Big Games:

Cooper vs. Newport (Jan. 30)

Covington Catholic vs. Scott (Jan. 30) v

Prediction 9th Region Tournament:

33rd District: Cooper (Winner), Boone County (Runner-Up)

34th District: Dixie Heights (Winner), St. Henry (Runner-Up)

35th District: Covington Catholic (Winner), Holy Cross (Runner-Up)

36th District: Newport Central Catholic (Winner), Newport (Runner-Up)

1.Covington Catholic (18-4) – Covington Catholic had a very successful week despite a shortened roster due to illness. The Colonels won two games and secured the top seed in the upcoming district tournament. The Colonels defeated Campbell County (55-53) and Holmes (80-42). Leading the Colonels for the 22 games is C.J. Fredrick (21.3 ppg), Aiden Ruthsatz (16.3 ppg) and Jake Walter (11.3 ppg). Games coming up: Highlands (Jan.29), Scott (Jan.30) and Beechwood (Feb. 2).
Previous ranking: 1

2. Cooper (16-5) – Cooper snapped a three-game losing streak by winning two big district games. The Jaguars beat both Conner (74-42) and Ryle (74-27). Cooper had lost to Boone County (65-63) and Covington Catholic (47-32) the previous week. Leading Cooper through 21 games are Adam Kunkel (19.9 ppg. 6.9 rpg), Chris McNeil (11.2 ppg) and Braydon Runion (8.6 ppg). Games coming up: Newport (Jan. 30) and Holmes (Feb.1).
Previous ranking: 2

3. Boone County (12-9) – Played in twice, beating Conner (47-45) but losing to Simon Kenton (75-69). Through 21 games Boone County is led by Raymond Rodgers (16.9 ppg), Ethan Haynes (18.0 ppg) and Ethan Robbins(13.2 ppg). Games coming up: Ryle (Feb.1) and Seneca (Feb. 3).
Previous Ranking: 3

4. Newport (17-5) -Played twice and beat Bellevue (73-53) and Holy Cross (83-67). Through 22 games Newport is led by MeKell Burries (22.7 ppg), Tahj Harding (15.9 ppg), Donnie Miller (10.9 ppg) and Makhi McGuire (9.7 ppg). Games coming up: Cooper (Jan.30), Breathitt County (Feb. 2).
Previous Ranking: 5

5. Beechwood (13-10) – After winning the All “A” Classic regional title for the first time. Beechwood had a disappointing week with losses to district rival Holmes (76-73) and to Knott County Central (51-33). Beechwood won their first round game in the All A Classic, beating Lynn Camp (72-39).Through 23 games Beechwood is led by Scotty Draud (21.5 ppg) and C.J. Brannen (11.1 ppg) and Ben Toebbe (10.2 ppg). Games coming up: Conner (Jan. 30) and Covington Catholic (Feb. 2). Previous Ranking: 4

6. Holy Cross (10-9) – Played once and lost to Newport (83-67). Through 19 games Holy Cross is led by Parker Zimerman (17.2 ppg), Nolan Schrand (15.4 ppg) and Jordan Niehaus (12.5 ppg). Games coming up: Lexington Christian (Jan. 30) and Conner (Feb.3).
Previous Ranking: 6 

7. Newport Central Catholic (11-9) – Beat Highlands (81-66) but lost to Pendleton County (79-64).Through 20 games Newport Central Catholic is led by Brennan Hall (22.1 ppg), Brendan Luken (12.3 ppg, 7.5 rpg) and Branden Posey (9.5 ppg). Games coming up: Scott (Feb. 1) and Bishop Brossart (Feb.3)
Previous ranking: 7

8. Dixie Heights (12-10) – Had a successful week, beating Lloyd (75-51), Grant County (61-58) and Eastern (61-47). Through 22 games Dixie Heights is led by Tyler Schreck (13.9 ppg) and Jabari Karim (12.6 ppg). Games coming up: Holmes (Jan. 30) and Ludlow (Feb. 2). Previous Ranking: 8 3-0

9. Highlands- (10-10) — Highlands defeated Bellevue (53-49) and lost to Newport Central Catholic (81-66). Through 20 games Highlands is led by Ben Sisson (14.0 ppg). Games coming Up: Covington Catholic (Jan. 29), Anderson, Ohio (Jan. 30) and Campbell County (Feb.3).
Previous Ranking: 9 1-1

