15th Region Boys Basketball Preview

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    2017-2018 15th Region Preview

    15th Region Overview (Competitive Balance):
    Top to bottom, the 15th Region may not have the same level of talent and caliber of teams we see in regions like the 7th and 11th, but competitive balance within itself makes for great atmospheres, packed gyms and heated rivalries many places in Kentucky might not experience on a nightly basis. This year's top teams also have cyclical match-up advantages and disadvantages with one another. Let me explain.

    Pikeville (reigning champs who return every player) match up well against Johnson Central with their ability to shoot score and pass from all positions. Johnson Central matches up well against Floyd Central with their press and hectic style of play (Floyd Central being a big, physical team with one primary ball handler). Floyd Central matches up well against Pikeville with the ability to play a controlled style and pound the ball inside. Just using these teams as an example, we can see the cyclical pro's and con's this region will experience in an attempt to personify the aforementioned competitive balance. Furthermore, all three teams went 1-1 against each other in summer competition.

    This balance is not reserved for those ranked at the top either. Shelby Valley, Pike Central, Belfry, and Paintsville have similar edges / hindrance within one another with the ability to knock off those above them on a given night. They could all be very good by the end of the season with talent they have returning.

    As the season progresses, regression to the mean is likely to occur due to the competitive balance we see in a very fun region to watch. Expect the regional champion to come from the top three, but don't be surprised to see any of them get knocked out early by someone below them.

    15th Region Team Rankings (Last Season's Record)
    1. Pikeville (23-9):
    The Panthers are the defending regional champions and lost a whopping zero players from last year's squad. This experience and depth places them firmly at the top and as Ric Flair taught us "To be the man, you gotta....", well you know the rest.

    Senior standout Wyatt Battaile leads the way for Pikeville with the ability to score from well beyond the arc and above the rim. He has a complete game and is the only player in the region to hold a D1 basketball scholarship offer (Mercer).

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    Wyatt Battaile rallies his team in last season's regional championship game. Pikeville trailed by as many as 18 points in the first half. (Photo Credit: Teddy Paynter Medical Leader)

    Battaile is not all the Panthers have within their arsenal. Kyle Watkins, Evan Rhodes and Conner Roberts are solid guards who can go for 20 plus on a given night if the team needs it and Cade Byers is a functional big who can protect the rim, rebound and score (nearly 30 points in the regional title game without missing a shot).

    Players like these help define Pikeville's style. They are very unselfish and don't really care who scores on a given night. They can play fast but are also content to turn their offense over and over if need be. They are extremely difficult to press with their speed, ball handling and decision making. They team rebound. They have a go to closer in the clutch who can get his own shot at any time. In short, they don't beat themselves.

    Pikeville is the clear favorite to repeat after winning their first title since 1999 last season.

    Quick Reference Guide

    Head Coach: Elisha Justice
    Head Coach Career Record: 55-29 (0.6548) (Entering 2nd Season with Pikeville: 4th Overall)
    (32-20 while coaching June Buchanan [2015-2016] and 23-9 while coaching Pikeville [2017-present])
    Enrollment: 368
    Mascot: Panther
    Colors: Maroon and White
    Founded: 1915

    District: 59th
    All Time Record: 1595-1088-1 (0.5943)(Tie occurred in 1916: No overtime rule)
    Regional Titles: (10) 1949, 1950, 1952, 1953, 1955, 1957, 1959, 1974, 1999, 2017

    Record Last 5 Years: Overall (90-67) vs. 15th Region (69-38)
    2016-17 23-9 (Won Region)
    2015-16 17-16 (Lost Regional Quarterfinal)
    2014-15 17-13 (Lost 59th District)
    2013-14 11-18 (Lost 59th District)
    2012-13 22-11 (Lost Regional Semifinal)

    Key Losses: None

    Key Returning: Wyatt Battaile Sr. 6'3'' (20.2 ppg 7.4 rpg) Connor Roberts Jr. 6'0'' (10.0 ppg 2.2 rpg) Kyle Watkins Jr. 6'0'' (7.8 ppg, 1.5 rpg) Cade Byers Sr. 6'4''(6.3 ppg, 3.7 rpg) Evan Rhodes Sr. 6'0'' (7.1 ppg, 2.4 rpg)

    Newcomers to watch: Christian Billiter Jr. 5'11'' (3.3 ppg, 1.8 rpg)

    2. Floyd Central (0-0):
    Last season the 15th Region said goodbye to South Floyd and Allen Central at the high school level. This season they say hello to Floyd County Central! The Jaguars open with a talented and deep roster of physical, big, players. J.R. "Roger" Tackett will run the show at point with one of the leading rebounders in the state and a man amongst boy's strength wise in the post in Brady Conn. At the wings will be sharp shooting lefty Ethan Smith-Mills and slasher Jacob Collins who has sneaky athleticism. Cameron Nelson and Dylan Caudill will provide defense and energy but can also score the ball if game plans focus too much on Tackett and Conn.

    This team is loaded with talent and depth, have thick muscular kids at every position, and like Pikeville have a closer late in the game in J.R. Tackett. We don't have past data to reference what their style of play will emulate and summer ball could have been misleading with Collins missing several games due to an injury. However, we do have enough significant data from Coach Spurlock's career to make valid inferences. Look for Floyd Central to play a controlled style with most games being in the 50-60 point range. Look for them to be disciplined on offense and focus on half-court defense, pressing to force tempo only when needed or for short burst during the game. It will be difficult for any team to out rebound the Jaguars or attack them in the paint. Like Pikeville, Floyd Central will not beat themselves.

