silo11's Avatar 1st Region Boys Basketball Review Week 5
A few things we have learned about Region 1 teams. The top 2 teams are 2 of the best in the state. Mayfield and Paducah Tilghman can play with almost anyone in the state and are probably the two best teams in Western Kentucky. It’s been a long time since Region 1 could make that claim. The other things we learned, Region 1 teams don’t play well in Holiday tournaments (with a few exceptions). Here are the rankings for the new year!

1. Paducah Tilghman – Coach Roderick Thomas
2017-18 record:13-3
Weeks record: 5-1
Last Week’s Rank: 1
Paducah Tilghman lost the first game of the Lake Cumberland Holiday Classic by 2 points to John Hardin and haven’t lost since. They have defeated Iroquois, Cordia, St. Mary, and Christian County in that time span. The biggest being going to Christian County and defeating them in a close game. JJ Reed led the Tornado with a big 35 points and 10 rebounds along with 3 others scoring in double digits.
Overall on the year, Reed continues to lead the team with 18.6 ppg, followed by Rodriguez Thomas at 15.2 ppg. Joe Workman, Michael Laster, and Jordan Harmon all have had major contributions as well. The Tornado don’t have many games over the next 2 weeks. In fact they only play 2 games, but they are against Marshall County and McCracken County, region 1 foes.

2. Mayfield – Coach Chris Guhy
2017-18 record: 10-4
Week’s Record: 3-2
Last Week’s Rank: 2

Mayfield seems to have problems matching up with Valley as they have lost to them twice this year. The most recent a 76-64 loss at Apollo’s Invitational. The other loss came at the hands of Ballard which would normally be expected. The rest of the time, Mayfield has handled the competition very well. The biggest win being against top region 1 team Graves County in overtime 79-73. This cements their place at the top of Region 1 and sets up the big showdown with Paducah Tilghman on Jan 23.
The Cardinals have a very balanced scoring team with the Guthries leading the way. Connor Guthrie is averaging 16.6/6.2 and Carson is 14.4/9.1. Desean Jones (12.9) and Kent Trey Matthews (10.8) are also contributing well. No problem games for Mayfield until they meet at Tilghman.

3. Graves County – Coach Joshua Frick
2017-18 record: 12-5
Week’s Record: 3-3
Last Week’s Rank: 3
Graves spend the time after Christmas in Palm Beach Florida playing against some very stiff competition. While there they dropped 2 games while only winning 1. Things were better once returning home soundly defeating McCracken County 54-40 before losing a tough one to Mayfield in overtime.
The Eagles have positioned themselves as the number 3 team in region 1 losing to both Tilghman and Mayfield. They are led by Jacob Savage (12.2), Jordyn Naranjo (12.1), and Ryan Mathis (10.9).

4. McCracken County – Coach Burlin Brower
2017-18 record: 11-5
Week’s Record: 1-4
Last Week’s Rank: 4
McCracken has had a tough time since Christmas. They lost games against South Oldham, Newport Central, Graves County and Apollo. Interesting however, they soundly defeated the best team they played in that whole time period, Christian County. The Mustangs struggled to score above 60 points in most of their games.
Nathan Stonecipher (16 ppg) leads the team in scoring, while Cameron Cartwright (14.6) and Jackson Sivills (12.9) also contribute. The Mustangs will try to get back on track, but the games do not get easier. They will have to go to region 1 favorite Paducah Tilghman then to Calloway and Marshall.

5. Marshall County – Terry Birdsong
2017-18 record: 9-6
Week’s Record: 3-3
Last Week’s Rank: 5
Marshall County had an up and down time the past couple weeks. They would win one and lose one. They defeated Ohio county, Holmes, and Calloway County, while losing to Warren Central, Cairo, IL, and Hopkinsville.
They have 3 very tough games coming up next. Paducah Tilghman, Graves County, and McCracken County, 3 of the top 4 teams in Region 1. If they could win one of those games, it will be considered a good stretch.

6. Murray – Coach Dior Curtis
2017-18 record: 8-9
Week’s Record: 2-3
Last Week’s Rank: 6
Murray has had some difficulty lately winning games, although they were able to pull out two close games against Fulton Co and Ballard Memorial. Before those two games, Murray lost 6 of 7 in the Holiday tournaments.
Murray is led by Hunter Utley who is averaging 13.4 ppg. They next couple of games will be against UHA, Calloway Co, and St. Mary.

