silo11's Avatar 1st Region Boys Basketball Review Week 10
There are 4 legit teams that can win Region 1 and make a splash at Rupp. 2 of those teams have separated themselves from the field, Mayfield and McCracken County. That is not saying someone else won’t win the region, but those two teams are playing very well. They have only lost 3 games between the two of them in 2018. Paducah Tilghman and Graves both have the talent to win the region tournament but need to improve play in order to do so. Fulton County has been playing great basketball lately and moved up to number 6 in the rankings. Shout out to Community Christian Academy in Paducah for their resilience and finally snapping their 2 year long losing streak.

1. Mayfield – Coach Chris Guhy
BGP #15
2017-18 record: 23-5
Week’s Record: 2-0
Last Week’s Rank: 2

Mayfield has lost 1 game since the new year began. In that span they have won 15 games. This week the Cardinals added 2 more games to that list, but none bigger than the impressive 56-43 win against a very good Graves County team. Connor Guthrie led Mayfield with 21 points while Desean Jones added 19. Mayfield also defeated Fulton County.
The Cardinals will end the season facing Marshall County and Hickman County. If they win those games they will have gone undefeated in Region 1 play.

2. McCracken County – Coach Burlin Brower
2017-18 record: 23-5
Week’s Record: 3-0
Last Week’s Rank: 42
The Mustangs have an 11 game winning streak of their own after defeating Calloway Co, St. Mary, and region rival Paducah Tilghman. The Mustangs left no doubt who the better team is between the Paducah Schools as they defeated the Tornado twice in a matter of 10 days. This time at home and to a score off 53-42. If not for the superb play of Mayfield, McCracken would be the number 1 ranked team in the region.
McCracken will finish its season with Murray and then a tough game against Hopkinsville.

3. Paducah Tilghman – Coach Roderick Thomas
2017-18 record:17-8
Weeks record: 1-1
Last Week’s Rank: 1
Paducah Tilghman has not played its best basketball lately. This week they defeated a winless CCA team and then had a chance to prove the lost to McCracken County was an outlier. It wasn’t meant to be as the Tornado went down 53-42. Reed still had 17 points, but everyone else for Tilghman struggled to find baskets. PT needs to find its groove back or they will again miss going to Rupp even though they have the most talented team on paper.
They finish the season against Calloway Co.

4. Graves County – Coach Joshua Frick
2017-18 record: 20-8
Week’s Record: 2-1
Last Week’s Rank: 3
Graves County has looked really good lately even without top scorer Savage out. The game against Mayfield looked as if it would be a classic between two dominant teams, however the Cardinals were just too much and Graves went down 56-43. The game showed how strong Mayfield really is, but also how bad Savage is missed when playing top teams (Hopkinsville, McCracken, Mayfield).
The Eagles finish the season playing against Carlisle County and Marshall County.

5. Marshall County – Terry Birdsong
2017-18 record: 16-9
Week’s Record: 4-0
Last Week’s Rank: 5
Great week for Marshall County as they played 4 games this week, and won all of them. Murray, Calloway County, St. Mary, and Crittenden County all were defeated by the Marshalls. While the teams weren’t the strongest in the region, they were good wins for MC. They have two really tough matchups this week however. They go to Mayfield and host Graves County. They will play underdogs in both.

6. Fulton County – Coach Jamie Madding
2017-18 record: 15-10
Week’s Record: 3-0
Last Week’s Rank: 8
The Pilots have won 12 games since the new year began. They won 3 more games this week against Christian Fellowship, Carlisle County, and Fulton City. Andreous Smith scored 32 points and Brandon Walker added 28 in the victory over Carlisle. They are playing confident basketball and that has put them as the best of the mid tier teams in Region 1. It’s the highest ranking Fulton County has received in Region 1 in quite some time.

7. Murray – Coach Dior Curtis
2017-18 record: 121-14
Week’s Record: 1-2
Last Week’s Rank: 7
Murray defeated Hickman County and lost to Marshall County and University Heights. They played UHA much closer than expected and will need that type of play come tournament time.

8. Carlisle County – Coach Brian O’Neil
2017-18 record: 12-14
Week’s Record: 2-1
Last Week’s Rank: 9
The Comets didn’t have a great week, but they did defeat Ballard Memorial 74-59. Trey Wilson led Carlisle with 18 points in the win. They didn’t have the same success against Calloway County or Fulton County, losing both of those games by double digits.

9. Ballard Memorial – Coach Marla Cooper
2017-18 record: 11-13
Week’s Record: 0-2
Last Week’s Rank: 6
Ballard Bombers just haven’t played will since the All A Classic and this week was no different. They lost to Graves County which was expected, but they also lost big to Carlisle County, which was not expected. They are in a downward spiral they need to figure out if they want to make the region tournament. They will play Trigg, Fulton Co, and Calloway Co this week.

10. Calloway County – Coach Brad Cleaver
2016-17 record: 10-16
Week’s Record: 1-2
Last Week’s Rank: 10
Calloway played a fantastic game against Carlisle County blowing out of the gym with a 75-40 victory. 11 players scored for the Lakers in the win. They only scored 22 points against McCracken County, and lost to Marshall County by 5 points.

11. Hickman County – Coach Jimmy Long
2017-18 record: 10-17
Week’s Record: 1-1
Last Week’s Rank: 11
Hickman lost to Murray by 24 but defeated CCA by 38. They finish the season at home against powerhouse Mayfield.

12. St. Mary – Coach Greg Overstreet
2017-18 record: 9-18
Week’s Record: 1-2
Last Week’s Rank: 12
St. Mary lost to Marshall County and McCracken Count but defeated Crittenden County. They finish the year against Lyon County

13. Christian Fellowship – Coach Tyler Ryan
2017-18 record: 10-13
Week’s Record: 1-2
Last Week’s Rank: 13

The Eagles defeated CCA and lost to Fulton County and St. Francis. They finish their season against Murray and Dawson Springs.

14. Fulton City – Coach Jon Dillard
2017-18 record: 1-21
Week’s Record: 0-3
Last Week’s Rank: 14
The Bulldogs woes continue as their losing streak is now at 21 games. They lost 3 more games this week.

15. Community Christian Paducah – Coach Daniel Durrett / Rhet McMullen
2017-18 record: 1-24
Week’s Record: 1-3
Last Week’s Rank: 15

CCA snapped their 63 game losing streak spanning back to the 2015-16 season. Congrats to the Warriors for the victory.

Player of the Week
Andreous Smith, Fulton County
scored 32 points and 8 rebounds in will over Carlisle County