    When the post season rolls around and possessions are more limited and subsequently enhanced, Floyd Central will be very difficult to beat with their physicality and what is expected to be disciplined, controlled, style. To put it in perspective, when a Coach Spurlock led team has you down five in the second half, you feel like it's fifteen. The Jaguars could easily find themselves at the top of the rankings for many weeks, but like we quoted in the Pikeville portion "To be the man, you gotta..." Floyd central has the horses to do just that!

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    Kevin Spurlock will lead a talented Floyd Central squad this season. In 13 seasons, Spurlock has won several championships at some of the most storied programs in the mountains to include Clay County, Hazard and Perry Central (Photo Credit:

    Quick Reference Guide

    Head Coach: Kevin Spurlock
    Head Coach Career Record: 247-120 (0.6730) (Entering 1st Season at Floyd Central: 13th Overall)
    (9-18 while coaching Trimble county [2002] 89-32 while coaching Hazard [2003-2006] 80-43 while coaching Clay County [2007-2010] 43-19 while coaching Sheldon Clark [2011-2012] 26-8 while at Perry Central [2013])
    Enrollment: 641
    Mascot: Jaguars
    Colors: Teal, Black and Gold
    Founded: 2017 (Consolidation of Allen Central and South Floyd)

    District: 58th
    All Time Record: 0-0 (0.000)
    Regional Titles: None

    Record Last 5 Years: Overall (0-0) vs. 15th Region (0-0)

    Key Losses: None

    Key Returning: J.R. Tackett Sr. 6'0'' (18.9 ppg, 5.2 rpg - from South Floyd), Jacob Collins Sr. 6'3'' (15.2 ppg 2.5 rpg - from South Floyd), Brady Conn Jr. 6'4'' (15.5 ppg, 12.7 rpg - from South Floyd), Ethan Smith-Mills So. 6'2'' (13.6 ppg, 3.5 rpg - from Allen Central)

    Newcomers to watch: Cameron Nelson Sr. 6'2'' (12.6 ppg, 6.7 rpg - from Allen Central) Dylan Caudill Sr. 6'3'' (10.3 ppg, 6.8 rpg - from Allen Central)

    3. Johnson Central (27-7):
    After losing 31.5 ppg and 21.1 ppg to graduation in the form of Mason Blair and Cole Crace Johnson Central will be down this year and in rebuilding mode. NOPE!

    The Golden Eagles have one of the best coaches in the state in Tommy McKenzie and top to bottom the best young talent in the region. Junior standout Jacob Rice will lead the Golden Eagles from the point guard position. Rice is a soft spoken leader verbally, but his game is deafening in that he can dribble, pass, shoot and play defense. Last season Rice often drew the toughest defensive assignment regardless of what position the opposition was slotted in, having success in that role against bigger older players. Rice is an extremely strong guard with the ability to shoot from distance or create separation in the lane with physical drives. Not only is he strong, but well-conditioned to boot. In most contest, Rice will play the entire game for a team that presses from start to finish.

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    Jacob Rice (right) will lead a very young Johnson Central squad this season that features only one returning senior. Rice is on pace to reach the 1,000 point mark in only his junior season! (Photo Credit: Josh Moore Lexington Herald)

    Rice is not all that Coach McKenzie has at his disposal this season. Isaiah May is one of the highest ranked freshman in the state with the ability to play all five positions when need. May plays above the rim, can shoot from distance, and is not afraid to take the big shot late in the game. At 6'3''with a 6'7'' wing span and extremely large hands, May creates an immense silhouette on the basketball floor that is difficult to account for. This allows him to get shots over defenders when it seems space is not available. May can also fill the stat sheet with his passing, rebounding, and ability to block shots as evident this summer at the KBA state tournament when he averaged 20.1 ppg 7.8 rpg and 4.3 apg against the likes Harlan County, Tates Creek, Pikeville, and West Jessamine respectively (team went 3-1). This kid will make big headlines as his career progresses!

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    Isaiah May is one of the best freshman in the state and will help lead a very young Johnson Central squad this season. Last season May scored more points than any 8th grader in JC history.

    Not only does Johnson Central have Isaiah May in their freshman class but Cory VanHoose, Bryson Hackney, John King and Ryan Sartin-Slone will/could see significant time. All are extremely athletic, strong, mature and can dribble, pass, shoot. To give you an idea of the talent in the freshman class (yes there are more not mentioned), Prestonsburg Middle School (Adams) won the state tournament last season in the eighth grade division. Johnson County's eighth grade went 2-1 against them during the season with three eighth graders playing up at the high school level and not available (May, VanHoose, Sartin-Slone: team rules if you play up you cannot come back down at any point).

    Despite all the young talent, the Golden Eagles have upper classmen that will see ample floor time providing leadership and production as well. Braxton Bentley is a junior that plays extremely hard and is the best on-ball-defender on the team. Gabe Ferral is a sharp shooter with big game experience who can space the floor against zones. Dalton Collins is the only senior who will shatter the charges taken record at the school this season and the ultimate team player. Grant Davis and Evan Adkins will return from football and provide physical play, rebounding, and depth. These juniors and one senior will be relied on heavily throughout the season and could make waves as they also come into their own.

    Collectively this might be Coach McKenzie's most talented roster. He could 12-15 deep on a given night. JC will play fast, looking to make the game hectic on defense with full court press variations and lots of bodies to throw at you. Up tempo is McKenzie's modus operandi and if JC gets rolling they can wear out the oppositions legs quickly. They are ranked third to start this season, but look for them to be firmly at the top in the years to come with a great chance to make it to RUPP this season.

