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Fourth Region Rankings

1) Bowling Green (20-2) - 2/2 93-49 W at #9 South Warren, 2/6 62-60 W Ballard
Previous Rank: 1
This Week: 2/9 at Owensboro, 2/12 vs. #7 Warren East, 2/13 at #7 Warren East

The Purples remained undefeated when their starting lineup is entirely healthy, handing South Warren their worst defeat ever before notching the first win for any team from the Bowling Green/Warren County area over the always tough Ballard Bruins. The Purples can cap off an unbeaten district slate if they pick up a pair of wins over Warren East this weekend. A single win (or Raider loss to South on Tuesday) will clinch the district's top seed for BG.

2) Franklin-Simpson (18-3) - 2/2 70-50 W #2 Russellville, 2/5 51-36 W #13 Todd County Central, 2/6 60-56 W Somerset (at Pulaski County)
Previous Rank: 3
This Week: 2/9 at #10 Logan County, 2/11 at #8 South Warren, 2/12 vs. #15 Allen County-Scottsville

Franklin avenged their only loss of the 2016 calendar year in resounding fashion, punishing Russellville with a 70-50 result in the friendly confines. Tavin Lovan dropped 33 points in that matchup, shooting 11/17 from the floor. That kept the Wildcats alive in the chase for their district's top seed, and there's a strong chance Franklin will now ride into the postseason on a double-digit win streak.

3) Barren County (21-4) - 2/4 82-50 W at #12 Glasgow, 2/5 68-42 W Hart County
Previous Rank: 4
This Week: 2/9 vs. #6 Russell County, 2/12 at #17 Cumberland County

Barren County had to wait an extra two days thanks to snow, but they became the region's first 20-win team with a blowout of Glasgow. It's the fifth season in a row for Barren County to have 20+ wins. The Trojans are now on a 9 game winning streak, their longest since winning ten in a row in the 12/13 season.

4) Russellville (15-5) - 2/2 50-70 L at #3 Franklin-Simpson, 2/5 77-70 W #10 Logan County
Previous Rank: 2
This Week: 2/12 vs. #13 Todd County Central

Russellville shuffled to the bottom of the #2- #4 tier when they fell in blowout fashion to Franklin-Simpson. The loss cost them a chance to secure the district's top seed, but they bounced back with a win over Logan County. The Panthers have remained very balanced below Bradshaw, their leading scorer with 20.8 per game. They have four players averaging between 8.8 and 11.0 PPG.

5) Warren Central (13-9) - 2/1 53-56 L Hopkinsville, 2/5 83-52 W #8 Warren East
Previous Rank: 5
This Week: 2/9 at Owensboro Catholic, 2/12 vs. #14 Greenwood, 2/13 at Elizabethtown

Another week saw another close loss for the Dragons to a good team, when Central just couldn't quite take down Hopkinsville. Warren Central is just 4-6 since New Year's, and all four wins came over just two teams, Warren East and South Warren. Their losses came to Bardstown, Hopkinsville, and the three top teams in the region.

6) Russell County (14-7) - 2/1 47-84 L at South Laurel, 2/4 69-77 OT L at Casey County, 2/5 73-56 W #17 Metcalfe County
Previous Rank: 6
This Week: 2/9 at #3 Barren County, 2/12 vs. Adair County

The Lakers have hit a bit of a mini-slump, with zero wins out of district since knocking off Whitley County on January 7th. They just completed a 2-3 road trip, before completing an unbeaten district run via a 73-56 win over Metcalfe County on Friday. They have a top matchup with Barren County on the road tomorrow.

7) Warren East (13-10) - 2/3 88-72 W at #16 Cumberland County, 2/5 52-83 L at #5 Warren Central, 2/6 81-101 L Doss (at Bowling Green)
Previous Rank: 8
This Week: 2/9 vs. #8 South Warren, 2/12 at #1 Bowling Green, 2/13 vs. #1 Bowling Green

The Raiders have continued to play a wide open style of basketball, which has often led to a lot of points (averaging 70.2 per game), but allowing a ton as well (68.1 per game). That culminated with the defense surrendering 83 and 101 on back to back nights, both losses. They'll have yet another chance to slay the Bowling Green goliath that has plagued them for 18 years. In fact, they'll have two. The Raiders can still play themselves into the top seed in the district if they sweep.

8) South Warren (9-13) - 2/2 49-93 L #1 Bowling Green, 2/5 58-24 W at #14 Greenwood
Previous Rank: 9
This Week: 2/9 at #7 Warren East, 2/11 vs. #2 Franklin-Simpson, 2/13 vs. Ohio County

Well, that's a pretty good way to break a losing streak. The #1, #4, and #5 (twice) teams in the region dealt the Spartans four straight double digit losses, but the Spartans held the Gators to the lowest total they've ever allowed in the streak buster, just 24 points. That was after the Gators put up a meager 10 in the first half!

