How to Start Game Threads

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    How to Start Game Threads

    From our terms of service page:

    Game Thread Posting Policy

    BGP encourages all members to post new threads to discuss upcoming games and to discuss the outcome of any games. In order to maintain a clear and concise appearance in the forums and to make the site as easily navigable and searchable as possible, members posting game threads are required to title their threads using the following formatting:
    Scrimmage Games:
    TeamA 21 TeamB 14 (Scrimmage)
    TeamA/TeamB (Scrimmage)

    Pregame Prediction or Discussion Threads should follow one of these examples:
    TeamA vs. TeamB Predictions
    TeamA/TeamB Predictions

    Update Threads MUST follow this format:
    TeamA/TeamB Updates

    Final Score Threads MUST follow this format:
    TeamA 14 TeamB 7

    For games involving out of state teams:
    TeamA 38 TeamB (OH) 30
    TeamA 30 TeamB (IN) 7

    Freshman and JV games MUST use the following format:
    TeamA 21 TeamB 7 (JV)
    TeamA 14 TeamB 7 (Frosh)
    TeamA 35 TeamB (IN) 28 (Frosh)

    Each "Prediction Thread" will be closed prior to the start of the game. All "Update Threads" will be closed once a final score is reported, then a "Final Thread" should be started.
    Lastly, please use "County" rather than "Co." or “Cty.”