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Fourth Region Rankings

1) Warren Central (24-3) - 2/6 84-59 W #12 Russellville, 2/9 65-56 W #8 Greenwood, 2/10 67-59 W Mercer County
Previous Rank: 1
This Week: 2/13 at #15 Allen County-Scottsville, 2/16 at LaRue County

The Dragons are out to their best record at this point since the 2002/03 season, continuing their strong response to the loss to Bowling Green in late January. They've won six in a row, clinching a tie for #1 in the 14th District the day before one of their most impressive wins of the year, a home victory over BGP Top 20 Mercer County. That's a potential Sweet 16 preview if both teams were to advance that far. The Dragons are averaging a margin of victory of over 12 PPG, highest in the region as you would imagine for the only 20 win team. They should roll on Tuesday to complete their region slate before the postseason, but have a big road test at LaRue County, who at 23-2 have the best record in the 5th Region.

2) Bowling Green (18-9) - 2/6 57-81 L at Owensboro, 2/9 54-43 W #7 Warren East
Previous Rank: 2
This Week: 2/13 at #12 Russellville, 2/15 vs. Christian County

The Purples saw the end of a three game winning streak against Owensboro on Tuesday, falling to the Red Devils for the first time since the 2015 state title game. The Purples uncharacteristically only had 8 free throw attempts - making only two - and got a season low 2 points from Jarius Key. That plus 57.1% shooting by Owensboro spelled the worst game for Bowling Green since mid-December. They bounced back with a gutty comeback effort against Warren East, maintaining their mastery of the Raiders to move their win streak to 48 over East. They won the coin toss for the #1 seed in the district tournament at Greenwood, where they'll likely face host Greenwood on February 20th. They'll blow out Russellville on Tuesday before a big game against Christian County at home to close the regular season.

3) Monroe County (17-8) - 2/6 74-27 W #16 Cumberland County, 2/11 76-89 L Redemption Christian Academy (NY) (at Warren Central)
Previous Rank: 4
This Week: 2/13 at #8 Greenwood, 2/15 at #7 Warren East

Illness cost us the marquee game of the week as Monroe County was due to meet Clinton County in a game that was canceled. The Falcons did pick up a game against Redemption Christian Academy out of New York, putting up a game effort but allowing a season high 89 points. The Falcons have bounced back well from an incredibly odd loss to Allen County-Scottsville, and will complete a tour through the 14th District this week ahead of the 15th District tourney.

4) Clinton County (16-11) - 2/5 60-61 L at McCreary Central
Previous Rank: 3
This Week: 2/15 vs. #5 Barren County

The Bulldogs have now lost four of five since the first game of the All "A" Classic. All of those games have been outside of the region which has made it a bit difficult to get a read on the Bulldogs, who were playing their best ball of the year in January. Jackson Harlan managed a "mere" 15 points in the loss to McCreary Central, lowering his ridiculous average to 27.1 PPG. It looked like he won't make 1,000 points on the season - he's at 731 - but he has put up a strong effort.

5) Barren County (18-9) - 2/6 70-57 W #13 Russell County, 2/9 76-48 W at #16 Cumberland County
Previous Rank: 5
This Week: 2/13 vs. #17 Metcalfe County, 2/15 at #4 Clinton County

The Trojans are the hottest team in the region with 11 straight wins after their four game losing streak in January. The last five wins have been by an average of nearly 20 PPG, which won't slow down in meeting Metcalfe County on Tuesday. Their road trip to Clinton County will perhaps put that to a much greater test. The Trojans have just the 13th ranked offense in the region (they are 3rd in defense), but posted one of their strongest weeks this season, scoring 10 and 16 points above their average.

6) Glasgow (18-8) - 2/6 68-48 W at #17 Metcalfe County, 2/9 76-81 OT L at Caverna
Previous Rank: 6
This Week: 2/12 vs. Butler County, 2/13 vs. #16 Cumberland County, 2/15 vs. #14 Franklin-Simpson

Glasgow's slide continues as they have now have lost 5 of their last seven. Their win over Metcalfe County, a team winless in the region, was no surprise, but a loss to Caverna certainly was. That's a Colonel team that has fallen by double digits to both Barren County and Allen County. Once considered as high as 3rd in the region, it is becoming harder and harder to believe that this team will be able to overcome Barren County in the district tournament. Still, this is a team that had just four wins a season ago and still has a strong chance at reaching the 20 win plateau.

7) Warren East (15-11) - 2/6 56-51 W #11 South Warren, 2/9 43-54 L at #2 Bowling Green, 2/10 57-56 W at #10 Todd County Central
Previous Rank: 7
This Week: 2/13 at #14 Franklin-Simpson, 2/15 vs. #3 Monroe County

Warren East ultimately locked up the #3 seed with a win over South Warren on Tuesday (though they also needed Greenwood's loss to Warren Central on Friday), but despite leading 21-18 over Bowling Green on Friday, could not snap their losing streak to the Purples. Perhaps it is a relief to the Raiders to draw Warren Central in the district tournament, who they've merely fallen to 43 of 47 times instead of 48 in a row as with BG. In more positive news, their win over Todd County Central on the road has assured them of their first winning record since the 2013/14 season, and with one more win they will post their most victories since 2012/13.

