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The NKBBCA (Northern Kentucky Boys Basketball Coaches Association) announced their all-conference team this past weekend. Coaches from Dixie, Cooper, Covington Catholic, Ryle, Boone County, Campbell County, Simon Kenton, Conner, and Scott voted.

One player, Covington Catholic's top player and D1 recruit CJ Fredrick, was voted as the 8th best player among those 9 schools. I spoke to numerous NKY Basketball Experts and NKY Basketball Coaches about CJ Fredrick being ranked 8th and below are their comments:

"This is an example of a group either not seeing a player enough, putting too much stock in time missed for injury, or both. While CJ has a length you don't see on many 6'4" kids, is a fantastic passer, and a high quality shooter. Fortunately for him, those basketball evaluators that matter fully recognize and appreciate his unique skill set." - Basketball Analyst

"But if Sean misses half the year and CJ missed half year then Cole (VonHandorf) deserved it." - NKY Hoops Insider

"I'm sure all the D1 Schools CJ hears from would have him in their top 7." - D1 Scout

"I would bet every penny I have that this was collusion at its finest." - NKY Hoops Insider

"CJ is obviously a very talented player and deserves to be somewhere in the top 3 if we are talking about talent only. With him only playing against two Division I teams in Northern Kentucky, due to injury, there's simply no true way of knowing if he would have out performed or had better numbers than the players ranked ahead of him. What most people don't realize is even though CJ has a lot of hype, not all of the coaches have a had a chance to see him in person. The ones who have, know how good he is and where they put him on their ballot probably reflected it." - 9th Region Basketball Analyst

"Honestly I think that has more to do with him playing for Cov Cath than his ability. I've seen all of these kids play the only 3 I would consider ahead of him would be Kunkel, McNeil and Ohmer. He is better all around the others in front of him but those 3. It also may have to do with his injury plagued year. But McNeil was the same. Doesn't make sense to me." - NKY Basketball Coach

"Big 10 offers don't grow on trees." - Basketball Analyst

"CJ is 8th? #politicsasusual " - Member

"I hate CovCath anyway, I don't give a EDITED where he (CJ) is ranked but I told you before I would rank CJ number one in NKY." - 9th Region Basketball Expert

"If CJ Fredrick is the 8th best player in NKY then why are there only two good teams in NKY? That tells me that talent is high and coaching is at an all time low." - Basketball Analyst

"Even with his injury CJ Fredrick is still easily the best player in NKY. If CJ isn't ranked #1 next season then the NKBBCA needs to be investigated and should cease to exist." - State-wide Basketball Analyst

"8th - A D1 Player in NKY and he is 8th - Talk about " - theguru

"CJ could've been higher and probably should've been" - NKY Basketball Coach

"Because I saw that 'Absolute Stud' destroy everyone he played, including me (my team). He is flat out stellar (Speaking about Sean McNeil). - NKY Basketball Coach

"I think his (CJ's) time missed showed the quality of other players not only on his own team, but on other teams in the NKAC. When you play the bulk of your conference schedule without him, the coaches didn't get a look at him, so when voting you remember kids from other teams. However, when you coach against others, you realize how good they are. I stand by my votes." - NKY Basketball Coach

"I have nothing to hide. CJ is a great player, but he missed lots of conference games and I'm sure that hurt him. I know for me it affected my vote." - NKY Basketball Coach

"If CJ Fredrick is the 8th best player what does it say about the voters ability to judge talent?" - KY High School Basketball Expert

"If CJ is the 8th best player, this is the most talented NKY has ever been." - Longtime NKY Hoops Expert

"Laughs, I wouldn't know where to start." - NKY Basketball Coach

"Cole not being Mr. Hustle is an even bigger farce imo." - Longtime NKY Hoops Expert

"We had one guy get an award the year we won state. They can have their EDITED award. We will take the rings." - Diehard CovCath Fan

"Sure would like to know where the players ranked 3-7 have received offers from and how many of those offers have come from major D1 programs. Seems to me at least, that some of the NKYBBCA members must feel the College Coaches from all the schools that have given CJ an offer are pretty bad coaches and lack the ability to judge talent. Honestly, I think it shows the pettiness and jealous of some coaches toward the CovCath program from top to bottom." - Longtime NKY Hoops Expert

"Clean sweep by Cooper! Way to go Jags and Sully clear favorites to run away with the 9th! Best player, best defender, best hustler, best coach!" - Member NKYBASKETBALL

"I think it undermines the credibility of the organization giving out the awards." - theguru

"So you think the 9th Region coaches are boycotting a player who is clearly the best but he wears the Blue n White for the school on Dixie Highway? Say it isnt so!!! - Could it be that he is an OH kid playing for a KY HS and that rubs coaches the wrong way over here? I am just curious." - Member Qryche11

"We all have opinions. - Mine is that CJ is #3 at worst." - Member Clyde

"Whatever is happening among the 9th Region Coaches is not something they should be proud of. They CLEARLY have an agenda that is either anti-CJ and/or anti-CCH." - theguru

"Zero chance he's (CJ) below #3" - Member Clyde

Yes, lack of integrity and character among at least some of the NKY (9th Region) Basketball Coaches." - theguru


So I ask you again, does the Northern Kentucky Boys Basketball Coaches Association need to look in the mirror?