1. John Hardin (23-7): The Bulldogs won both games this week on the road. They beat Bullitt East at Bullitt East 76-62 and beat Daviess County at Daviess County 83-79. This is two very good road wins as the Daviess County win was against the favorite in the 3rd region. Their resume all year has been the best in the 5th Region. Mickey Pearson who was named 5th region player of the year had an insane 47 and 15 night in the win over Daviess County. In the 17th District they will play the winner of North Hardin and Fort Knox at Central Hardin.

2. Larue County (25-2): The Hawks have done nothing but win this year and got two impressive wins this week. They beat Elizabethtown at Elizabethtown 82-62 and beat Warren Central 59-57. They not only got a win over a 5th region contender in Etown, they beat the 4th region favorite this week. They have the best record in the 5th region, as their only losses this year have been against Scott County and John Hardin. Shane King had a heck of a stat line when he had 33 points 9 rebounds and 7 assists in the win over Elizabethtown. In the 18th District they will play Hart County at Caverna.

3. Elizabethtown (17-9): The Panthers went 2 and 1 this week as they had towards district tourney. They beat Meade County 69-52, lost to Larue County 82-62, and beat Bullitt East 77-45. They took a lopsided loss versus Larue but played well the other two games this week. They have shown all year that they can compete with anyone in the 5th region, but they have also shown they could upset on any given night. Darius Harding had 29 points in the loss versus Larue County at home. In the 17th district they will be playing Central Hardin at Central Hardin.

4. Adair County (17-11): The Indians lost the game they were supposed to lose this week and won the game they were supposed to win this week. They lost to Scott County at Scott County 107-66 and beat Hart County at Hart County 80-61. The Indians are 3rd in the state in scoring so offense hasnít been a problem all year, to have a good tournament Adair will have to get stops which they have struggled doing at times this year. Freshman sensation Zion Harmon had 33 points in the win over Hart County. In the 20th district they will be playing Marion County at Cambellsville.

5. Central Hardin (18-9): The Bruins went 1 and 1 this week before playing in the district tourney. They beat Breckinridge County 81-72 and lost to Meade County at Meade County 58-41. Central Hardin has been a pleasant surprise all year. They have had a lot of quality wins throughout the year and could make some noise in tourney play coming up. Gavin George had 29 points in the win over Breckinridge County. In the 17th district they will be playing Elizabethtown at their place.

6. Washington County (17-12): The Commanders played one game this week and got a nice road win over a 5th region opponent. They beat Hart County 59-56 at Hart County. Washington has had back to back very good seasons. They will be trying to get their first district title since 2005. Jake Yates had 19 and 10 in their win over Hart County. In the 19th District the Commanders will take on Bethlehem where the game will be at home.

7. Marion County (18-10): The Knights played two games in the last week of the regular season and steamrolled both. They beat Caverna 98-81 and beat Beth Haven 83-31. The Knights have had a great year and proved a lot of people wrong this year with their level of play. They are a threat to win the 20th district tourney. Senior Lez Means had 25 points in the win over Caverna. In the 20th District Marion will play Adair County at Campbellsville.

8. Bardstown (15-11): The Tigers split the two games this week. They lost to Oldham County at Oldham County 86-69 and they beat North Hardin 62-55. The Tigers have had a down year compared to the last couple of years. However, Bardstown is a serious threat to win the 19th district and get their 5th straight district title. Jayden Traynor had 17 points and 14 rebounds in the loss versus a good Oldham County team. In the 19th district they play the winner of Nelson County and Thomas Nelson at Washington County.

9. Hart County (15-12): The Raiders lost both their games this week but was expected to lose both. They lost to Washington County 59-56 and lost to Adair County 80-61. The Raiders started off bad, but started playing better after Christmas. This is a young team who should be even better next year. John Shoulder had 13 points and 12 rebounds in the loss to Washington County. In the 18th district there was a three-way tie for second and they drew Larue County where they will play at Caverna.

10. Campbellsville (14-14): The Eagles played two games this week and came away with two wins. They beat Green County at Green County 50-45 and ended the week by beating Nelson County 70 to 68. The Eagles have had a good year as they have struggled the past couple of years. The Eagles will be looking to make the region tourney for the first time in 8 years. They have been led in scoring by Nataj Sanders this year. In the 20th District they will play Taylor County at home.

