silo11's Avatar 1st Region Boys Basketball Review Week 10
This week has been what high school basketball is all about. Games all over the region featured tough tight games and produce upsets and heartbreaks. The Region 1 favorites Paducah Tilghman who have been number 1 since week 1 are knocked from their perch and dropped to 3rd place. McCracken has moved up to 2nd and Mayfield now holds the top spot after escaping a close one. There are 4 legit teams that can win Region 1 and make a splash at Rupp. Another 2 weeks and we will find out who.

1. Mayfield – Coach Chris Guhy
BGP #17
2017-18 record: 20-5
Week’s Record: 2-0
Last Week’s Rank: 2

While Paducah Tilghman was losing their 1st two games in district play, Mayfield was trying to avoid a huge upset themselves. They however were able to pull out a 67-62 win in overtime against Calloway County at home. The game should have never been that close. Neither should the second game they played against Ballard Memorial. They won that 79-64, which seems good, except the week before they beat them 70-21 on a neutral court. This game was at home.
Graves County is playing really well right now and Mayfield will play host to them on Feb 9. Can they get out of their slump or will the Cardinals lose their first game in Region 1.

2. McCracken County – Coach Burlin Brower
2017-18 record: 19-5
Week’s Record: 4-0
Last Week’s Rank: 4
Jan 6, that is the date the Mustangs lost their last game to Apollo. Since then McCracken has rolled of 8 straight wins including wins against Marshall and Graves (2 of the regions top 5 teams). This week they took down number 1 in Paducah Tilghman. They walked into a hostile environment against their rivals and smacked them in chin 65-55. They look unbeatable right now and maybe the best team in the region.
Just to prove their point, they whooped a very good Madisonville team 57-41 on a neutral site. They rematch with Paducah Tilghman will be on Feb 9. If they win that game, they may move up to the number 1 spot.

3. Paducah Tilghman – Coach Roderick Thomas
2017-18 record:16-7
Weeks record: 1-2
Last Week’s Rank: 1
Paducah Tilghman played 2 important games this week against Graves County and McCracken County. They lost both. The Tilghman team from last year showed up this week. They didn’t look like they have most of the year. No killer instinct, just going through the motions. While Reed did have 19 points against the McCracken, he wasn’t the presence he normally is.
The Tornado had a consolation win against St. Mary. The Tornado will have to right the ship as they have now given confidence to two teams going into the Region 1 tournament.

4. Graves County – Coach Joshua Frick
2017-18 record: 18-7
Week’s Record: 2-0
Last Week’s Rank: 3
Graves County had a great recovery week after losing 2 games last week. First they took down the Region’s top team in Paducah Tilghman. Trevor Grant paced the Eagles with 18 and Jordyn Naranjo and Ryan Mathis added 16 and 15 respectively.
In their second game, it took overtime to defeat Marshall County. Again Grant, Mathis, and Naranjo led the Eagles. Graves is playing well without their top scorer (Savage). If he gets healthy by the Regional tournament, Graves will be a very tough out.

5. Marshall County – Terry Birdsong
2017-18 record: 10-8
Week’s Record: 0-0
Last Week’s Rank: 5
Marshall County had their very first game since the tragedy took place. Livingston Central came to Marshall County in a very emotional environment. Fittingly the game was a fantastic one and the Marshalls won in overtime 61-59. They then went to Graves County and played another overtime game, but this time on the losing end 60-55. They had another game that almost went into overtime against Russellville. Fortunately they hung on to win 58-56 without going into OT.
It will still be a tough rest of the season for the Marshalls, but they will push through and have the potential to be a factor come tournament time. They play Murray, Calloway Co., St. Mary and Crittenden this week in preparation for Region favorite Mayfeild.

6. Ballard Memorial – Coach Marla Cooper
2017-18 record: 11-11
Week’s Record: 1-3
Last Week’s Rank: 9
Ballard Bombers really had a tough week after such a good All A Classic. They lost to Carlisle Co, Massac County, IL, and Mayfield. They did defeat CCA who haven’t won a game this year. Some good news is the game against was closer than anyone thought it would be.
Things don’t get easier with Graves County and a rematch against Carlisle this week.

7. Murray – Coach Dior Curtis
2017-18 record: 11-12
Week’s Record: 2-0
Last Week’s Rank: 6
Murray defeated St. Mary easily and then defeated Calloway County who they lost to last week. Charvelle McCallister led the Tigers with 15 points in the win. Murray will play Marshall County, Hickman County, and UHA this week.

8. Fulton County – Coach Jamie Madding
2017-18 record: 12-10
Week’s Record: 3-0
Last Week’s Rank: 11
The Pilots have won 9 games since the new year began. They won 3 more games this week against Carlisle, Hickman, and Lake County, TN. They are playing confident basketball and could very well be the best of the mid tier teams in Region 1.

9. Carlisle County – Coach Brian O’Neil
2017-18 record: 11-12
Week’s Record: 2-1
Last Week’s Rank: 7
The Comets lost big to a surging Fulton County, but then defeated Fulton City and Community Christian. They play Calloway County, Fulton County again, and Ballard Memorial this week.

10. Calloway County – Coach Brad Cleaver
2016-17 record: 9-13
Week’s Record: 0-2
Last Week’s Rank: 7
Calloway played a fantastic game against Mayfield. They took the top team in the district into overtime at Mayfield. Coach Cleaver has to be excited about the way his team played even though they lost. Unfortunately that didn’t carry over into their game against Murray as they lost that game as well.
They play McCracken County, Carlisle and Marshall County this week.

11. Hickman County – Coach Jimmy Long
2017-18 record: 9-16
Week’s Record: 2-2
Last Week’s Rank: 11
Hickman lost to Christian Fellowship and Fulton County, while defeating Lake County, TN and Fulton City. They play Livingston Central, CCA, and Murray this week.

12. St. Mary – Coach Greg Overstreet
2017-18 record: 8-16
Week’s Record: 2-2
Last Week’s Rank: 13
St. Mary had a decent run this week winning two games against Christian Fellowship and Lyon Co. while losing to Murray and Paducah Tilghman.

13. Christian Fellowship – Coach Tyler Ryan
2017-18 record: 9-11
Week’s Record: 2-1
Last Week’s Rank: 13

The Eagles continue having their surprising season as they defeated Hickman Co and CCA. However they had a bad game in losing big to St. Mary.

14. Fulton City – Coach Jon Dillard
2017-18 record: 1-18
Week’s Record: 0-3
Last Week’s Rank: 14
The Bulldogs woes continue as their losing streak is now at 18 games. They lost 2 more games this week.

15. Community Christian Paducah – Coach Daniel Durrett / Rhet McMullen
2017-18 record: 0-21
Week’s Record: 0-2
Last Week’s Rank: 15

Hoping the Warriors will get a win this season. Best chance maybe the last game of the year against Fulton City.

Player of the Week
Trevor Grant, Graves County – scored 18 points including 3 three pointers in handing Paducah Tilghman its first Region loss of the year.