Going to be a little shorter edition due to an out of town trip, but wanted to be sure to get a new Top Rankings out in the 6th region as we have a new #1 for the first time since early in the 2016/2017 season, the Doss Dragons. Doss outworked the Fern Creek team to flip rankings with the Tigers and claim the #1 spot with a 65-59 victory in the LIT semifinals on Saturday. But Butler is right there with them as they actually played eventual LIT champion to a very tight game losing on a last second shot by the Shamrocks. There is not much separation with these 3 and it will be a battle to the end that also includes several others that are not far behind the top 3.

1. Doss (15-5): Great showing for Doss this weekend as they really have responded to Coach Blake Stone's leadership. His team seems to have bought into their roles well and leading scorers Stephon Franklin and Taye Calloway are playing very well with the freedom that they enjoy in the system that is in place. Franklin is so powerful and strong, he is just an exceptional leader for this team.

2. Fern Creek (15-4): The Dragons victory over Fern Creek may turn out to be just what Fern Creek needed if they respond to the loss with a commitment to getting back to playing as they did earlier in the season. Whatever it is, they are not the same team and they might have had the wake-up call they needed.

3. Butler (17-2): Butler came so close to ending up in the Finals of the LIT and had they done so, they very well may have been at the top of the rankings this week. Butler will be there competing for the championship of the 6th region at the end, that is for certain at this point.

4. Fairdale (11-7): Beating the Panthers of PRP this past week has positioned the Bulldogs to win the 21st District as long as they win their biggest game remaining on their schedule this season as it relates to district seeding, their game against Valley in early February.

5. DeSales (10-8): The Colts may be the team on the rise in the 6th region to watch out for. DeSales is tied with Doss in the ultra competitive 22nd district in the loss column as neither has lost a district game. They play next week to see who takes the #1 coveted seed.

6. Valley (10-7): The Vikings have suffered some recent losses, but don't count them out. They are tied with Fairdale with (2-0 records) and will play each other soon to see who advances as the #1 seed in the 21st district.

7. Bullitt East (10-10): 3 losses to Fern Creek, DeSales, and South Oldham in their last three games by a total of 8 points. The Chargers are close, but they need to get the W's to continue to advance.

8. Pleasure Ridge Park (11-7): This team is still a force come tourney time if they can turn it around. The talent is there, and we all know the coaching is too. This can be a team that gets hot at the right time and still win the 6th.

9. Iroquois (11-8): The Raiders have lost 3 in a row, but two of those losses were to Doss by 10 and Butler by 1. This is a team that could end up being the #4 seed in the 22nd district, but they are probably the most dangerous 4 seed in the region.

10. Jeffersontown (10-7): Jeffersontown sits in the Top 10, but they are just outside the teams that are in the 4-9 ranking spots. They need to get a victory over the teams in front of them to be taken as a serious threat.

11. Holy Cross (12-6): Holy Cross wins the All "A" 6th region after a win over Shawnee in the championship game.

12. North Bullitt (8-9): Could they be the #1 seed in the 23rd district? It is wide open.

13. Bullitt Central (13-6): Win over Southern shows they could advance to the regions this year in a season where nobody is standing out in the 23rd.

14. Southern (7-9): Bad loss to Bullitt Central last week.

15. Moore (5-12): Long season so far, but don't count them out in district play. The 23rd is just not very good and Moore has a shot to advance.

16. Whitefield Academy (10-7): Almost beat KCD in the 7th Region All "A".

17. Western (1-17): Best game of the season may have been the loss to Doss this past week.

18. Beth Haven (6-10): Not very competitive even in the All "A" except when playing Evangel.

19. Evangel Christian (1-12): Even in the 6th region All "A", the competition is just too strong.