    Quick Reference Guide

    Head Coach: Tommy McKenzie
    Head Coach Career Record: 209-107 (0.6614) (Entering 11th Season at JC)
    Enrollment: 1,077
    Mascot: Golden Eagle
    Colors: Black and Gold
    Founded: 1968 (Consolidation of Flat Gap, Oil Spring, Van Lear, and Meade Memorial)

    District: 57th
    All Time Record: 846-583 (0.5920)
    Regional Titles: (9) 1972, 1975, 1984, 2000, 2006, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015

    Record Last 5 Years: Overall (118-48) vs. 15th Region (80-17)
    2016-17 27-7 (Lost Regional Championship)
    2015-16 20-13 (Lost Regional Championship)
    2014-15 23-10 (Won Region)
    2013-14 26-7 (Won Region / Elite 8)
    2012-13 22-11 (Won Region)

    Key Losses: Mason Blair 6'0'' (31.5 ppg, 5.1 rpg), Cole Crace 6'0'' (21.1 ppg, 7.4 rpg, 4.5 apg) Austin Davis 6'0'' (4.0 ppg, 2.7 rpg), Leon Moshefy Jr. 7'0'' (German Foreign Exchange Student who returned home: 2.4 ppg, 4.7 rpg)

    Key Returning: Jacob Rice Jr. 5'11'' (11.2 ppg 3.1 rpg), Isaiah May Fr. 6'3'' (2.1 ppg, 1.2 rpg), Dalton Collins Sr. 6'3'' (2.3 ppg, 3.2 rpg), Gabe Ferral Jr. 6'3'' (4.0 ppg, 1.7 rpg) Grant Davis Jr. 6'0'' (0.5 ppg, 1.6 rpg)

    Newcomers to watch: Cory VanHoose Fr. 5'11'' (1.4 ppg, 0.6 rpg), Braxton Bentley Jr. 6'1'' (0.6 ppg, 0.4 rpg), Bryson Hackney Fr. 6'2'', John King Fr. 6'1'', Evan Adkins Jr. 6'3'' (Hurt last season), Blake Delong 6'3'' Jr. (1.1 ppg, 1.0 rpg)

    4. Pike County Central (16-15):
    The Pike Central Hawks might be the most talked about team in the 15th Region, but very little has to do with X's and O's. Recently Pike Central received transfers from Christian Mounts and Ramon Mercado. Mounts was one of the best players in the region last year while playing for Phelps (23 ppg 7 rpg). Ramon "Mo Mo" Mercado was recently featured on the "Us Against the World" documentary about Cordia Basketball and hails from New York (very good point guard). Eligibility for both is currently pending. Last season the Hawks received the services of Levard Missick, a long athletic guard who can shoot from the outside and rebounds well (currently eligible).

    Mix in Mercado and Mounts with returning guards Seth Conn and Missick and you have an extremely talented quartet of wing players who can all run the show. This makes it difficult to press Pike Central and provides them with floor spacing. In short, it gives them the ability to match up very well with both Pikeville and Johnson Central, while potentially exploiting the size and physicality of Floyd Central.

    Pike Central runs a variation of the flex offense mixed in with a five-out back cut Princeton style offense. They will press in spots but prefer the half-court game. With all the talent it's hard to ignore the potential Pike Central has if everyone gets eligible. You could see this team rise all the way to the top of the rankings as the second biggest school in the region searches for its first regional title.

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    Seth Conn (right) gives help defense for Pike Central in district competition last season. Conn will carry much of the scoring burden this season for what could be a talented and deep roster. (Photo Credit: All Kentucky Sports)

    Quick Reference Guide

    Head Coach: Ryan Whitaker
    Head Coach Career Record: 44-48 (0.4782) (Entering 2nd season at PCC: 4th Overall)
    (28-33 while coaching Powell County [2015-2016] 16-15 while coaching Pike Central [2017-present])
    Enrollment: 697
    Mascot: Hawk
    Colors: Blue and Orange
    Founded: 1993 (Consolidation of Johns Creek and Mullins)

    District: 60th
    All Time Record: 347-343 (0.5029)
    Regional Titles: None

    Record Last 5 Years: Overall (74-76) vs. 15th Region (50-46)
    2016-17 16-15 (Lost 60th District)
    2015-16 12-19 (Lost 60th District)
    2014-15 17-14 (Lost Regional Semifinal)
    2013-14 15-11 (Lost Regional Quarterfinal)
    2012-13 14-17 (Lost Regional Quarterfinal)

    Key Losses:
    Ryan Eads 6'4'' (14.5 ppg 10.0 rpg), Blake Wallace 6'3'' (13.9 ppg, 10.7 rpg)

    Key Returning: Seth Conn Sr. 6'0'' (13.2 ppg, 4.4 rpg), Levard Missick Jr. 6'4'' (6.6 ppg, 7.0 rpg)

    Newcomers to watch: Christian Mounts Sr. 6'1" (23.6 ppg, 7.7 rpg - recently transferred to Pike Central - eligibility pending), Ramon Mercado Sr. 6'0'' (8.2 ppg, 3.8 rpg transferred from Cordia - eligibility pending)

    5. Shelby Valley (16-15):
    Jim Hicks has a young and talented squad led by sophomore standout and three-point shooting specialist Cody Potter. Like Pikeville, Shelby Valley lost no players to graduation last season and still only have two seniors who figure to play significant roles. Valley is very deep, going nine to ten players when needed, can press and handle the press, and have a go to player in Potter who can get his shot off against anyone (one of the state leaders in 3FG made and 3FG percentage last season as only a freshman).