8) Greenwood (14-13) - 2/6 66-63 OT W at #14 Allen County-Scottsville, 2/9 56-65 L at #1 Warren Central
Previous Rank: 8
This Week: 2/13 vs. #3 Monroe County, 2/15 at #9 Logan County, 2/16 vs. Edmonson County

Greenwood continues to be a complete wildcard. This is a team that nearly lost to both Franklin-Simpson and Allen County-Scottsville, requiring overtime to defeat the latter. But on Friday they stood toe to toe with Warren Central for the better part of 3.5 quarters, battling to a halftime tie at 31 and trailing just 54-50 midway through the fourth quarter. They will host the district tournament on their homecourt, and are a team that could threaten to explode and knock off a team like Bowling Green, or faceplant and lose to South Warren in the 4/5 game. Who can know? They have received strong play from the trio of Jack Roberts, Ben Carroll, and Luke Littrell. If they get hot from three, this is a dangerous squad.

9) Logan County (13-13) - 2/9 72-56 W at McLean County
Previous Rank: 9
This Week: 2/12 at Hopkins County Central, 2/15 vs. #8 Greenwood

The Cougars are very close to their first winning record for a season since 2014/15, having now won 6 of 9 after knocking off McLean County on the road. Logan County is actually averaging a margin of loss of 2 PPG thanks to some early season blowouts. Austin Rayno and Kirby Epley continue to lead the way with 16.3 PPG and 13.0 PPG respectively.

10) Todd County Central (15-12) - 2/5 64-66 L at Clarksville Rossview (TN), 2/6 56-46 W at Trigg County, 2/9 72-65 W at #12 Russellville, 2/10 56-57 L #7 Warren East
Previous Rank: 10
This Week: 2/15 vs. Caldwell County

The Rebels have had a few waypoints to check off this season. The first was double digit wins - they hadn't reached that since 2009. The second they clinched this week, their first winning record since 2003/04. Their win over Russellville gave them the season sweep of the Panthers, who they will face in their district tournament opener at Logan County in just over a week. That will be where they hope to complete their third objective, their first region tournament berth since 2003.

11) South Warren (13-13) - 2/6 51-56 L at #7 Warren East, 2/8 76-69 OT W #15 Franklin-Simpson
Previous Rank: 11
This Week: 2/16 vs. #12 Russellville

The Spartans entered the week with a chance to get into contention for the 3 seed, but could not pull it off, faltering late after leading much of the night against Warren East. They were able to snap a three game losing streak when they came back from a double digit deficit entering the fourth quarter against Franklin-Simpson on the observed senior night for the Spartans (they play at home again this week). They are just 4-8 since the start of 2018, and will have only played four games in February by the time the 14th District tournament rolls around. South now has to either win against Russellville and their district opener against Greenwood or make a serious postseason run to gain their first winning record since 2013 - it would be just their third in the history of the program.

12) Russellville (7-16) - 2/6 59-84 L at #1 Warren Central, 2/9 65-72 L #10 Todd County Central
Previous Rank: 12
This Week: 2/13 vs. #2 Bowling Green, 2/16 at #11 South Warren

The Panthers are still seeking their first win over a team not named Franklin-Simpson in 2013. They're now 0-9 in the other games in this calendar year. This week carries what is likely to be their only shot for that, when they visit South Warren on Friday. They'll take their 15th straight loss to Bowling Green on Tuesday in a rematch of last season's 4th Region finals. Hard to believe from a program that was utterly dominant over a Purple program that featured the likes of Josh Carrier at the beginning of the century. The Panthers are still the last team from outside the 14th District to win a region title, winning in 2001.

13) Russell County (9-19) - 2/6 57-70 L at #5 Barren County, 2/9 80-95 L Adair County, 2/10 65-84 L at Williamsburg
Previous Rank: 13
This Week: 2/13 at Danville, 2/16 at Rockcastle County

It's five straight losses now for the Lakers who haven't won since a district win over Metcalfe County in January. They've already played their last game against 4th Region competition before the postseason, losing all six games against non-16th District teams. They did have one of their best scoring performances against Adair County, getting 40 combined from Scales and Richardson.

14) Franklin-Simpson (6-19) - 2/8 69-76 OT L at #11 South Warren, 2/9 46-39 W #14 Allen County-Scottsville
Previous Rank: 15
This Week: 2/13 vs. #7 Warren East, 2/15 at #6 Glasgow

It's been a difficult season for Franklin that has only gotten more difficult since January 1st, but at long last, the Wildcats snapped their losing streak at 10, with their best defensive effort of the year in holding Allen County-Scottsville to 39 points in a 46-39 home victory. It's their first win of 2018.

15) Allen County-Scottsville (9-17) - 2/6 63-66 OT L #8 Greenwood, 2/8 50-45 W #17 Metcalfe County, 2/9 39-46 L at #15 Franklin-Simpson
Previous Rank: 14
This Week: 2/13 vs. #1 Warren Central

On the other side of the Franklin result were the Patriots, who followed their best win of the year (over Monroe) and a hard fought loss to dangerous Greenwood with a lackluster five point win against Metcalfe County and an atrocious loss to Franklin-Simpson, who they have fallen to twice on the year. It's probable that the Patriots are going to fail to reach the 10 win plateau with a game against #1 Warren Central on tap to be followed by a game against Monroe County in the district tourney.

16) Cumberland County (4-22) - 2/6 27-74 L at #4 Monroe County, 2/9 48-76 L #5 Barren County
Previous Rank: 16
This Week: 2/13 at #6 Glasgow, 2/16 vs. Green County

It's 11 straight losses now for the Panthers who had a season low 27 against Monroe County.

17) Metcalfe County (4-22) - 2/5 36-70 L at Marion County, 2/6 48-68 L #6 Glasgow, 2/8 45-50 L at #14 Allen County-Scottsville, 2/10 69-72 L at Dawson Springs
Previous Rank: 17
This Week: 2/13 at #5 Barren County, 2/15 at Caverna, 2/16 vs. Washington County

The Hornets had one of their closest losses of the year, but have fallen 9 straight times with no serious win prospects left.