10. Holmes (8-11) – Holmes split two district games, beating Beechwood (76-73), but losing to Covington Catholic (80-42). Through 19 games Holmes is led by Kerez Race (12.9 ppg), Jarrod Miller (9.1 ppg) and Donavin Saxon 8.4 ppg). Games coming up: Dixie Heights (Jan. 30) and Cooper (Feb.1).
Previous Ranking: 10 

11. Lloyd (8-12) – Played in three games, losing to Dixie Heights ( 75-51) and Gallatin County (72-44) but beating Ludlow (68-48). Through 20 games Lloyd is led by Jordan Fann (14.9 ppg) and Jamal Neal (14.6 ppg). Games coming up: St Henry (Feb. 2) and Eminence (Feb. 3).
Previous Ranking: 11 

12. St. Henry (7-11) – Played twice, losing to Pendleton County (95-63) and Campbell County (83-55). After 16 games Wyatt Vieth leads the team in scoring (8.8 ppg). Games coming up: Villa Madonna ( Jan.30), Williamstown (Jan.31) and Lloyd Memorial ( Feb. 2).
Previous Ranking: 12 

13. Conner (6-16) – Lost to Cooper (74-42) and Boone County (47-45).Through 22 games Conner is led by Tanner Craddock (10.5 ppg) and Jared Hicks (10.5 ppg). Games coming up: Beechwood (Jan. 30) and Holy Cross (Feb. 3).
Previous Ranking: 13 

14. Ryle (6-14) – After having a strong beginning of the year, Ryle has lost 10 straight games. Ryle lost to Carroll County (64-62) and Cooper (74-27). No Stats available , Stats from Previous week. Through 20 games Ryle is led by Vince Rankin (17.6 ppg, 8.2 rpg) and Jacob Tarvin (7.5 ppg). Games coming up: Owen County (Jan. 30), Boone County (Feb.1) and Shelby County (Feb.3). 
Previous Ranking: 14

15. Bellevue (9-12) – Played three games, beating Heritage Academy (63-22) and losing to both Newport (78-50) and Highlands (53-49). Through 21 games Bellevue is led by Brett Maehren (16.1 ppg. 7.9 rpg) and Tommy Ratterman (12.9 ppg). Games coming up: Calvary Christian (Jan.30) and Villa Madonna ( Feb.2). 
Previous Ranking:15 

16. Villa Madonna (11-10) – Played in three games last week. Villa beat Silver Grove (68-43) and Ludlow (57-43), but lost to Trimble County (62-56). Through 21 games played Villa is led by Sean McIntyre (13.5 ppg) and Ben Zalla (12.2 ppg). Games coming up: Heritage Academy ( Jan.29), St Henry ( Jan.30) and Bellevue (Feb.2).
Previous Ranking: 16 

17. Ludlow (4-16) – Lost to Villa Madonna (57-43) and Lloyd Memorial (68-48), but beat Dayton (56-45). * No Stats available , Stats from Previous week. Through 20 games Ludlow is led by Trey Donahue (13.4 ppg and 6.6 rpg) and Ian Vallandingham (8.6 ppg). Games coming up: Dixie Heights (Feb.2).
Previous Ranking: 17 

18. Dayton (4-17) - Dayton lost twice last week, falling short to Ludlow (56-45) and Bishop Brossart ( 66-35). The Greendevils also beat Silver Grove (60-27). Games coming up this week: St. Patrick (Jan. 30) and Calvary Christian (Feb.2). * No Stats available , Stats from Previous week. Through 21 games Dayton is led by Michael Marksberry (10.0 ppg.) and Julian Jimenez (10.4 ppg.).
Previous Ranking: 18 

19. Heritage Academy (1-13) – Losing streak is now at eight games. Last week Heritage lost to Bellevue (63-22) and Portland Christian (66-43). Through 14 games Heritage is led by Jacob Chalk (12.8 ppg.). Games coming up: Villa Madonna (Jan. 29), Silver Grove (Feb.2) and Covington Latin (Feb. 3)
Previous Ranking: 19