Coach Listerman's retirement celebration

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    Quote Originally Posted by Colonels_Wear_Blue View Post
    Figured I would give this a bump to remind anyone interested that Coach L's retirement ceremony is tonight at Holmes.

    @paNDA, if you're looking for something to do tonight, this would be a good game to hit up.
    Thanks for the pics!

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    Congrats coach L. Learned a ton from him in class, and working for his business. He's a great guy who I have always looked up to.

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    It can't be overstated how much men like Mike Listerman, Kenny Shields and Stan Steidel, for example, have made me a lifetime follower of high school basketball in the 9th Region.

    Aside from just being flat out decent nice guys, their many years of tireless dedicated involvement have represented the very heart and rich tradition of high school basketball in Northern Kentucky, making it feel just like home, taking me seamlessly right back to my childhood where the magic all began, and has followed me my whole life where it's intriguing to connect the dots to all of the players and coaches who can be traced right back to these fine men.

    Just like the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon game, you can literally play the One Degree of Mike Listerman game when it comes to his connection to all things 9th Region. Their presence and friendly guidance was there for so many kids in their early development days all the way to them becoming young men, and establishing friendships that have lasted a lifetime.

    Because of the so many who have been influenced by them, while somehow bittersweet to see the end of an era, we can be confident that the tree that is the 9th Region will undoubtedly bear good fruit for years to come.

    Congratulations to Mike Listerman, a great coach and an even better man who has been a true blessing to the area, and represents everything that is right and exciting about basketball in the 9th Region.

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    Coach Listerman has been around a long time. Hard to imaging the 9th Region without his presence. I hope they make it to BB&T this year for a final appearance for Coach L. It will be interesting to see what route the Bulldogs take after he is gone but that's for a different time.

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    I can remember in high school wanting to go on the March for Life but not having the money to be able to go. Students could apply for a scholarship to be able to go I believe, but unfortunately I was not chosen to be a recipient this particular year. The teacher in charge of planning the March for Life for Cov Cath at that time came up to me and told me that a teacher had put forth the money for me to be able to go. The teacher wanted to remain anonymous, but I was told that since he was unable to go he wanted to give another person the opportunity to go in his place. I found out years later that the teacher who allowed me to go was Coach L. There are many teachers/ coaches out there who do view their job as solely that, a job. Coach L made it a point to teach life lessons and turn the boys at Cov Cath into men. His coaching in basketball and life will definitely be missed. Congrats on your retirement coach!