9) Clinton County (14-10) - 2/2 58-79 L Caverna, 2/6 47-63 L McCreary Central (at Pulaski County)
Previous Rank: 7
This Week: 2/2 vs. Caverna, 2/5 vs. Harlan County, 2/6 vs. McCreary Central (at Pulaski County)

The slumping Bulldogs finally had to bump down a bit in the ranks. Like several other teams in the region, 2016 has not been kind. Clinton County is just 4-5 since the turn of the year, and three of those wins came against the bottom rung teams in the region.

10) Logan County (9-11) - 2/1 70-71 OT L at Trigg County, 2/5 70-77 L at #2 Russellville, 2/6 66-63 W #12 Glasgow
Previous Rank: 10
This Week: 2/9 vs. #2 Franklin-Simpson

Logan County narrowly missed wins at Trigg and their rival Russellville before snapping a quick three game skid by knocking off Glasgow at home. The Cougars will enter the district tournament in the 3 spot of the 13th, but they don't yet know whether it will be against Franklin-Simpson or Russellville.

11) Monroe County (7-15) - 2/5 71-40 W #15 Allen County-Scottsville
Previous Rank: 11
This Week: 2/9 vs. #17 Cumberland County, 2/11 at #12 Glasgow, 2/12 at #9 Clinton County

The Falcons have only played twice in the last two weeks thanks to the weather, but have made the most of each, winning by an average of 22.5 PPG in those contests. Monroe has won 4 of 7, including sweeping ACS to put themselves into position to secure the #2 seed in the 15th District tournament.

12) Glasgow (8-14) - 2/4 50-82 L #4 Barren County, 2/6 63-66 L at #10 Logan County
Previous Rank: 12
This Week: 2/9 at #16 Metcalfe County, 2/11 vs. #11 Monroe County, 2/12 at Caverna

Glasgow's hot streak that carried them to the All "A" title and saw them win six of 8 has hit the bricks thanks to three straight losses. They should get back in the win column against Metcalfe (if it gets played), before a postseason preview against Monroe County on Friday, their district tournament opponent.

13) Todd County Central (7-17) - 2/5 36-51 L at #3 Franklin-Simpson, 2/6 61-51 W #15 Allen County-Scottsville
Previous Rank: 13
This Week: 2/9 vs. Fort Campbell, 2/10 vs. Trigg County, 2/12 at #4 Russellville, 2/13 vs. Hopkins County Central

Todd Central still hasn't grabbed a 13th District victory, and will likely enter the postseason that way. But they are still one of the most improved teams in the region, with all seven of their wins coming in the last ten games. Their only losses were to Glasgow in the All "A" Finals and "no shame" losses to Franklin-Simpson.

14) Greenwood (8-15) - 2/5 24-58 L #9 South Warren
Previous Rank: 14
This Week: 2/9 vs. #15 Allen County-Scottsville, 2/12 at #5 Warren Central, 2/15 vs. #5 Warren Central

The Gators haven't played much in the last few weeks, and when they have, it hasn't been the best. Since starting 6-4, Greenwood is 2-11 and their only win in 2016 was against hapless Cumberland County. They scored their third lowest point total in school history against South Warren last week, a loss that assured a rematch in the 4/5 game of the 14th District tournament. That is basically the killbox for postseason dreams.

15) Allen County-Scottsville (5-18) - 2/3 50-62 L at Hart County, 2/5 40-71 L at #11 Monroe County, 2/6 51-61 L at #13 Todd County Central
Previous Rank: 15
This Week: 2/9 at #14 Greenwood, 2/11 vs. #16 Metcalfe County, 2/12 at #2 Franklin-Simpson

The Patriots have had a couple of close calls mixed in with some blowout losses, but haven't been able to stop their current five game losing streak. That matches their longest of the year, but should have a good chance to stop it with winnable games against Greenwood and Metcalfe County this week. Metcalfe County comes on Senior Night for the Patriots, providing even more motivation.

16) Metcalfe County (2-17) - 2/5 56-73 L at #6 Russell County, 2/6 66-67 L at Campbellsville
Previous Rank: 17
This Week: 2/9 vs. #12 Glasgow, 2/11 at #15 Allen County-Scottsville, 2/12 vs. Green County

The Hornets have dropped nine in a row, but for the second week in a row they just barely missed out on a victory.

17) Cumberland County (1-21) - 2/1 56-72 L at Hart County, 2/3 72-88 L #8 Warren East, 2/5 51-71 L Washington County
Previous Rank: 16
This Week: 2/9 at #11 Monroe County, 2/12 vs. #3 Barren County

It's ten straight losses for the Panthers, with not much hope of ending that streak before the postseason. Cumberland County has not had a single digit margin in the last six games.