Coaches who have gone to the Sweet 16 in different Regions

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    Google says Mike Pollio coached at Kentucky Wesleyan 1981-85; Virginia Commonwealth 1986-89; and Eastern Kentucky 1990-92.

    He was head coach at Louisville Manual from 1969-1971. I read a bio once that listed (I believe) some other high schools where he was an assistant, but didn't write it down.

    Another thing I found on Google was a "They Said It" quip from Sports Illustrated...quoting the coach:
    "Mike Pollio, Virginia Commonwealth basketball coach, who uses cue cards to call plays from the bench: "Nobody can say our players can't read."

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    One of his sons, Michael, now works for the WKU men's team and Ray Harper.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DragonFire View Post
    Mike Flynn did it in THREE.

    Warren Central (1987, 4th Region)
    Holmes (1990, 9th Region)
    Ashland (2001 & 2002, 16th Region)

    His 1990 and 1991 Holmes teams were scoring machines. In the 1990 Districts they scored 128, 112 and 103 beating teams by an avg margin of like 40 pts.