    It will be very difficult to defend Valley for a full 32 minutes with their ball movement and controlled half court style. It will also be very difficult to speed them up with all the ball handlers on the floor. This is a balanced team with few weaknesses. Where they might struggle is low-post offense. The Wildcats get plenty of basket cuts and have shooters to knock down open jumpers, but they will need to develop a post offensive game that can give them six to ten back-to-the-basket points per contest come tournament time. Nonetheless, this will be a scary team to play all season long as they have the ability to knock off anyone on a given night. They could climb the rankings soon and if they do, don't expect them to leave.

    Name:  SPORTS valley and paintsville.jpg
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    Shelby Valley's Seth Johnson works out of a trap last season versus Paintsville. Johnson is one of many talented players Head Coach Jim Hicks has at his disposal this season. (Photo Credit: Teddy Paynter Medical Leader)

    Quick Reference Guide

    Head Coach: Jim Hicks
    Head Coach Career Record: 247-179 (0.5798) (Entering 5th Season at SV: 17th Overall)
    (12-13 while coaching Owsley County [2002] 63-50 while coaching Greenup County [2003-2007] 53-23 while coaching Bath County [2008-2010] 48-42 while coaching Grant County [2011-2013] and 71-51 while coaching Shelby Valley [2014-present]).
    Enrollment: 564
    Mascot: Wildcat
    Colors: Blue and White
    Founded: 1990 (Consolidation of Dorton and Virgie)

    District: 59th
    All Time Record: 547-260 (0.6778)
    Regional Titles: (7) 2002, 2003, 2005, 2007, 2009, 2010 (State Title), 2011

    Record Last 5 Years: Overall (85-64) vs. 15th Region (52-41)
    2016-17 16-15 (Lost Regional Quarterfinal)
    2015-16 17-12 (Lost 59th District)
    2014-15 18-13 (Lost Regional Quarterfinal)
    2013-14 20-10 (Lost Regional Championship)
    2012-13 14-14 (Lost 59th District)

    Key Losses: None

    Key Returning: Cody Potter So. 6'6'' (17.2 ppg, 5.8 rpg), Blake Burke Sr. 6'0'' (10.8 ppg, 3.9 rpg), Tanner Bentley Sr. 6'0'' (7.8 ppg, 3.5 rpg)

    Newcomers to watch: Cameron Worrix Jr. 5'11'' (4.6 ppg, 1.3 rpg)

    6. Belfry (14-18):
    The Pirates might have their most complete roster in the Mark Thompson era. They have size and physical play down low in Ryan Jessie, solid wing play in Koleston Blankenship and great shooting and scoring in Isiah Roblee (school's all-time leader in made 3FG in a season and career). Belfry is a scary team that on paper should be ranked a few spots higher but have yet to prove themselves on the hardwood. They will play fast and hard showing the occasional press. They will be tough to outrebound and extremely good on defense in the half court. Look for them to jump up the rankings fast if they play to their potential.

    Belfry will be a factor in the region this year after showing steady improvement over the last three. Once their kids get into basketball shape (looking for them to do deep into the football playoffs) the 60th district will come down to the Pirates and the Hawks. Should be an exciting season on Pond Creek this year.

    Quick Reference Guide

    Head Coach: Mark Thompson
    Head Coach Career Record: 62-114 (0.3523) (Entering 5th season at Belfry: 7th Overall)
    (22-39 while coaching Pike Central [2008- 2009] and 40-75 while coaching Belfry [2014- present])
    Enrollment: 640
    Mascot: Pirate
    Colors: Red and White
    Founded: 1930

    District: 60th
    All Time Record: 1326-1067 (0.5541)
    Regional Titles: (3) 1990, 1991, 1992

    Record Last 5 Years: Overall (54-85) vs. 15th Region (35-50)
    2016-17 14-18 (Lost Regional Quarterfinal)
    2015-16 12-18 (Lost Regional Quarterfinal)
    2014-15 6-20 (Lost 60th District)
    2013-14 8-19 (Lost Regional Quarterfinal)
    2012-13 14-10 (Lost Regional Quarterfinal)

    Key Losses: Austin Woolum 5'10'' (6.9 ppg 1.3 rpg), Cameron Catron 5'10'' (9.7 ppg, 3.2 rpg)

    Key Returning: Koleston Blankenship Sr. 6'1'' (10.6 ppg, 5.4 rpg), Isiah Roblee Sr. 6'0'' (14.3 ppg, 2.9 rpg) Ryan Jessie Sr. 6'4'' (5.0 ppg, 3.3 rpg)

    Newcomers to watch: Devin Varney Sr. 6'2'' (7.0 ppg, 3.0 rpg)

    7. Paintsville (8-20):
    Head Coach Landon Slone enters his second season after replacing legendary Coach Bill Mike Runyon. Slone opened last season strong at 3-1 and then 4-3 before dropping 17 of his final 21 games with a young roster. Don't expect the same result this season. Paintsville picked up tons of young talent as many of the Prestonsburg Middle School State Championship team enrolled during the Spring last year. Mix this with four returning starters to include Mason Moore and Seth Williams and the Tigers are primed for a great season.

