6th Region Regional Previews

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    Dating back to 2011, there has been repeat 6th region champions in consecutive years by three different programs: Bullitt East (2011 & 2012), Pleasure Ridge Park (2013 & 2014) and Doss (2015 & 2016). Last year Fern Creek started their opportunity to continue that repeat streak by winning the 6th region in 2017. At least 4 other teams have a good shot to stop Fern Creek from being the fourth in line of that streak of repeat championships in the 6th. That list begins with Doss, Butler, PRP, and Fairdale but Fern Creek has their eyes set on continuing the trend. Jeffersontown is a long shot while Moore and Bullitt Central really have no chance to advance.

    The Sixth Region's Top 3 (Doss, Fern Creek, and Butler) have been slightly ahead of the rest for most of the season, but Fairdale & PRP are both very capable of winning three in a row. However, two of these five will be missing after the first round as PRP hosts Butler and Doss hosts Fairdale.

    First round games are being played at the higher seeded teams on Tuesday, with the semi-finals Saturday night at Valley and the finals on Tuesday at Valley.

    First Round Games

    Fairdale at Doss

    Prior to the LIT these two team played at Doss where the game was won easily by the Dragons 71-54. This time it is expected to be much closer as Fairdale is 13-3 since the LIT in early January. Doss is 7-1 since that same time and is the more veteran team with post season experience. On the Dragon's home court the likely result should be another win, but this time it will be much closer.

    Moore at Fern Creek

    Within this past month these teams have played and it was not remotely close as the Tigers beat Moore by 49 points. This game may not be a 50 point margin, but the chances of Moore making a game of it is not very likely. Fern Creek moves on to play either Doss or Fairdale in a rout.

    Jeffersontown at Bullitt Central

    The story here is that in his 1st year as Jeffersontown's head coach, Rich Duncan is likely going to take his team to Valley to play in the semifinals which few would have predicted at the beginning of the season. Bullitt Central has a home game, but the competition levels of these two teams schedules make Jeffersontown a heavy favorite as they are battle tested.

    Butler at Pleasure Ridge Park

    Besides the Doss/Fairdale game, this is the most competitive first round game as these teams are bitter rivals who played on February 2 at PRP where Butler won by a single point, 50-49. Since that time PRP is 7-1 with only a 6 point loss to Doss the rest of the way. Butler is 27-3 and has been very good at winning close games. Even on the road the Bears might be a slight favorite, but this is really a toss up game that could go either way.


    Doss v. Fern Creek

    Fern Creek won round 1 in December with a 15 point home win. Doss won round 2 in their LIT matchup by 6 in a game played at Manual. These two teams played in the 6th region final last year that was a battle to the end which Fern Creek won to gain their fist state tournament bid. This game will have a final atmosphere and will be a battle to the final buzzer. It is really a toss up that either team could win and nobody would be surprised.

    Jeffersontown v. Butler

    After the Butler/PRP difficult matchup in round 1, the semifinal game versus Jeffersontown should be a little easier, but don't count on it. These two teams played not long ago at Butler and the Bears only came away with a 2 point win that could have went the other way. Still Butler should win and if PRP beats Butler in game 1, expect them to also beat Jeffersontown.

    Championship Game

    Doss or Fern Creek v. Butler (PRP- Dark Horse)

    The match-up everyone has been anticipating and wanting to see is two of these three teams going against each other. Since Doss and Fern Creek must play in the semifinals, the winner of that game will have earned the right to face Butler in the championship. These are the three best teams in the region, and two of these three will be playing to see who goes to Rupp. With that said, PRP has regrouped and would be the dark horse to move by the three favorites should they beat Butler in round 1 which is a real possibility.
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