Former Warren Central player Jared Savage Transferring from Austin Peay

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    Second worst year ever? How far does your memory go? For certain, you don't remember Kilcullen. The notion that WKU's losing record season would rate as one of the best in APSU history is also hilarious. WKU and Austin Peay have played twice in the last three seasons, both times at Diddle. WKU won by 7 and 5. That is what I was alluding to when I said that WKU has not been that much better recently. I didn't say equal. The talent they have had in the last couple of years is not a standard that I would place on a level that Savage could not compete. That was the point of the statement.

    Also, the "what if Stansbury leaves" comes entirely from the implication that Savage will be buried because of the talent Stansbury will bring in. If it's fair game to project that Stansbury will be bringing in better players, it is fair game to project that if he's not there, said players won't be either.

    I maintain that Savage will be closer to first off the bench than fifth off the bench, and I believe he'll be in competition for a starting role as a senior. He's a shooter, and shooters find the floor.
    We completely agree on Savage's role.

    WKU's 17 losses this year is tied for 3rd most ever I believe. Didn't APSU go .500 last year, and around .333 the preview few years? Not entirely sure.

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    Go home and be a family man.

    It was #3 this century (well, 99/00), perhaps that's what you'd heard. They lost 19 games in the McDonald/Harper year that was salvaged into an NCAA appearance, so it wasn't even the most this decade.

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    Savage is better than some of you are giving him credit for.