Floyd Central names Kevin Spurlock as their 1st boys hoops coach.

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    Quote Originally Posted by King of Hoops! View Post
    No sour grapes......If you know you are going to hire your current AD, that has not coached a team in 2 years...then just hire him.....Don't bring in other candidates, build false hope, put them through the interview process...then hire someone that is "in house". No problem with Spurlock being the coach....it is just if you are going to play the "buddy system"....Then just do it! I have to say this for the last time...."time will tell". Let's look back on this conversation next March.
    What will we be looking for next March?

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    Spurlock is a good coach. I am not a fan of him personally, but no doubt he is successful.

    I find it odd that Shawn Hager is his assistant. Shawn testified in a hearing about Spurlock when Spurlock left Sheldon Clark and took Johnson with him.

    I hope the two have buried the hatchet for the kids sake as they could have some success on the court if so