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Fourth Region Rankings

1) Bowling Green (7-1) - 12/13 66-59 W #5 Greenwood, 12/17 60-50 W Doss (at Fairdale), 12/18 69-67 W Ballard (at Fairdale), 12/19 66-83 L Berkmar (GA) (at Fairdale)
Previous Rank: 1
This Week: 12/20 vs. Covington Catholic (at Fairdale)

After thoroughly dominating the competition through their first four games, the past 8 days have represented a slight coming back to the pack for BG. They are still the surefire #1 team, but received a serious test from Greenwood, and picked up tight wins over Doss and Ballard before finally running out of steam in their third game in three days against a very good Berkmar team. The Purples have still not lost to a Kentucky team in the past year, other than falling to Dunbar in the Sweet 16.

2) Franklin-Simpson (7-2) - 12/15 58-41 W #15 Allen County-Scottsville, 12/16 94-64 W at Fairdale, 12/18 71-79 L Covington Catholic (at Fairdale), 12/19 67-78 L Fern Creek (at Fairdale)
Previous Rank: 2
This Week: No Games Scheduled

The Wildcats also fell from the ranks of the unbeaten in the past week. After a solid win over ACS and an obliteration of Fairdale, CovCath and Fern Creek knocked them out of the King of the Bluegrass. Still, those are two of the top 10 teams in the state, and they didn't get embarrassed. The Fern Creek game was a 1 point game late. Lovan continues his torrid pace, averaging over 25 PPG.

3) Warren Central (6-0) - 12/12 82-65 W at #10 Glasgow, 12/13 89-50 W at #9 Logan County
Previous Rank: 3
This Week: 12/20 vs. Valley (at Henry Clay), 12/21 TBA, 12/22 TBA

Although they may owe some of it to a lighter schedule last week compared to their opening games - as well as no games since Tuesday - the Dragons emerge as the last unbeaten standing in the 4th Region. Their 6-0 start is their best since the 2001/02 season, which was the first season of their unprecedented six straight 4th Region titles. Their win over Logan County featured a mind-boggling 26-0 run, spanning almost 7 minutes of the 3rd and 4th quarters. They'll take on a tough Valley team at Henry Clay tonight.

4) Russellville (4-1) - 12/12 69-65 W Hopkinsville, 12/16 49-44 W at #6 Barren County
Previous Rank: 4
This Week: 12/20 vs. High Point Christian Academy (NC) (at Henry Clay), 12/21 TBA, 12/22 TBA

The Panthers had a bit of an uneven week, but had a super strong win over Hopkinsville, which was basically a prove-it moment for them. Couple with a close loss to UHA, it's another sign that the Panthers are a dangerous team. Bradshaw continues to lead them, with 20 PPG and 12 RPG to give them a double-double every night. The close result over a flagging Barren County team is a bit of a red flag, especially given that Bradshaw had 24 points, and no other Russellville player had more than 6. They can't beat top teams like that.

5) Greenwood (7-2) - 12/13 59-66 L at #1 Bowling Green, 12/16 49-32 W #12 South Warren, 12/17 66-38 W at Hart County
Previous Rank: 5
This Week: 12/21 at Owensboro, 12/22 vs. Ohio County (at Owensboro), 12/23 at Apollo

The Gators may not have gotten the win, but the close result against the Purples was a definite shot across the bow. It was their closest result at Bowling Green in seven seasons, and a strong indicator of their potential to play spoiler. Crump was electric in the game, dropping a 30 spot to keep the Gators going. Their 7-2 start remains their best start since 2009/10, which was that very year they last hung with the Purples so well on the road.

6) Clinton County (6-3) - 12/13 77-57 W at #14 Cumberland County, 12/16 71-52 W #13 Russell County, 12/19 78-49 W Alvin C. York Institute (TN)
Previous Rank: 7
This Week: 12/20 vs. Monterey (TN), 12/20 vs. Nelson County, 12/21 vs. #15 South Warren

The Bulldogs rise back up near their preseason ranking of 5 almost by default. It certainly wasn't for the quality of their competition, with blowout district wins over Cumberland County and Russell County. Clinton County has looked awful in matchups against top teams like Franklin-Simpson and Greenwood, but have a higher ceiling than many/most of the teams beneath them.

7) Warren East (5-2) - 12/13 60-54 W at #15 Allen County-Scottsville, 12/17 72-65 W Graves County (at Murray), 12/19 77-42 W #13 Russell County
Previous Rank: 11
This Week: 12/20 vs. #12 Todd County Central, 12/21 TBA

The Raiders sandwiched a couple of wins over also-rans around the meat of the week - a win over highly regarded Graves County in what was essentially a road game. The Raiders were previously 11th due to an opening loss to Logan County and then a very light schedule, but received a chance to prove themselves when the Purples had to move out of the game against Graves. Trequon Patterson has given the Raiders an instant lift in his first two games. The Dragon transfer dropped 28 in his first game against Allen County-Scottsville, before exploding for 41 in the victory over Graves County.