7. Carlisle County – Coach Brian O’Neil
2017-18 record: 7-9
Week’s Record: 1-4
Last Week’s Rank: 7
The Comets are another team in region 1 that struggled through the Holiday tournaments. Carlisle only won 1 game during that span, and then won their last game against Hickman County. They will play two games against Fulton County before playing McCracken Co next.
Carlisle is led by Trey Wilson (16.5) and Michael Thomason (13.6).

8. Calloway County – Coach Brad Cleaver
2016-17 record: 6-10
Week’s Record: 1-5
Last Week’s Rank: 7
Another team that had a terrible holiday run. In fact the Lakers have only won 1 game in their last 9 games. They were able to win 1 game at Fort Walton Beach 62-46, but struggled when they returned to Kentucky, although the games against Marshall County and Todd County Central were close. Jeremy Darnell is the leading scorer at 15.5 ppg and Garrett Scott also contributes 11.1 ppg. Calloway will hope for some wins against Trigg and Murray in the next week.

9. Ballard Memorial – Coach Marla Cooper
2017-18 record: 7-5
Week’s Record: 2-2
Last Week’s Rank: 9
Ballard played some close games during the holidays but were only able to win 2 of them. They defeated Lyon County and St. Mary, while losing to Murray and Crittenden County. The Bombers are no way a contender for region 1, but they are playing competitively against many of the teams in Western Ky. They are led by Bradly Chandler (13 ppg), Dequin Donlow (13.9) and Khalil Griffin (10.1). They will play Mayfield next before winnable games against CCA and St. Mary.

10. Hickman County – Coach Jimmy Long
2017-18 record: 5-10
Week’s Record: 1-2
Last Week’s Rank: 10
Hickman was able to defeat Community Christian handily 78-53 before falling to Carlisle County and Dawson Springs in close games. Dalton Jewell, one of the more prolific scorer in region 1, is averaging nearly 25 ppg. Parker Estes, Deveontae Alexander, and Jackson Midyett all contribute with close to 10 ppg. The Falcons have Fulton County and Fulton City as a warm up to the All “A” Classic.

11. St. Mary – Coach Greg Overstreet
2017-18 record: 4-11
Week’s Record: 1-4
Last Week’s Rank: 13
St. Mary lost all but one of their games during the Holiday tournaments. They were able to defeat Lake County, Tn. They lost to Paducah Tilghman and Ballard Memorial. They play Fulton City, Community Christian, and Fulton Co. They can win all 3 of those games. Hale Sims (16.5) leads scoring for the Vikings, and Gage Mathis adds 11.1.

12. Fulton County – Coach Jamie Madding
2017-18 record: 5-8
Week’s Record: 2-1
Last Week’s Rank: 11
The Pilots played a close game with Murray in double overtime before falling 68-64. They went on to handily defeat Fulton City and Lake county, Tn. They will play Hickman County, St. Mary and Carlisle in preparation for the All “A” Classic. Fulton has 3 players averaging more than 10 points per game, Brandon Walker (18.7), Andreous Smith (18.1), and Caleb Kimble (14.9).

13. Christian Fellowship – Coach Tyler Ryan
2017-18 record: 3-7
Week’s Record: 1-0
Last Week’s Rank: 14

The Eagles have won 3 of their last 4 games dating back before Christmas. The last two wins were close ones against Fulton City. They will play CCA next and then play an Illinois team before facing off against Fulton City again in the All “A” Classic. Brice Etheridge leads Christian Fellowship with 16.6 ppg and Jesse Covey adds 10.4 ppg.

14. Fulton City – Coach Jon Dillard
2017-18 record: 1-11
Week’s Record: 0-2
Last Week’s Rank: 12
The Bulldogs lost 2 games, one to Christian Fellowship and one to Fulton County. They will play St. Mary and Hickman County for the All “A” Classic. Fulton City doesn’t have anyone averaging more than 10 ppg, and that is one of the reasons they are struggling so much this year. Emmett Hathaway and Cameron Madding are leading the way.

15. Community Christian Paducah – Coach Daniel Durrett / Rhet McMullen
2017-18 record: 0-12
Week’s Record: 0-3
Last Week’s Rank: 15

The losing streak continues and stands at 51 games dating back to Jan of 2016. They are 2-104 in their last 106 games. They keep showing up and playing hard. Maybe this week they will get their 1st win of the season.

Player of the Week
Jerome Reed, Paducah Tilghman – 36 points on 12-16 shooting from the field including 2 of 2 from 3. Reed also pulled down 10 rebounds in the big win against Christian County.