    The only area Paintsville might struggle with is post scoring and defense. They have plenty of guards and wing players, but no real size to contend with bigger players in the region. You will see Coach Slone counter this lack of size with a hectic and physical full court style of play. Expect to see 2-2-1 press both in the full court, three quarter court, and half court. You will also see a 1-2-1-1 press on occasion after made free-throws. Twins James and Chris Allen excel in this kind of game with their physical play from the guard position. If Paintsville can score enough points from their defensive pressure they could make some noise come post season play.

    Currently the Tigers have the longest regional tournament appearance drought of any 15th Region team outside Piarist (never defeated any 15th Region opponent in twenty plus years) and Jenkins (first year in the 15th Region). The Tigers have been defeated in the district tournament every year since 2008 and in that span every other team has made at least one regional tournament appearance outside the aforementioned two. This should change this campaign as Paintsville is expected to be well above .500.

    Quick Reference Guide

    Head Coach: Landon Slone
    Head Coach Career Record: 8-20 (0.2857) (Entering 2nd Season as a Head Coach)
    Enrollment: 228
    Mascot: Tiger
    Colors: Blue and White
    Founded: 1921

    District: 57th
    All Time Record: 1448-1119-2 (0.5636)(Ties in 1945 - Overtime elected not to be played in games)
    Regional Titles: (9) 1933, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1995, 1996 (State Title), 1997, 1998, 2008

    Record Last 5 Years: Overall (58-71) vs. 15th Region (40-47)
    2016-17 8-20 (Lost 57th District)
    2015-16 8-17 (Lost 57th District)
    2014-15 15-10 (Lost 57th District)
    2013-14 10-14 (Lost 57th District)
    2012-13 17-10 (Lost 57th District)

    Key Losses: Trent Vanover 6'3'' (3.5 ppg, 2.6 rpg)

    Key Returning: Seth Williams So. 5'10'' (16.2 ppg, 3.6rpg) Mason Moore (16.2 ppg, 3.0 rpg)

    Newcomers to watch: Jaxson Watts Fr. 6'0''

    8. Magoffin County (18-12):
    Many suspect Magoffin County will down after the loss of Trenton Russell, Jaren Lovely and Dalton Peters and rightfully so as all were a few of the best in school history. But what knocks first year boys Head Coach Scott Castle down to number eight this season is the loss of Ryan Mullins. One of the hardest playing and athletic kids in the region, Mullins went down early in the football season with an ACL injury and has already had surgery (possibly lost for entire basketball season).

    Magoffin County did see junior Brady Whitaker return to the team after not playing last season and a plethora of kids come out to play that previously did not (mostly upperclassmen). They looked better than expected in summer ball with an up-tempo, pressing style of play. This team will compete for 2/3 in the 57th district and could be the surprise of the region when teams see them play.

    Quick Reference Guide

    Head Coach: James Scott Castle
    Head Coach Career Record: 70-42 (0.6250) (All as Magoffin County Girls HC [2013-2016]) (Entering 1st Season as Boys Head Coach; 5th Overall)
    Enrollment: 635
    Mascot: Hornet
    Colors: Maroon and White
    Founded: 1976 (Consolidation of Salyersville to later include Royalton and Magoffin Co. Baptist Institute)

    District: 57th
    All Time Record: 528-608 (0.4648)
    Regional Titles: None

    Record Last 5 Years: Overall (75-67) vs. 15th Region (56-42)
    2016-17 18-12 (Lost Regional Quarterfinal)
    2015-16 22-9 (Lost Regional Semifinal)
    2014-15 9-18 (Lost 57th District)
    2013-14 15-13 (Lost 57th District)
    2012-13 11-15 (Lost 57th District)

    Key Losses: Trenton Russell 6'3'' (23.6 ppg 7.2 rpg), Jaren Lovely 6'0'' (19.9 ppg 5.4 rpg) Dalton Peters 6'4'' (4.2 ppg, 6.5 rpg), Ryan Mullins Sr. 6'4'' (8.8 ppg, 8.4 rpg - knee injury during football season - could miss entire season after having surgery early in Fall)

    Key Returning: Brady Whitaker Jr. 5'10'' (DNP last season), Dylan Arnett Sr. 6'1'' (4.8 ppg, 2.2 rpg)

    Newcomers to watch: Isaiah Salyer Fr. 5'10'' (1.3 ppg, 0.3 rpg) Nolan Arnett Sr. 6'0'' (1.9 ppg, 2.0 rpg)

    9. Sheldon Clark (19-12):
    Sheldon Clark lost their entire starting five from last season to include two key reserves. Head Coach Jason James will be young, but have the most dominate defensive force in the region in Trey James. The 6۪10۪۪ freshman has great timing and is a physical force in the middle with the ability to score up to fifteen feet. By the end of his career, the true big man will challenge the state record for blocks in a career and most likely put up multiple triple doubles this season. He currently holds a lot of Division I interest and is one of the highest rated players in the class of 2021.

    Aiding James will be eighth grader Brady Dingess. The up and coming point guard can score if left alone and shoots a high percentage from the field on uncontested shots. He will be the primary ball handler for the Cardinals this season and the team will run through his ability to handle pressure and distribute the ball. Austin Horn will provide spot shooting and floor spacing, but outside those three, Sheldon Clark has few options. Look for James and Dingess to put up big numbers this season and the Cardinals develop depth in their program. If they can keep the score low, this team will have a chance to win a lot of ball games due to James defensive abilities in the paint.

