1. John Hardin (14-3): John only played once this week, but they got a big district win. They beat Central Hardin, at Central Hardin 83-62. The Bulldogs did this without their second leading scorer in Malik Wright, serving his second game suspension due to an ejection. Standout player Mickey Pearson had 30 and 11 versus Central. Central Hardin had been playing very well, but John just continues to show why they are the heavy favorites in the 5th region.

2. Larue County (14-1): The Hawks played a 5th region opponent, and took care of business with a blowout win. They beat Fort Knox 90-53. Shane King led the Hawks in that win with 16 points. The balance of Larue causes a lot of teamís trouble when game planning for them. This has been favorable so far, but Larue plays in the Toyota Classic which will really show us how good they are.

3. Elizabethtown (10-5): The Panthers had a good week, as they got two blowout district wins. They beat Fort Knox 84-44 and beat North Hardin, at North Hardin 74-48. This was a good week after getting upset on their home court versus Central Hardin. Star player Darius Harding had 32 and 13 versus North Hardin. E-town is a good team. When they are making their outside shots, they can beat almost anybody in the region.

4. Adair County (10-6): The Indians won all three games this week, including one shootout. Adair beat Caverna 119-103 in overtime, they beat Greenwood, at Greenwood 70-61 and beat Metcalfe County 95-55. Zion Harmon set the school record for points in a game, by scoring 54 against Caverna. Adair also won without Harmon, versus Greenwood. Harmon has been even better than advertised, but defense is still a huge question mark with the Indians.

5. Central Hardin (10-5): The bruins played the top team in the region and their district, as they lost their only game this week. They lost to John Hardin 83-62. Central has shown they can play close to most teams, but John has shown to be a tough matchup. Gavin George led them with 20 points versus John Hardin. No team will want to play Central when tournament time rolls around.

6. Marion County (10-7): The Knights played a 5th region opponent and escaped Lebanon with a close win. They beat Green County 60-57. They were without Jamison Epps, who was sitting out his last game due to an ejection. Luke Thomas, the senior sharpshooter, led Marion in scoring with 16 points. Marion has had a lot of injuries and players being out, but they have withstood all that adversity and remained very solid. Marion has a big home district game approaching versus Adair, which will be a great opportunity for the Knights.

7. Washington County (10-9): Washington has continued its hot streak by winning its only game, which was a district game. They beat Nelson County 62-47. Cameron Yates led them with 25 points versus Nelson County. Washington has played its best ball all year lately, and they currently have a 4-game winning streak. They have been a pleasant surprise, and have a good shot to win their district for the first time in a long time.

8. Bardstown (9-6): The Tigers this week got a home district win. They beat Bethlehem 57-53. Jarel Montgomery led Bardstown with 16 points versus Bethlehem. This Bardstown team hasnít been like the normal tigers, but they have continued to find ways to win. When it comes to their district, they have owned the district the last couple of years. So, you know the Tigers still believe they are the team to beat in their district. Tigers have the 5th region 1A classic coming up where they will be one of the favorites.

9. Caverna (7-9): Caverna played one game this week, and they lost an entertaining game, to say the least. They lost to Adair County at Adair County, 119-103 in overtime. Even though it was a loss, it was a great showing for Caverna. Talking about a great performance, Jobby Howard scored an insane 65 points versus Adair. Jobby Howard isnít a big name statewide, but after this performance, that has changed. Caverna is playing their best ball right now.

10. North Hardin (5-12): Rough week for North as they lost a district game and then lost a close 5th region matchup. They lost to Elizabethtown 74-48, and lost to Taylor County 49-45. North had been playing well before this week, but getting blown out by E-town was a surprise. North has played some great teams and barely lost, but they need to start beating the lesser teams as well.

11. Hart County (7-8): The Raiders won a matchup with a 5th region opponent this week. Hart has been playing way better as of late, as they have won four out of their last five. The problem for Hart right now, is they are the 4 seed in their district.

12. Campbellsville (7-9): The Eagles lost their only game this week versus a 5th region opponent. The Eagles have had a lot of close losses lately. They have a big game versus Marion County coming up this week.

13. Taylor County (3-11): The Cardinals lost a game versus a 12th region opponent, and then won versus a 5th region opponent. Itís been a bad start to the year, but a better week for the Cardinals. A lot will depend on the return of DeJhon Irvin for how good this team can be.

14. Green County (5-9): The Dragons lost to a good 4th region team, and then they lost to a 5th region opponent. Green has been struggling lately, as they have won 1 game out of their last 6. Green has a big game versus Caverna for district standings this next week.

15. Bethlehem (5-8): They lost a close road district game this week. Bethlehem has lost 4 straight games, after looking like they had turned the corner. Even though the late struggle, they can still contend in their district.

16. Nelson County (4-12): Nelson lost a road district game this week. Things have been rough lately, but they have a big game versus Thomas Nelson coming up that they will need to win.

17. Thomas Nelson (2-13): Thomas Nelson didnít play this week. They will have a big district game versus Nelson County coming up.

18. Fort Knox (1-10): They lost two lopsided games versus two of the better 5th region teams. They do have the 5th region 1A classic coming up.