George Rogers Clark 73 Bourbon County 51

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    Good win for GRC. Bourbon has been on a tremendous run of late. Unfortunate way for it to come to an end. Good luck to them as they head to Owensboro this weekend.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Miller View Post
    Not good news for BC's coach. He'll miss the 2A and be a little lighter in his pocket.

    What is the fine? $200, $300?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BehindTheLine View Post

    What is the fine? $200, $300?
    I believe $250. It was at one time at least.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mooremiller31 View Post
    DQ’d and their next game is in the opening round of the 2A state tournament. He will miss their next 3 games.
    Actually I believe it's just 2 games.

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    Players get 2 games coaches get 3. That changed a couple years ago.

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    Thank everyone for their support, especially our parents & fans, we stand behind our Coach 100% If you were @ the game you would have seen what really happened it was a physical game no doubt, I’m taking nothing away from Clark County Congrats to them guys on their win, we are a TEAM & FAMILY @ BC @ the end of the day & we will go compete this weekend for the 2A Title & leave it all on the floor & that’s what our Head Coach expects us to do, not get on social media and bash refs, other players or coaches, it is what it is & we are moving on, we will see Clark Co again @ their place Jan 29th.. Once again thank you for your support & comments either way we will always play hard & leave it all on the floor... #BC-4-LIFE #COLONELCRAZIES