8) Monroe County (4-4) - 12/13 77-46 W at #13 Russell County, 12/16 54-44 W at #10 Glasgow, 12/19 79-74 W Caverna (at Warren East)
Previous Rank: 8
This Week: 12/20 vs. Collins (at Warren East), 12/21 TBA

The Falcons rebounded from a rough week to pick up a needed district win over Glasgow and solid win over Caverna - which had recently knocked off Barren County, a 2OT winner over Monroe the previous week. The Falcons could just as easily be 7-1 right now, if not for three overtime losses.

9) Barren County (4-4) - 12/13 49-55 L at Caverna, 12/15 50-52 L Edmonson County, 12/16 44-49 L #4 Russellville, 12/19 51-61 L Meade County (at Webster County)
Previous Rank: 6
This Week: 12/20 vs. Calloway County (at Webster County), 12/21 at Webster County

The Trojans went the other way compared to teams above them, suffering four straight losses after opening unbeaten in their first four contests. Most were forgivable - especially losses to Russellville and Meade County - but Edmonson County was not. It was the first win of the year for the Wildcats, a team that had lost to Allen County-Scottsville earlier in the season. The Trojan offense has been mostly stagnant, as they continue to struggle to replace the scoring of a season ago.

10) Glasgow (2-6) - 12/12 65-82 L #3 Warren Central, 12/16 44-54 L #8 Monroe County, 12/17 72-62 W Shawnee, 12/19 63-69 L Boyle County
Previous Rank: 10
This Week: 12/20 at Bethlehem

The Scotties held tough after facing an early large deficit against Warren Central, playing most of the rest of the game even after the first quarter. But they couldn't get a home win in a crucial district contest, which will once again have them playing from behind in the standings.

11) Logan County (4-6) - 12/13 50-89 L #3 Warren Central, 12/16 76-67 W #16 Todd County Central, 12/17 56-26 W at #12 South Warren, 12/19 45-55 L at Kenwood (TN)
Previous Rank: 9
This Week: No Games Scheduled

After pestering Warren Central for 2.5 quarters, the roof fell on the Cougars, who were buried in the midst of a 26-0 run by the Dragons. But they maintained the rest of the week, grabbing a district win over surging Todd County Central, and obliterating a bad South Warren team.

12) Todd County Central (3-5) - 12/13 71-58 W at #12 South Warren, 12/16 67-76 L at #9 Logan County, 12/19 72-62 W #14 Cumberland County (at Warren East)
Previous Rank: 16
This Week: 12/20 at #7 Warren East, 12/21 TBA

The Rebels continue to show improvement, competing well with Logan County in between wins away from home against South Warren and Cumberland County. It's hard to believe that 365 days ago they were winless.

13) Russell County (1-7) - 12/12 55-41 W #17 Metcalfe County, 12/13 46-77 L #8 Monroe County, 12/16 52-71 L at #7 Clinton County, 12/19 42-77 L at #11 Warren East
Previous Rank: 13
This Week: 12/20 vs. #14 Cumberland County (at Warren East), 12/21 TBA

The Lakers continue to spiral after the departure of their scorers from a season ago. A 14 point victory over Metcalfe County is a real reason for concern, and they appear to have no realistic shot at beating a decent region team this year. We also get a quicker than expected read on whether they are in real danger of missing the region tournament this year when they face Cumberland County in the Warren East holiday tournament. A loss there may be an indicator that Cumberland County could get them come tourney time.

14) Cumberland County (3-5) - 12/13 57-77 L #7 Clinton County, 12/16 72-87 L at Marion County, 12/19 62-72 L #16 Todd County Central (at Warren East)
Previous Rank: 14
This Week: 12/20 vs. #13 Russell County (at Warren East), 12/21 TBA

The Panthers had a disappointing follow-up to their 3-2 start, especially a somewhat-surprising loss to Todd County Central. But the Panthers will get a consolation prize when they face district rival Russell County. It could be a huge confidence booster.

15) South Warren (2-7) - 12/13 58-71 L #16 Todd County Central, 12/16 32-49 L at #5 Greenwood, 12/17 26-56 L #9 Logan County, 12/19 56-52 W Nelson County (at Clinton County)
Previous Rank: 12
This Week: 12/20 vs. Monterey (TN) (at Clinton County), 12/21 at #6 Clinton County

The Spartans remain off to their worst start since 2011/12, though they did snap their losing streak at six with a win over Nelson County. South Warren has yet to top 60 points in a game.

16) Allen County-Scottsville (1-5) - 12/13 54-60 L #11 Warren East, 12/15 41-58 L at #2 Franklin-Simpson
Previous Rank: 15
This Week: 12/20 vs. #17 Metcalfe County, 12/22 vs. Louisville Collegiate

The Patriots should gain their second win of the Lex Lindsey era with a game against winless Metcalfe County tonight, but so far their highlights have been mostly confined to playing close results, such as the one against Warren East.

17) Metcalfe County (0-8) - 12/12 41-55 L at #13 Russell County, 12/13 56-76 L at Hart County, 12/16 41-72 L Edmonson County
Previous Rank: 17
This Week: 12/20 at #16 Allen County-Scottsville, 12/21 vs. Louisville Collegiate

A winless season is starting to look like a real possibility. Right now a late January home game against Thomas Nelson is their great hope.