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Fourth Region Rankings

1) Bowling Green (18-2) - 1/26 79-56 W at Muhlenberg County, 1/29 66-61 W at #6 Warren Central
Previous Rank: 1
This Week: 2/2 at #9 South Warren, 2/5 at #12 Glasgow, 2/6 vs. Ballard

Bowling Green continues to roll, grinding out a tough road win over Warren Central to complete the regular season sweep of the Dragons, the first time doing so in 15 years. Their 13 game district win streak is their longest in 15 years, and their 21 game region win streak is their longest in at least 50 years. The Purples have not officially wrapped up the #1 seed for their district tourney, but it's in the bag.

2) Russellville (14-4) - 1/28 72-48 W at #14 Allen County-Scottsville, 1/29 78-42 W at #8 South Warren
Previous Rank: 2
This Week: 2/2 at #3 Franklin-Simpson, 2/5 vs. #10 Logan County

Phil Todd's Panthers have won 5 of 6, and their last three they won by an average of nearly 27 PPG. This is easily the best Russellville team in a decade, working behind big man DeAndre Bradshaw, who averages a double double. They have a chance to essentially wrap up the crucial #1 seed with a win over Franklin-Simpson on Tuesday.

3) Franklin-Simpson (15-3) - 1/29 67-55 W at #15 Todd County Central
Previous Rank: 3
This Week: 2/2 vs. #2 Russellville, 2/5 vs. #13 Todd County Central, 2/6 vs. Somerset (at Pulaski County)

The Wildcats have had just one chance to take the floor in the last 12 days, but continue their stellar season that has them just two wins away from equaling their combined total for the last TWO years. They face a must win against Russellville to remain in the race for the district #1 seed, but will be confident no matter who their opponent in the district tourney next month.

4) Barren County (19-4) - 1/25 60-53 W #14 Allen County-Scottsville, 1/26 79-46 W at #11 Logan County
Previous Rank: 4
This Week: 2/2 vs. #14 Greenwood, 2/4 at #12 Glasgow, 2/5 vs. Hart County

Barren County has nothing to hang their heads about in sliding in at just #4, as they've won seven straight since falling to Franklin-Simpson on January 8th. The Trojans are likely going to be the first fourth region team to hit the 20 win plateau, and face a fairly winnable schedule the rest of the way. If the weather cooperates, it is entirely possible Barren County will enter the postseason at 26-4.

5) Warren Central (12-8) - 1/27 70-51 W at #8 South Warren, 1/29 61-66 L #1 Bowling Green
Previous Rank: 6
This Week: 2/1 vs. Hopkinsville, 2/5 vs. #8 Warren East

The Dragons have not played much thanks to the weather, but took care of business at South Warren before falling in a close on to rival Bowling Green at home, snapping a 13 game home winning streak. That loss virtually ends their hopes for the district's #1 seed, meaning they'll likely have to go through Warren East for another shot at the Purples.

6) Russell County (13-5) - 1/28 63-47 W at #16 Cumberland County
Previous Rank: 5
This Week: 2/1 at South Laurel, 2/4 at Casey County, 2/5 vs. #17 Metcalfe County

Russell County has continued to amble along, wrapping up the #1 seed in the 16th District en route to a surprisingly light 18 game schedule so far. They'll look to complete a perfect district slate on Friday when they return home for the first time since their January 12th loss to Bowling Green.

7) Clinton County (14-8) - 1/26 91-84 OT W Campbellsville, 1/29 60-56 W at #14 Allen County-Scottsville
Previous Rank: 7
This Week: 2/2 vs. Caverna, 2/5 vs. Harlan County, 2/6 vs. McCreary Central (at Pulaski County)

While we were away, Clinton County dropped a stunner in the All "A" Classic to eventual champion Glasgow, and won in somewhat lackluster fashion over Allen County-Scottsville this past Friday. The Bulldogs have mostly won at their usual clip, but likely aren't much of a threat to the teams ahead of them.

8) Warren East (12-8) - 1/26 89-86 OT W Edmonson County, 1/29 53-48 W at #12 Greenwood
Previous Rank: 9
This Week: 2/2 at #16 Cumberland County, 2/5 at #5 Warren Central, 2/6 vs. Doss (at Bowling Green)

The Raiders continued their roller coaster ride of a season, knocking off a solid Edmonson County team before struggling for the second time this month with Greenwood. Still, they got the district wins they needed so far, and can lock themselves into no worse than the 2/3 game in the postseason with a win at Warren Central on Friday. Even without it, it would take a near impossible scenario to knock them into the 4 spot.

