2018 - Inside the 8th Region 1-15-18

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yellow Card View Post
    It sounds like SK shot the ball very well @ColonelMike; and got a good home win over Cooper, I'm not sure that I would go as far as vindication against top-tier teams, and proof positive that the Pioneers will be a contender.

    Now, if Cooper had been at full strength, I think your comments might be warranted.
    SK wasn't at full strength either.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Footballforever74 View Post
    SK wasn't at full strength either.
    Were they missing one of the top 3 players in the state?

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    Walton v Gallatin Co. tonight @ Owen for the All A. Anyone willing to give GC a shot in this one?
    I will be there. First Kentucky game of the yr. bcos of my own coaching obligations and basketball games across the river. Really looking forward to it. I'm going to really try and follow the 8th the rest of the way since our season is over in 2 weeks. It seems to be a good season with about 4 or 5 possible winners coming out of the 8th. So far been following along with this site and thanks to the awesome write ups!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SnottieDrippen View Post
    I could talk myself into as many as 10 without knowing more than the schedules and results of the remaining teams.
    I must say, you have great vision.

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    Hearing Gritton is healthy and Anderson ready to make a run.
    Guess we will find out for sure next week with AC @ Spencer and Collins