How relevant is High School Basketball? (OP)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Big Smooth View Post
    I feel like that is an apples and oranges statement.
    Disagree. You asked how relevant HS was. In the majority of players it is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by camelman View Post
    Allen is just one of many examples of how you can be great in AAU (and he is also great in high school) but when it comes to the high school game, it's going to take a great TEAM most times to attain the prize rather than just one player doing whatever he wants on the court.
    This is the point I was hoping would come out if this thread. With so many rural communities in KY, itís next to impossible for BFE High with a D1 recruit to make a run deep into state because it takes a team. However with AAU you can truely be measured against your peers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ManOfTroy View Post
    If you are only talking about getting to the next level, then you are correct--you can get there without high school basketball or its relevance is low. High school basketball, in general, is about a lot more than that, as others have stated.

    As to your last point, in 2017, I don't care where you are located, if you have next level talent and don't get noticed, that's on your coach and/or your family.
    Totally not disagreeing with what you and many others are stating. The odds of major D1 coaches recruiting in a high school gym are low. Although... I do love when coaches come to support kids that have committed or try to show they care just a bit more than anyone else when they're trying to land a kid!! In general AAU is a MUCH better indicator of how a kid will preform at the next level.

    For recruiting purposes I agree high school isn't relevant, but for many other reasons HS basketball is vital. Aside from academics, social skills, community pride... Practice time is much lower in AAU compared to high school meaning building on fundamentals and perfecting skills do not get that same time commitment. High school also gives you the ability to watch more game film and practice/correct mistakes on a game to game basis. It is hard to do this when you're playing 6-8 games in a weekend, maybe have 2 practices throughout the week and then another 6-8 games the following weekend. Even for elite level kids, high school is the time to hone their craft and AAU gives them the platform to show it off.

    I'm very interested to see how LaMelo Ball turns out with his dad now home schooling him. Obviously he is already a high level player and I doubt many would be able to be successful taking the same route but, interested nonetheless.