6th Region Weekly Rankings (02/05/2018)

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    The end of the season draws near as only 2 weeks remain before tourney play begins. We learned several things so far, most impressive is that Doss, Fern Creek, and Butler all could very well be Top 10 teams in the State of KY. Any of these 3 could end up heading to Rupp in a month from now without surprising anybody if they do. The rankings this week shake out with the top 9 teams in solid clusters of three and within each cluster those three teams are very close to each other. Cluster 1 is Doss, Fern Creek and Butler. Cluster 2 is Fairdale, Valley, and PRP. Cluster 3 is DeSales, Bullitt East and Iroquois. They are your best top 9 teams so far through the season in the 6th region.

    Also at stake next week are a couple of key games that will determine the #1 seeds in the 21st & 22nd districts. Butler plays at Doss on February 6th and if they can pull the upset on the road it could end up a three way tie that includes DeSales along with Butler & Doss in the 22nd. In the 21st, Valley plays at Fairdale on that same night with the 21st regular season championship on the line.

    1. Doss (17-5): Doss has only played a single game since the LIT championship loss to Trinity. They took care of DeSales which positions the Dragons to receive the #1 seed in the 22nd district as long as they beat Butler Tuesday night. They also play PRP and Collins from the 8th region toward the end of the week. Doss will finish with a tough stretch of games and if they can manage to avoid taking any losses, they should very well be a top 5 team in the state before tournaments begin. Franklin and Calloway continue to impress.

    2. Fern Creek (19-5): The Tigers jump over Butler not because the Bears lost, but the way Fern Creek won their three games last week indicate that they may be rounding into the team they looked like after winning the KOB. It started with a dominating 27 point win over Bullitt East followed by a 36 point win over Southern and then a 49 point thrashing of Moore. Neither of those teams are at the front of the pack in the 6th, but Fern Creek had stumbled a bit in January and these wins seem to indicate things have turned around. Health issues seem to be behind them at this point. Wales, Price, and Wickliffe all scored consistently well this past week while their supporting cast played with a lot of energy and effort that was evident again after not seeing it during the couple weeks they did not play as we have come to expect them to.

    3. Butler (21-2): Butler had a solid 10 point win over Manual and then had to survive a scare with a 1 point margin in their victory over rival PRP. Trinity and Ballard aside who they went 1-1 during the LIT, this next week will be the most challenging week of the season for the Bears as they face Doss, Fairdale, and John Hardin. The Bears have three players scoring in double figures led by Maurice Tolley, JaQuay Wales, and Devin Pendergrass.

    4. Fairdale (17-7): Fairdale went 3-0 last week, but did not exactly bury either Bullitt County team that they hosted which is a bit surprising. North Bullitt who has been playing much better almost pulled the upset before Fairdale finished with a 63-60 victory. It was 69-60 against Bullitt Central. It will get more much more difficult this week when they take on Valley, Butler, and Bullitt East. Markelo Sullivan is averaging almost 25 PPG on the season to lead the Bulldogs.

    5. Valley (16-7): The Vikings had two nice victories last week against Holy Cross and Jeffersonville, IN, but they had a head scratcher when they struggled to beat Ft. Knox 57-54. Ft. Knox is 2-15 and suffered their 10th loss in a row which really made this score questionable as to what had happened to make this game so close. Curt Lewis has had several big games of late for Valley and they will need him to be ready as they face Fairdale on February 6th to determine the #1 seed for district playoffs.

    6. Pleasure Ridge Park (14-9): The Panthers lost 2 in the past week, but one of those losses was a close 1 point defeat to Butler that could easily have went their way. The other was a close loss to Spencer County. They beat Franklin County to end the week. The big game on the schedule this week is when they host Doss. PRP can regain some much needed momentum heading into the post season with a victory over Doss. Gerald Gray continues to lead the Panthers in scoring.

    7. DeSales (12-11): DeSales lost by 11 to Doss and in doing so they failed to lock up what could have been a #1 seed and easier path to regionals. Now they must hope Butler beats Doss to create a three way tie so they can potentially win whatever tie breaker exists. They did come back and beat Iroquois at home by 3 which shows how competitive the 22nd district is. It is the toughest district in Metro Louisville this season, and probably one of the toughest in the state.

    8. Bullitt East (13-12): Bullitt East had the misfortune of having to play Fern Creek just as the Tigers seem to be turning for the finish line and had their worst loss of the season since getting beat by Trinity in the first game of the season. They lost by 27, but came back to beat CAL and then also beat Collins who is one of the better teams in the 8th region. Luke Ezell continues to be the main playmaker and scorer for the Chargers.

    9. Iroquois (13-10): Iroquois split last week with a victory over Western and a close loss to DeSales which could have been a very big win for the Raiders. Since they lost that game, they will play the #1 seed in the difficult 22nd district needing an upset victory to advance to regional play. Keelan Kennedy is averaging over 21 PPG this season for Iroquois.

    10. Jeffersontown (14-8): Jeffersontown stays in the Top 10 by going 3-0 last week, but the only victory that meant much was a nice home victory by 5 over Seneca. In that game the subplot was beating former coach and now the coach at Seneca, Miquel Coleman. Jordan Lyons and Chris Trigg each score in double figures for Jeffersontown.

    11. North Bullitt (11-12): The Eagles are making the climb upward and could very well end up winning the district tournament to advance to the regional tourney if they continue to play as they have recently. The went to Fairdale and only lost 60-63. Corey Girton is playing again after sitting out for eligibility after he left North Bullitt but has since returned.

    12. Southern (10-10): The best week of the season for the Trojans last week was replaced with a tough outing against Fern Creek when they lost by 36 to end the week. Tough schedule ahead to finish the regular season will challenge Southern to get ready for the district tourney which they can win given the lack of a clear favorite in the 23rd.

    13. Holy Cross (14-9): On store this week is a big rivalry match up with DeSales on Sunday.

    14. Bullitt Central (15-10): Despite losing to Fairdale last week they made the game competitive in the scoring column only losing by 9. A big game this coming week with Holy Cross.

    15. Moore (5-17): Not sure there are many victories left on the schedule, but they have to beat Southern and/or Western this week as they are two games they have a chance to.

    16. Western (2-20): Western should have the game against Moore this week circled. It could be a nice win for the Warriors as they have struggled to find wins this season.

    17. Whitefield Academy (11-10): No 6th region games remain except against Bullitt Central on February 15th.

    18. Beth Haven (6-15): Beth Haven has both Holy Cross and PRP on schedule this week.

    19. Evangel Christian (1-17): 48 point loss to Jeffersontown last week was the last 6th region game on the season.
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    At this point I agree there is the top 3 teams, that are a notch above the rest, and the favorites to represent the 6th. You can take 4 through 9, shake em up, reach in the bag and grab one. Regardless this region will be a true battle to climb out of.