Brossart 49 Newport Catholic 42 OT

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mustang View Post
    Wrong - Didn't happen.

    The only technical I remember was one on a JV player during the JV game for reacting negatively to a foul called on him.
    I was referring to a game between Pendleton and another team. Not a game between Brossart and Pendleton.

    It was kind of off topic.

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    Maybe a moderator should put a end to this game thread since no one is discussing the game itself. If someone wants to open a How should parents/fans act thread feel free.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FRONT OF THE RIM View Post
    This shows the incompetency of this official. No where in the rule book does it say a ref can access a technical on a team because of what a fan says. How does he even know it was a Pendelton fan? MOST of what has been discussed here could have been avoided by officials not conversing with fans. Either ignor them, or if the abuse warrants it, have them pitched, but NEVER talk to fans in this situation. Also, a fan NEVER has the right to comment to a player during or after the game, especially a parent.
    Did I read this wrong?