    Quick Reference Guide

    Head Coach: Jason James
    Head Coach Career Record: 28-34 (0.4516) (Entering 3rd Season at Sheldon Clark)
    Enrollment: 563
    Mascot: Cardinal
    Colors: Red, White, and Columbia Blue
    Founded: 1973 (Consolidation of Inez and Warfield)

    District: 57th
    All Time Record: 630-624 (0.5024)
    Regional Titles: (1) 1983

    Record Last 5 Years: Overall (91-58) vs. 15th Region (60-34)
    2016-17 19-12 (Lost 57th District)
    2015-16 9-22 (Lost 57th District)
    2014-15 23-6 (Lost Regional Semifinal)
    2013-14 19-7 (Lost 57th District)
    2012-13 21-11 (Lost Regional Championship)

    Key Losses: Dave Cantrell 6'4'' (11.4 ppg, 6.8 rpg) Bradley Dalton 6'3'' (14.6 ppg 2.3 rpg) Dylan James 6'4'' (20.0 ppg 9.5 rpg) Shawn Moore 6'2'' (12.8 ppg, 6.1 rpg) Ethan Osborne 6'2'' (5.6 ppg, 4.5 rpg)

    Key Returning: Trey James 6'10'' Fr. (2.6 ppg, 5.0 rpg) Brady Dingess 5'10'' 8th (2.8 ppg, 0.8 rpg)

    Newcomers to watch: Austin Horn 6'0'' Sr. (1.4 ppg, 0.5 rpg)

    10. Lawrence County (22-12):
    The transfer of eighth grader Jared Wellman (Clark County) and loss of nation's leading scorer Timmy Dalton will hurt the Bulldogs this season. They are young but got plenty of experience last season. Seniors Alex Gilliam and Trey Dotson will anchor a guard oriented team and lead them in scoring this season. They are slight favorites to come out of the 58th district (main competition being Prestonsburg). Coach York will have them pressing in spots, but primarily playing a half-court game. This team will improve as the season progresses and should be in the regional tournament.

    Quick Reference Guide

    Head Coach: Travis York
    Head Coach Career Record: 70-30 (0.7000) (Entering 4th Year at LC)
    (Head Coach at Miami University - Hamilton before coming to LC)
    Enrollment: 734
    Mascot: Bulldog
    Colors: Red and Black
    Founded: 1977 (From Louisa High School)

    District: 58th
    All Time Record: 475-618 (0.4346)
    Regional Titles: 2016

    Record Last 5 Years: Overall (111-52) vs. 15th Region (62-26)
    2016-17 22-12 (Lost Regional Semifinal)
    2015-16 29-5 (Won Region)
    2014-15 19-13 (Lost Regional Championship)
    2013-14 21-11 (Lost Regional Semifinal)
    2012-13 20-11 (Lost 57th District)

    Key Losses: Timmy Dalton 6'3'' (37.4 ppg, 10.9 rpg), Jared Wellman Fr. 6'2'' (15.2 ppg, 5.3 rpg - transferred to George Rogers Clark)

    Key Returning: Alex Gilliam Sr. 5'10'' (5.1 ppg, 2.5 rpg), Trey Dotson Sr. 5'11'' (8.6 ppg, 2.3 rpg)

    Newcomers to watch: Tyler Maynard So. 6'2'' (6.6 ppg, 4.8 rpg)

    11. Prestonsburg (7-24):
    The Blackcats welcome new Head Coach Brandon Gearheart from the girl's program this season. Prestonsburg is a guard heavy team that relies on the perimeter shot for most of their scoring. Drake Nunnery and Austin Endicott will lead their back court and provide most of the offensive production. It might be a few years before they can compete with the top in the region, but they have mature guards who can dribble, pass and shoot, thus keeping them in games. They will win a few most don't expect them to be in and could get out of a redesigned 58th district along with Floyd Central (It will be a battle with Lawrence County). Like a few others in the region, this team is fun to watch.

    Quick Reference Guide

    Head Coach: Brandon Gearheart
    Head Coach Career Record: 41-81 (0.3361) (All as Prestonsburg Girls HC [2014-2017]) (Entering 1st Season as Boys Head Coach; 5th Overall)
    Enrollment: 532
    Mascot: Black Cat
    Colors: Red, White and Black
    Founded: 1930

    District: 58th
    All Time Record: 1133-1318 (0.4623)
    Regional Titles: (1) 1989

    Record Last 5 Years: Overall (49-91) vs. 15th Region (38-73)
    2016-17 7-24 (Lost 58th District)
    2015-16 7-22 (Lost 58th District)
    2014-15 6-16 (Lost 58th District)
    2013-14 15-18 (Lost Regional Semifinal)
    2012-13 14-19 (Lost Regional Quarterfinal)

    Key Losses: Wesley Hager 6'0'' (8.1 ppg 2.7 rpg)

    Key Returning: Drake Nunnery Sr. 6'0'' (9.4 ppg, 4.9 rpg) Austin Endicott Jr. 6'0'' (11.4 ppg, 1.9 rpg)

    Newcomers to watch: Chandler Nelson Sr. 5'11'' (8.2 ppg, 4.9 rpg)

    12. East Ridge (19-11):
    Legendary Head Coach Randy McCoy has been battling some recent health issues and coming off major neck surgery looks to be ready to go for his 29th overall year season. After losing numerous seniors, McCoy will be in full rebuild mode this year with some very young talent. East Ridge will play the most controlled system in the region with deliberate offense and toe-the-line defense. It is difficult to speed up a Randy McCoy led team as he will look for Cameron Hess and Jacob Chaffins to come into their own as team leaders.

