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Can I just say how completely crazy and inconsistent this region has been so far? I feel 100% confident in the top two. 100% confident in the next three - in some order. Beyond that? They're all beating each other.

Fourth Region Rankings

1) Warren Central (11-2) - 12/27 67-53 W Holmes (at Ohio County), 12/28 60-56 OT W Marshall County (at Ohio County), 12/29 84-67 W at Ohio County
Previous Rank: 1
This Week: 1/5 at #8 Warren East, 1/6 at #3 Barren County

The Dragons are at their best mark through 13 games in 15 years, and rebounded from a poor showing in Oldham County to win the holiday tourney at Ohio County. That included a solid overtime win over Marshall County where the Dragons had to come back from 14 points down in the 3rd Quarter, surviving an 11/18 three point shooting effort by the Marshals. The Dragons finally get into the meat of the region starting this week, opening their district play at Warren East before traveling to take on #3 Barren County. Barren County won two years ago when they hosted the Dragons.

2) Bowling Green (8-5) - 12/27 78-29 W Hopkins County Central, 12/28 72-54 W Muhlenberg County, 12/29 90-77 W West Creek (TN)
Previous Rank: 2
This Week: 1/2 vs. #3 Barren County, 1/5 vs. #12 Greenwood, 1/7 vs. Adair County (at McCracken County)

The Purples kept pace in winning their holiday tourney in dominating fashion. The Purples have topped 62 points in all but two games on the year, and are scoring in bunches. Jarius Key averaged nearly 25 PPG in the tourney. Their four game win streak is their highest of the year, and they'll have a chance to host #3 Barren County in an intriguing game before closing the week with another district game against Greenwood and taking on former player Zion Harmon in McCracken County. That Barren County game is notable as it is the biggest test yet of BG's 50 game region win streak, and the Trojans were the last region team outside district 14 to knock them off (2013).

3) Barren County (7-5) - 12/29 77-69 W at #3 Glasgow
Previous Rank: 5
This Week: 1/2 at #2 Bowling Green, 1/5 vs. Adair County, 1/6 vs. #1 Warren Central

Barren County officially earned themselves a mulligan on their early season loss to Monroe County thanks to Monroe defeating Glasgow, and now the Trojans picking up over Glasgow. Through a month, nothing is settled at the top of District 15, and the top seed will be crucial this year. As for the week to come, it would be tougher to find a more difficult slate of games. The Trojans will have little doubt as to where they stand after visiting Bowling Green and hosting Warren Central, while also hosting that Zion Harmon guy that everyone talks about.

4) Monroe County (9-5) - 12/27 63-43 W Madison Southern (at Bowling Green), 12/28 70-72 L West Creek (TN) (at Bowling Green), 12/29 54-52 W Muhlenberg County (at Bowling Green)
Previous Rank: 4
This Week: 1/2 vs. #11 Logan County, 1/5 at #14 Allen County-Scottsville

You're going to hear about it for three straight entries, but the most important game for Monroe County wasn't any they played, but rather Barren County's win over Glasgow, which put Monroe back in charge of their destiny in the district. In their own games, Monroe County had a solid trip in the Meijer Classic at Bowling Green, finishing third, but missed out on a measuring stick game with Bowling Green thanks to an unexpected last second loss to West Creek. The Falcons should roll this week.

5) Glasgow (9-3) - 12/29 69-77 L #5 Barren County
Previous Rank: 3
This Week: 1/2 at #14 Allen County-Scottsville, 1/5 at #6 South Warren, 1/6 vs. Thomas Nelson

Aaaaand again, Glasgow's loss was significant in how it reset the district. The Scotties could have given themselves a huge leg up had they knocked off the rival Trojans, but will have to settle for being even. They were doomed by a 14-0 Trojan run in the second quarter, and were never closer than six after, shooting 38% from the field. Glasgow is still in good shape, and should grab a district win at the Patriots before hosting a surging Spartan team.

6) South Warren (9-5) - 12/27 62-75 L West Creek (TN) (at Bowling Green), 12/28 76-67 W Madison Southern (at Bowling Green), 12/29 75-70 W Hopkins County Central (at Bowling Green)
Previous Rank: 7
This Week: 1/5 vs. #5 Glasgow

South Warren finished the Meijer Classic in fifth place, but most significantly enter the new year with their best first month record since their inaugural season in 2010/11. To say this was unexpected would be putting it mildly. South has won 7 of their last 8 games and have gotten standout play from Tyler Martin (21.5 PPG), Daniel Moore (10.9 PPG), and Colin Moore (10.2 PPG). This week will be another chance to prove themselves when they host Glasgow.

7) Clinton County (9-6) - 12/27 54-55 L Central Hardin (at Carroll County), 12/28 80-64 W (at Carroll County), 12/29 67-55 W at Carroll County
Previous Rank: 9
This Week: 1/4 at Pickett County (TN), 1/5 vs. #17 Metcalfe County

Last week we reset Clinton County back to 9th, and they rise back up due to the incomprehensible results below. The Bulldogs were done in by a missed free throw with less than 15 seconds left and up one, leading to a Central Hardin layup with under 3 seconds left to take the loss. They rebounded with a pair of wins but have still yet to win more than two in a row this year. They'll try to rectify that at Pickett County before they continue their dominance of the 16th District on Friday.

