. North Hardin
4. John Hardin
5. Bethlehem
6. Elizabethtown
7. Taylor County
8. Larue County
9. Central Hardin
10. Nelson County
11. Washington County
12. Marion County
13. Green County
14. Caverna
15. Campbellsville
16. Ft. Knox
17. Thomas Nelson
18. Hart County

News and notes:

There is a new #1 in the 5th Region as Adair County has leapfrogged Bardstown and taken over the top spot. While Bardstown hasn't lost to a 5th Region team yet it has to be noted that Adair County not only has the best win of all the 5th Region teams against one another but they are also 11-0 against 5th Region teams while Bardstown is 5-0 against 5th Region teams. For those two reasons Adair County is my new #1 team in the 5th Region.

Bethlehem continues to impress and while they dropped a close one to Bardstown by the score of 56-54 they have actually risen in the rankings as they are having a strong season. They are currently 11-3 overall, 7-1 against 5th Region teams and 4-1 in their district.

North Hardin has had the services of Trace Young for their last five games and he has made an immediate impact as he is scoring 16 points a game to complement Tony Jackson's 20 points a game. While they did drop a close one to Adair County I imagine this team will be a cohesive unit once February rolls around.

John Hardin has won 8 of their last 10 games since dropping a game at home to North Hardin. Junior Mickey Pearson recently scored his 1000th point and John Hardin appears to have righted the ship and is now playing the way we expected them to play.

Elizabethtown began the new year with victories over Taylor County and Central Hardin and are slowly but surely positioning themselves as a team that could play spoiler in district tournament time.

Larue County finds themselves with one of the best records in the 5th Region at 12-2 but they have yet to play a top 10 team in the 5th Region so it is hard to gauge if they are a contender or a pretender. Looking at their schedule we won't know much about them until they face Adair County on January 31.

Green County also has the exact same record as John Hardin at 11-5 but after taking one on the chin from the hands of Marion County by the score of 73-40 one definitely has to question just how strong their schedule is.

Jobby Howard of Caverna is currently the 5th Region's leading scorer at 25.2 points a game.