Holy Cross 55 Newport 54 (9th region quarterfinals)

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    Holy Cross coaches and players deserve a ton of credit for sure. Not many outside people outside of that locker room believed they could win this game. The seniors led the way like they have all year for the Indians.

    As far as Newport, I was a little shocked only that they didn't seem to make any adjustments during the game. They didn't look to screen for Burries or help him get loose from the face guarding on the offensive end. To his credit he worked hard, on his own, to get 10 of his 12 points in the 2nd half. I also thought that Harding should have gone down in the paint more to use his physical presence. It seemed like he was out on the perimeter more than I thought he would be.

    Best of luck to the Newport seniors.

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    Sounds like a great game. Congratulations to Holy Cross.