    East Ridge will get better and better as the season progresses and could move up the rankings in the weeks to come. This will not be their year, but the foundation for future success should be laid in what could be a future run to Rupp Arena. Having said that, don't be surprised to see McCoy shock the 15th and make it to the regional tournament come Spring.

    Quick Reference Guide

    Head Coach: Randy McCoy
    Head Coach Career Record: (541-303)(0.6409) (Entering 6th season at ER: 29th overall)
    (222-109 while coaching Elkhorn City [1989-1999], 140-79 while coaching Pikeville College [2000-2007], 91-54 while coaching University Heights [2008-2012] and 88-61 while coaching East Ridge [2013-present]). Coach McCoy holds a career high school record of 401-224 and a college record of 140-79.
    Enrollment: 493
    Mascot: Warrior
    Colors: White and Navy Blue
    Founded: 2002 (Consolidation of Elkhorn City, Feds Creek, and Millard)

    District: 59th
    All Time Record: 246-181 (0.5761)
    Regional Titles: (1) 2004

    Record Last 5 Years: Overall (88-61) vs. 15th Region (61-46)
    2016-17 19-11 (Lost 59th District)
    2015-16 22-12 (Lost Regional Semifinal)
    2014-15 15-12 (Lost Regional Quarterfinal)
    2013-14 16-11 (Lost Regional Quarterfinal)
    2012-13 16-15 (Lost Regional Semifinal)

    Key Losses: Michael Conn 6'0'' (11.2 ppg 4.3 rpg) Dawson Clark 6'5'' (10.3 ppg, 4.3 rpg) Matt Miller 6'3'' (9.7 ppg, 4.7 rpg) Chris Bevins 5'10'' (8.3 ppg, 2.6 rpg) Justin Potter 6'0'' (9.0 ppg, 4.2 rpg)

    Key Returning: Jacob Chafins Sr. 6'2'' (1.7 ppg, 2.7 rpg)

    Newcomers to watch: Cameron Hess So. 6'2'' (3.0 ppg, 1.0 rpg)

    13. Phelps (14-17):
    Believe it or not, Phelps actually has quite a bit of athletic talent in its community on a year to year basis. Why that talent leaves for other programs is another debate for another day, but once again hurt the Hornets going into the season as it always seems to do. Phelps lost one of the best players in region and state in Christian Mounts when he enrolled at Pike Central early in the Fall (eligibility pending). They will still have Trey Francis and Dezmon Roblee but with talent leaving year after year it makes it tough for the Hornets to compete. Had everyone stayed from ninth grade on (they have lost kids every season) this might have been the best team in the district and one of the best teams in the region this year. Nonetheless the Hornets are ranked near the bottom of the region as we get set to open the year.

    Quick Reference Guide

    Head Coach: Brody Justice
    Head Coach Career Record: 20-41 (0.3279) (Entering 3rd Season at Phelps)
    Enrollment: 217
    Mascot: Hornet
    Colors: Blue, White and Gray
    Founded: 1932

    District: 60th
    All Time Record: 945-1315 (0.4181)
    Regional Titles: (1) 1988

    Record Last 5 Years: Overall (41-105) vs. 15th Region (15-75)
    2016-17 14-17 (Lost 60th District)
    2015-16 6-24 (Lost 60th District)
    2014-15 8-19 (Lost 60th District)
    2013-14 5-24 (Lost 60th District)
    2012-13 8-21 (Lost 60th District)

    Key Losses: Brandon Norman 6'2'' (8.8 ppg, 8.2 rpg), Christian Mounts Sr. 6'1" (23.6 ppg, 7.7 rpg - recently transferred to Pike Central - eligibility pending)

    Key Returning: Trey Francis So. 5'11'' (9.1 ppg, 5.9 rpg)

    Newcomers to watch: Dezmon Roblee So. 5'11'' (6.3 ppg, 2.6 rpg)

    14. Betsy Layne (7-23):
    Gary Keathley is entering his fourth season with the Bobcats and should be improved from last season. Betsy Layne is still young but have two athletic big's that play very hard (Hammond and Orsborn). They are a scrappy bunch who play a half-court game based on the flex offense with lots of slip cuts and elbow-to-elbow and box-to-box screens. They will be competitive in a redesigned 58th district and could climb the rankings as the season progresses. It will be a battle between Betsy Layne, Lawrence County and Prestonsburg for a spot in the 15th Region Tournament.

    Quick Reference Guide

    Head Coach: Gary Keathley
    Head Coach Career Record: 40-50 (0.4444) (Entering his 4th Season with BL)
    Enrollment: 422
    Mascot: Bobcat
    Colors: Blue and White
    Founded: 1929

    District: 58th
    All Time Record: 1550-1143 (0.5756)
    Regional Titles: (2) 1976, 1980

    Record Last 5 Years: Overall (85-66) vs. 15th Region (60-40)
    2016-17 7-23 (Lost 58th District)
    2015-16 12-19 (Lost 58th District)
    2014-15 21-8 (Lost 58th District)
    2013-14 26-6 (Lost Regional Quarterfinal)
    2012-13 19-10 (Lost Regional Quarterfinal)

    Key Losses: Jordan Kendrick 6'2'' (8.8 ppg, 5.6 rpg)

    Key Returning: Grant Orsborn Jr. 6'3'' (12.9 ppg, 3.0 rpg), Byron Hammond Jr. 6'3'' (7.4 ppg, 5.6 rpg)

    Newcomers to watch: Zach Bentley Jr. 5'11'' (3.2 ppg, 0.7 rpg)

    15. Jenkins (5-26):
    The Cavaliers enter the 15th Region for the first time in school history. They are leaving a five team district in the 14th in an attempt to create competitive balance across the state. Jenkins plays in the 59th district this season and will face tough competition in likes of East Ridge, Shelby Valley and Pikeville. This team is extremely young but easy to pull for. They could move up in the rankings in the next few years, but for now they will have to prove themselves in uncharted territory.