11. North Hardin (10-17): They played one game and lost that game this week. The Trojans have had a down year for North Hardin, but they still have competed very well this year. They upset Elizabethtown one game and have been in close games with a lot of highly ranked teams. They could be a scary team to play in tourney. In the 17th district they play Fort Knox where the winner plays John Hardin, it will be played at Central Hardin.

12. Green County (12-15): The Dragons played two games this week and split the matchups. They have had a solid year as Green always plays very hard. They are very well coached, and you know they will not beat themselves. In the 18th District they will be playing Caverna at Caverna.

13. Caverna (12-15): The Colonels won one game this week and they lost one game this week. They have been an exciting team this year as they have scored a lot of points. The negative side is that they have also gave up a lot of points this year but, they have been enjoyable to watch. In the 18th District they will be playing Green County at home.

14. Taylor County (5-22): The Cardinals played three games this week and ended up winning one of those games. Taylor has played a tough schedule but it has been a very disappointing year so far. Their starting point guard has been out all year, but a team who won region the last 3 years to have 5 regular season wins has been shocking. In the 20th District they play Campbellsville at Campbellsville.

15. Bethlehem (9-16): The Eagles played two games and lost both this week. They have had a down year this year, but they have played their district opponents well. They must feel confident going into district for that reason. In the 19th District they will play Washington County at Washington County.

16. Nelson County (9-20): The Cardinals lost both of their games this week. It has been a rough year but with a new coach implementing his system that is understandable. Nelson has played a lot better after Christmas so there has been improvement with them. In the 19th District they play Thomas Nelson where the winner plays Bardstown at Washington County.

17. Fort Knox (6-18): The Eagles had a great last week of the regular season winning three of the four games this week. They started off really struggling early in the year. The last month of the season though Fort Knox has been a total different team and has improved as much as anyone in the region. In the 17th District they play North Hardin where the winner will play John Hardin at Central Hardin.

18. Thomas Nelson (2-27): The Generals played two games this week and they lost both. Itís been a tough year as they ended the regular season with just two wins. They will head to tourney play with an 18-game losing streak. In the 19th District they will play Nelson County where the winner plays Bardstown at Washington County.

Top 10 players

1. Zion Harmon (FR Adair County): The Stateís leading scorer at 33.6 points per game and free throw percentage at 91.2. He has been sensational all year. His ballhandling is a sight to see. He is a once in a lifetime player in the state of Kentucky.

2. Mickey Pearson (SR John Hardin): Pearson has been great as he was voted 5th region player of the year. He has averaged 26.5 points and 11.1 rebounds per game. His ability to shoot with his size is so rare for Highschool. He has arguably been the best Bulldog ever.

3. Darius Harding (SR Elizabethtown): Harding has been the guy as he has averaged 22.4 points per game this year and led them in rebounds at 7.8 per game. He has been great all year and has improved his jumper this year to make him an even better player.

4. Trevon Smith (JR Taylor County): Even though his team has struggled Smith has been very good as he has had to do everything. Smith leads them with 19.6 points per game and 5.4 rebounds per game. He is a great driver and can get to the line a lot.

5. Malik Wright (SR John Hardin): Wright has been a great second option for John Hardin. He is averaging 15.8 points per game and 5.3 rebounds per game. He is a great athlete and he is one that can contribute both ways as he is a very good defender.

6. Anthony Adkins (JR Larue County): He has been the leading scorer for the Hawks averaging 13.4 points per game. He has been a great surprise as he has shot a very efficient 56.5 percent from the field. Adkins strength, gives teams a lot of problems on the glass and him driving the ball.

7. Mark Goode (SO Larue County): The big man has been super-efficient shooting 59.7 percent from the field. His size gives a lot of teamís problems being 6 foot 6 and stout. His skill is what is underrated as he has a lot of good post moves.

8. Jobby Howard (SR Caverna): Howard has put on a show most games this year. He is top 5 in the state in scoring as he is averaging 30.1 points per game. Howard can make threes, or drive, the man just gets buckets.

9. Tyler Durbin (SR Elizabethtown): Durbin has had a great senior year of basketball, as he is one of the most underrated players in the region. He is averaging 17.8 points per game. Heís a guy who can shoot but is a lot more athletic than people realize.

10. Shane King (SR Larue County): The Senior point guard has led Larue to the best record in the region. The last two months he has played as well as any guard in the region as he is averaging 12.5 points per game. Heís a do it all guard who can shoot, is a great athlete, and is very good on