8) Warren East (9-5) - 12/28 67-48 W Lecanto (FL) (at Allen County-Scottsville), 12/29 76-53 W #10 Todd County Central (at Allen County-Scottsville), 12/30 62-63 L #13 Russellville (at Allen County-Scottsville)
Previous Rank: 6
This Week: 1/2 at #13 Todd County Central, 1/5 vs. #1 Warren Central

East has played exceedingly well in December in recent years, but are still prone to strange results. Something about Russellville is hard for them to solve this year, with two of their five losses coming to the Panthers. That's despite East blowing the doors off Todd Central.... who blew the doors off of Russellville. That's just a sign of this year. East will meet Todd County again this week before they look to take a big step when they host top ranked Warren Central.

9) Franklin-Simpson (5-9) - 12/27 48-63 L Jeffersontown (at Edmonson County), 12/28 60-80 L Adair County (at Edmonson County), 12/29 58-43 W at Edmonson County
Previous Rank: 8
This Week: 1/5 at #13 Todd County Central

The Wildcats remain difficult to figure out. They have played strong defense, holding 1/3 of their opponents under 50 points, and by virtue of their win over Logan County (who they've twice beaten but only one counting towards district), they remain in good shape in their district. But the wins just haven't come against superior competition. Their next two games will be in-district play against Todd Central and Russellville.

10) Russellville (5-7) - 12/28 85-57 W #12 Greenwood (at Allen County-Scottsville), 12/29 65-66 OT L at #15 Allen County-Scottsville, 12/30 63-62 W #6 Warren East (at Allen County-Scottsville)
Previous Rank: 13
This Week: 1/2 at Ohio County, 1/5 at #11 Logan County

Russellville sandwiched great efforts against the 14th District against an inexplicable loss to Allen County. Against East, the Panthers fell behind 8-2, closed the quarter on a 15-3 run, fell behind by 13 again in the second half, before surviving two misses at the rim for the win. It was Russellville's second win over East this season. Naylor had 19 in the win for the Panthers.

11) Logan County (5-6) - No Games
Previous Rank: 11
This Week: 1/2 at #4 Monroe County, 1/5 vs. #10 Russellville, 1/6 at #12 Greenwood

The Cougars had the week off to take in the chaos around them. The game of the week for them is the first clash of the Cats on Friday.

12) Greenwood (7-6) - 12/28 57-85 L #13 Russellville (at Allen County-Scottsville), 12/29 70-51 W Lecanto (FL) (at Allen County-Scottsville), 12/30 81-72 W #10 Todd County Central (at Allen County-Scottsville)
Previous Rank: 12
This Week: 1/5 at #2 Bowling Green, 1/6 vs. #11 Logan County

Greenwood closed the week strong after a blowout loss at the hands of Russellville, winning of Lecanto and snagging a win over Todd Central. That gives Greenwood a winning record heading into the new year, along with the rest of District 14.

13) Todd County Central (7-6) - 12/28 59-50 W at #15 Allen County-Scottsville, 12/29 53-76 L #6 Warren East (at Allen County-Scottsville), 12/30 72-81 L #12 Greenwood (at Allen County-Scottsville)
Previous Rank: 10
This Week: 1/2 vs. #8 Warren East, 1/5 vs. #9 Franklin-Simpson, 1/6 at Calloway County

The Rebels continue to decline after their strong start to the year. Leading scorer Nolan Barrow was held to just nine points in their loss to Greenwood, while Tashaun Foster led the team with 24.

14) Allen County-Scottsville (5-8) - 12/28 50-59 OT L #10 Todd County Central, 12/29 66-65 OT W #13 Russellville, 12/30 50-43 W Lecanto (FL)
Previous Rank: 15
This Week: 1/2 vs. #5 Glasgow, 1/5 vs. #4 Monroe County, 1/6 vs. Edmonson County

The Patriots have had quite a few close results this year, but easily had their best result in knocking off Russellville in overtime.

15) Russell County (4-11) - 12/28 50-61 L Bell County (at Greenup County), 12/29 60-65 L McLean County (at Greenup County), 12/30 72-54 W Prestonsburg (at Greenup County)
Previous Rank: 14
This Week: 1/5 vs. #16 Cumberland County

The Lakers snapped a five game losing streak with their win over Prestonsburg.

16) Cumberland County (3-11) - 12/28 59-63 L Livingston Central (at LaRue County), 12/29 33-92 L at LaRue County, 12/30 37-57 L Grayson County (at LaRue County)
Previous Rank: 16
This Week: 1/2 at #17 Metcalfe County, 1/5 at #15 Russell County

After starting 3-1, the Panthers have now lost ten straight.

17) Metcalfe County (3-9) - 12/27 63-69 L at Whitefield Academy, 12/28 64-40 W Beth Haven (at Whitefield Academy), 12/28 61-84 L Berea (at Whitefield Academy)
Previous Rank: 17
This Week: 1/2 vs. #16 Cumberland County, 1/5 at #7 Clinton County

Metcalfe County's two game win streak ended, but they added they are still 3-2 in their last five.