Cats Pause 3rd Region Preview

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    Cats Pause 3rd Region Preview

    TOP 10 TEAMS

    1.) Owensboro Catholic
    2.) Owensboro
    3.) Apollo
    4.) Daviess County
    5.) Meade County
    6.) Breckinridge County
    7.) Hancock County
    8.) Ohio County
    9.) Muhlenburg County
    10.) Edmonson County


    1.) Luke Hayden - Owensboro Catholic
    2.) Nathan Boyle - Apollo
    3.) Cory Gardner - Owensboro
    4.) Blake Boswell - Daviess County
    5.) Max Reid - Owensboro Catholic
    6.) Kobe Poole - Breckinridge County
    7.) Deonte Douglas - Owensboro
    8.) Will Nofsinger - Muhlenburg County
    9.) JD Marshall - Owensboro Catholic
    10.) Alex Gray - Apollo

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    One player that flew under the radar last year is Aidan Matthews of Meade County. He is a 6'4" senior forward and was the most consistent player on the team down the stretch last year. He had a great AAU season and varsity summer league. He played alongside some of the kids on this list in camps this past summer and will be a big key for Meade this year. No doubt he belongs on this list somewhere, but I understand why nobody knew about him (he went from 4th string JV as a Sophomore to an all 3rd region tournament team player last year).

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    Apollo clear cut #2 behind catholic.