9) South Warren (8-12) - 1/27 51-70 L #6 Warren Central, 1/29 42-78 L #2 Russellville
Previous Rank: 8
This Week: 2/2 vs. #1 Bowling Green, 2/5 at #14 Greenwood

The Spartans clawed their way to within a game of .500, only to drop three in a row, all by double digits. They ended the week with a loud, thudding loss at home to Russellville. South Warren is just not getting any of the production they need outside of Gumm and Stacker. The Spartans need to win out and get a lot of luck to get out of the 4/5 game, an all but impossible task. The region prospects look dim for South.

10) Logan County (8-9) - 1/26 46-79 L #4 Barren County
Previous Rank: 11
This Week: 2/1 at Trigg County, 2/2 at Butler County, 2/5 at #2 Russellville, 2/6 vs. #12 Glasgow

Logan County has quietly put together 7 wins in their last 11 games.

11) Monroe County (6-15) - 1/29 66-52 W at #16 Cumberland County
Previous Rank: 10
This Week: 2/2 at #12 Glasgow, 2/5 vs. #15 Allen County-Scottsville

The Falcons have beaten the teams they should and lost to the teams they should so far. We get a district tournament preview this week as they take on Glasgow, their postseason opponent.

12) Glasgow (8-12) - 1/25 47-45 W #15 Todd County Central (at Metcalfe County), 1/28 46-77 L Cordia (at Frankfort Civic Center)
Previous Rank: 13
This Week: 2/2 vs. #11 Monroe County, 2/5 vs. #1 Bowling Green, 2/6 at #10 Logan County

The Scotties completed an improbable run to the 4th Region All "A" crown last week, and will look to continue that momentum with a pair of winnable games sandwiched around one that they'll just hope to compete in.

13) Todd County Central (6-16) - 1/25 45-47 L #13 Glasgow (at Metcalfe County), 1/29 55-67 L #3 Franklin-Simpson
Previous Rank: 15
This Week: 2/5 at #3 Franklin-Simpson, 2/6 vs. #15 Allen County-Scottsville

Speaking of improbable runs, the Rebels finally saw an end to their win streak, which reached six in a row, their longest in 14 years. Incredibly, that followed a 29 game losing streak.

14) Greenwood (8-14) - 1/29 48-53 L #9 Warren East, 1/30 73-63 W #16 Cumberland County
Previous Rank: 12
This Week: 2/2 at #4 Barren County, 2/5 vs. #9 South Warren

The Gators finally stopped a seven game losing streak, part of a run that saw them lose 10 of 11. After a likely loss at Barren County on Tuesday, they have a must win against rival South Warren. Lose, and they'll likely be locked into the 4/5 game in the postseason.

15) Allen County-Scottsville (5-15) - 1/25 53-60 L at #4 Barren County, 1/26 67-65 W at Butler County, 1/28 48-72 L vs. #2 Russellville, 1/29 56-60 L vs. #7 Clinton County
Previous Rank: 14
This Week: 2/2 at Hart County, 2/5 at #11 Monroe County, 2/6 at #13 Todd County Central

The Patriots have put together several competitive performances on the year, but have often come up just short. This week was no exception, with close losses at Barren County and against Clinton County. They'll have their last shot to avoid a winless district slate when they visit Monroe County.

16) Cumberland County (1-18) - 1/28 47-63 L #5 Russell County, 1/29 52-66 L #10 Monroe County, 1/30 63-73 L at #12 Greenwood
Previous Rank: 16
This Week: 2/1 at Hart County, 2/2 vs. #8 Warren East, 2/5 vs. Washington County

The breakthrough win that ended their losing streak is growing dim in their memories as Cumberland County has now lost seven straight. They ran through the wringer last week with three games in three days.

17) Metcalfe County (2-15) - 1/27 57-58 L at Thomas Nelson
Previous Rank: 17
This Week: 2/2 vs. Edmonson County, 2/5 at #6 Russell County, 2/6 at Campbellsville

Metcalfe County completed a winless January with the heartbreaking loss at Thomas Nelson.

As you can see from the comments, the district races are close to closing, and postseason play is just around the corner now!