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District seedings are starting to work themselves out this week in Region 2 play. However District 8 still is up in the air and can actually finish in a 3 way tie. If Hopkinsville wins both games this week and UHA defeats Christian County, we have the 3 way tie. If Christian County defeats UHA, they will win the District. If UHA wins both of their games, they will win the district if Christian County loses, otherwise they will tie…its crazy.

1. Christian County – Coach Kerry Stovall
2017-18 record: 14-6
Week’s Record:4-0
Last Weeks Rank: 1

The Colonels seemed to have found their stride again, his name is Detorrian Ware. The way Ware is playing right now, he has to be considered for Mr. Basketball. After putting up 51 against Hopkinsville last week, he put up 24, 35, and 45 in wins against Franklin Simpson, UHA, and Henderson County.
Now, without Ware, the Colonels might not even be a top 5 team in Region 2. If teams ever figure out how to shut him down (big if), then it would be an almost certain loss for Christian County. That being said, Henderson almost pulled the biggest upset of the year in Region 2 as they took the Colonels into overtime before bowing out.
CCHS ends the year with some tough competition. They host UHA before traveling to Hoptown, Muhlenberg, and Bowling Green.

2. University Heights Academy – Coach Grant Shouse
2017-18 record: 14-6
Week’s Record: 1-1
Last Weeks Rank: 2

The Blazers lost the continuation game against Christian County 84-75. Tandy scored 35 points, but they couldn’t stop CCHS’s D.Ware. They were able to turn around and defeat Bowling Green 83-75. At one point UHA led by 25 points.
Now UHA has the opportunity to take back District 8 from Christian County. They play the Colonels again this week before traveling to Hopkinsville to take on the Tigers. They could be in sole possession of 1st place after this, or tied for first, or 3rd place. Crazy week.

3. Hopkinsville – Coach Tim Haworth
2017-18 record: 11-11
Week’s Record: 3-0
Last Weeks Rank: 4

How much has Shorty Cager meant to this Tiger team? They are 5-1 since his return. They have scored less than 80 points only once, and that was a win against Graves County. They destroyed the three teams they played this week, Logan Co., Trigg Co, and Todd County Central. Johnson seems to be finding his stride as he scored 20+ points in all 3 of those games.
The real test comes this week. 2 home games against University Heights and Christian County. If they win those 2, they could either finish 1st or 2nd in the district. Lose either one, and they will be the 3rd seed.

4. Madinsonville North Hopkins – Coach Matt Beshear
2017-18 record: 16-8
Week’s Record: 1-2
Last Weeks Rank: 3

Madisonville made some huge strides this year coming together as a team to really impress. The last couple weeks have not been as pretty. The Maroons lost at home to Owensboro Catholic and then lost bad to McCracken County as well. They were able to defeat Caldwell County. This is not the time of year to not be improving, but that is what is seemingly happened to this team. They have found themselves now looking up at the 3 District 8 teams in the region. However, this team still has the talent and ability to pull the upset come region tournament time.

5. Henderson County – Coach Tyler Smithhart
2017-18 record: 10-10
Week’s Record: 1-1
Last Weeks Rank: 5

Henderson County defeated Union County 61-54 and then almost pulled off a huge upset of Christian County in double overtime. They lost 92-84 as too much D. Ware did them in. It was a valiant effort led by 22 from Dajaun Simpson and 19 from Jadal Fletcher. If the Colonels can continue this type of play, there may be some surprises yet come regional tournament.
Henderson will play Livingston Central, Apollo, Hopkins County Central, and Madisonville this week. The game against the Maroons is a battle of the best of the non-District 8 teams.

6. Webster County – Coach Jon Newton
2017-18 record: 14-9
Week’s Record: 2-1
Last Weeks Rank: 6

Not sure what to think of the Trojans at this point in the year. They could go out and upset the top team in the district, then turn around and lose to the last place team in the district. They played pretty well this week in beating Hardin County, IL and Fort Campbell, but then lost to Union County on their home floor. While Union has a formidable team, that is not a game you want to lose this time of year.
Webster will have 2 games this week against Hopkins Central and Madisonville. We’ll see which team shows up this week.

7. Hopkins County Central – Coach Lee James
2017-18 record: 12-8
Week’s Record: 1-0
Last Weeks Rank: 7

The Storm had a great game from both Tylan Mann (23) and Keyairreon Hobgood (21) in their win over Caldwell County 88-71. They will play Webster Co., Lyon Co., Caldwell Co., and Henderson County this week. Lots of play in region 2.

8. Livingston Central – Coach Bill McNamara

2017-18 record: 16-10
Week’s Record: 1-1
Last Weeks Rank: 9

The Cardinals have made a big push at the end of this season. They have played very well and they ran into a difficult situation this week. They had to play Marshall County in the first game since the tragedy 2 weeks ago. It was a very emotional game at Marshall and the game ended up going into overtime where LC lost 61-59.
They bounced back to defeat Crittenden County 61-42 in their other game. They will play Henderson Co and Hickman Co this week before heading into the last week of the season.

9. Union County – Coach Shane Smith

2017-18 record: 11-13
Week’s Record: 2-1
Last Weeks Rank: 8

Union is another team that has been up and down throughout the year. This week they played Henderson tough before bowing out 61-54. They turned around to defeat Webster County and McLean County. Logan Thomas continues to impress and is still averaging a double/double (19.4/11.5) on the season.
Union has 3 games remaining in the season. Hardin County, IL, Lyon co. and Caldwell Co.

10. Trigg County – Coach Payton Croft
2017-18 record: 11-9
Week’s Record: 1-3
Last Weeks Rank: 11

Trigg County played a tough schedule this week and it showed. They lost to Union Co. Hopkinsville, and Lyon Co. They were able to defeat Fulton City 65-29.
They will play Todd County Central, Caldwell County this week.

11. Caldwell County – Coach Daniel Kukahiko
2017-18 record: 9-12
Week’s Record: 0-2
Last Weeks Rank: 10

Caldwell County lost to Hopkins County Central and Madisonville this week. They play more games than any most other teams these last two weeks (7 games). They will play Dawson Springs, Crittenden Co, Hopkins County Central and Trigg Co this week

12. Lyon County – Coach Jeff Embrey
2017-18 record: 6-14
Week’s Record: 2-1
Last Weeks Rank: 14

Lyon had a good week defeating Trigg County and Fort Campbell, but took a loss to St. Mary. They will play Hopkins County Central and Union County this week.

13. Crittenden County – Coach Denis Hodge
2017-18 record: 5-14
Week’s Record: 1-1
Last Weeks Rank: 15

The Rockets were unable to notch a win this week in games versus Livingston Central and Todd County Central. They will try again this week against Caldwell County and St. Mary.

14. Dawson Springs – Coach Chad Burgett

2017-18 record: 7-14
Week’s Record:2-1
Last Weeks Rank: 15

The Panthers dropped to the last spot in region 2 and responded by winning 2 games and having their first winning week of the season. They defeated Fort Campbell and Frederick Fraize. They now have to play 8 games in the remaining 11 days to finish out the season.

15. Fort Campbell – Coach Stacey Harrell
2017-18 record: 3-16
Week’s Record: 0-3
Last Weeks Rank: 14

Just when the Falcons got out of the cellar in Region 2, they lose 4 games in one week including to the last place team, and they find themselves there again. It was a tough week as the closest game was a loss to Lyon County by 10 points.

Player of the Week
Dajaun Simpson, Henderson County, scored 22 points in a 2OT loss to Christian County.