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1.Elliott County (12-1):
The Lions picked up a big region win last Thursday night when they defeated Rowan County 61-53. That win put the Lions at 6-0 against region opponents this season. That’s a strong showing for the Lions. Elliott County maybe the team to beat come regional tournament time.

2.Rowan County (11-5):
The Vikings have been on a roll as of late, having won 3 straight and 9 of their last 10 games heading into their contest with Elliott County last Thursday. Elliott County got the upper hand on the Vikings on their way to a 61-53 victory. The Vikings tied the game twice but never led.

3.Boyd County 12-4):
The Lions are starting to get things rolling after hitting a sluggish spot. Coming into this week, the Lions had won 2 straight and 3 of their last 4 games. The Lions do have a couple big games this week but their big one is next Thursday when they host Elliott County in a region battle.

4.Greenup County (12-5):
Greenup County had everything going their way heading into the new year but have hit a hard spot, only winning 1 out of their last 3 games. Can they get things turned back in the right direction this week or will the hard spot keep hitting them?

5.West Carter (12-4):
The Comets are starting to get their grove back, winning 4 straight heading into this week. One of those 4 wins came against #4 Greenup County 98-93. Can Coach Webb and his Comets keep up the good work?

6.Ashland (6-12):
The Tomcats had one of the roughest starts to the season this year, winning their first game but then went on an 8 game losing streak before winning 2 games in the AIT to take an 3-8 record into the new year. Since the new year started the Tomcats have gone 2-4 and have a chance to keep going in the right direction this week, the question is, can they keep putting together W’s?

7.East Carter (8-9):
The Raiders split both games last week, losing 71-43 to #1 Elliott County but bouncing back and defeating Morgan County 58-57. The Raiders seem to be playing better than what they were but they still continue to struggle against region opponents.

8.Russell (9-11):
The Red Devils continue to struggle, they have now lost 3 of their last 4 games. Since they were 5-3, mid-December, they have gone 4-8. The good news is, they’re 3-3 against district opponents.

9.Bath County (8-10):
The Wildcats picked up two big wins last week, defeating both Menifee County 78-67 and Fleming County 78-63 but that still doesn’t stop the bleeding that much, they have gone 2-4 in their last 6 games.

10.Fleming County (4-14):
Fleming County continues to bleed and bleed badly. The Panthers have only won 1 game since the new year rang in and followed that up with a 5 game losing streak. Can the Panthers get the bleeding to stop this week or will the wound be opened up worse?

11.Morgan County (7-11):
Morgan County had a rough start to the season but have came on strong as of late, going 4-3 in their last 7 games.

12.Fairview (5-11):
The Eagles do own a win over #6 Ashland but still continue to struggle putting wins together.

13.Raceland (4-12):
Raceland started the season off on a 4 game losing streak and in fact they had just 2 wins coming into 2017 but have won 2 of their last 3 games to already match their 2 win total for the month of December. Can the Eagles put more wins together in the month of January?

14.Rose Hill Christian (9-13):
Since winning their 9th game back on Dec. 23rd, the Royals have lost 7 straight.

15.Menifee County (3-12):
Since starting the season off 2-0, the Wildcats have gone 1-12….

16.Lewis County (3-13):
Lewis County, a lot like the middle to the end of the pack teams in the 16th region are also struggling putting wins in the win column. The Lions have gone 1-7 in their last 8 games.