    Quick Reference Guide

    Head Coach: Corey Hairston
    Head Coach Career Record: 6-55 (0.0987) (Entering 3rd Season at Jenkins)
    Enrollment: 155
    Mascot: Cavaliers
    Colors: Kelly Green and White
    Founded: 1921

    District: 59th
    All Time Record: 1105-1338 (0.4523)
    Regional Titles: None

    Record Last 5 Years: Overall (28-117) vs. 15th Region (7-32)
    2016-17 5-26 (Lost 53rd District)
    2015-16 1-29 (Lost 53rd District)
    2014-15 6-19 (Lost 53rd District)
    2013-14 4-24 (Lost 53rd District)
    2012-13 12-19 (Lost 53rd District)

    Key Losses: Coty Wright 6'2'' (12.3 ppg, 3.5 rpg)

    Key Returning: Hayden Fleming So. 5'11'' (5.1 ppg, 1.2 rpg)

    Newcomers to watch: Ethan Cummings Jr. 6'1'' (5.0 ppg, 3.1 rpg)

    16. Piarist (1-28):
    Piarist picked up its first win in two seasons when they defeated Riverside Christian last season. This was followed up with a controversial forfeit in the district tournament as the team elected to go on as skiing trip rather than play. The Knights will hopefully pick up a win or two in the Christian league as basketball is more of an extracurricular activity than a sport at the school. Piarist is a high academic school the focuses on GPA more than PPG.

    16. Piarist

    Head Coach: Kevin Tackett
    Head Coach Career Record: 20-108 (0.1563) (Entering 7th season as a head coach of Piarist [2011-2015] [2017-present])
    Enrollment: 42
    Mascot: Knight
    Colors: Blue and Gold
    Founded: 1998
    District: 60th
    All Time Record: 38-345 (0.0992)
    Regional Titles: None

    Record Last 5 Years: Overall (13-108) vs. 15th Region (0-67)
    2016-17 1-28 (Forfeit 59th District)
    2015-16 0-25 (Lost 59th District)
    2014-15 5-15 (Lost 59th District)
    2013-14 3-19 (Lost 58th District)
    2012-13 4-21 (Lost 58th District)

    Key Losses: None

    Key Returning: Skylar Williams Sr. 6'1'' (12.5 ppg, 4.6 rpg)

    Newcomers to watch: Kyle Price So. 5'11'' (5.2 ppg, 1.3 rpg)

    15th Region Player Rankings:
    1. Wyatt Battaile (Pikeville) 6'3'' Senior (SF)
    Pikeville will be led by multi-sport star Wyatt Battaile again this season on the hardwood. The versatile wing can play inside or out, rebounds and defends well, and can shoot the triple with accuracy. The top senior in the region has already received a D1 basketball offer to Mercer to go along with his football opportunities as he also plays QB for the Panthers. Battaile can play above the rim and guard any position on the floor. Look for new Pikeville Head Coach Elisah Justice to rely heavily on Battaile throughout the season as he is expected to have a very big year.

    Name:  wyatt.jpg
Views: 724
Size:  88.9 KB
    Wyatt Battaile is the top player in the 15th Region and holds multiple basketball and football offers to include a D1 scholarship to Mercer. (Photo Credit: Teddy Paynter Medical Leader)

    2. J.R. Tackett (Floyd Central) 6'0'' Senior (PG)
    As The Floyd Central Jaguars take to the hardwood for the first time in school history they will be led by former South Floyd point guard J.R. Tackett. With excellent decision making and mid-range shooting ability, Tackett is one of the best screen and roll guards the region has seen in the past ten seasons. Using on-ball-screens, he can pull up from fifteen feet and beyond with accuracy, hesitate and get by his man, or hit the roll man for a pick-and-pop, slip, or flare cut. Not only can Tackett use the screen very well, but he is also excellent on the defensive end in both on-ball coverage and help side rotations. Late in the game there is no doubt that Tackett will have the ball in his hands and will make the right decision to help his team win.

    Name:  JR.jpg
Views: 726
Size:  65.3 KB
    J.R. Tackett blows by a defender in the All-A Classic last season for South Floyd. Tackett will led Floyd Central in the first year of existence. (Photo Credit: Teddy Paynter Medical Leader)

    3. Jacob Rice (Johnson Central) 5'11'' Junior (PG)
    Quite possibly the most underrated player in the region is Jacob Rice from Johnson Central. The top junior in the 15th is already a three-year starter and has been a varsity player since his eighth grade season. Rice had five twenty point games last season with limited shots on a 27-7 squad while averaging nearly 32 minutes a game. Needless to say he ran the show for Coach McKenzie. This year look for Rice's scoring production to increase. He can shoot from anywhere on the floor and is deceptively strong going to the basket with the ability to finish through contact. He won't jump over you, but is athletic enough to get his shot off against almost any defender. Outside of the offensive production, Rice's strongest asset may be his defensive. Last season Rice was asked to guard the best player each and every night regardless if that player was in the post or on the perimeter. His physical strength allows him to get leverage on bigger players and move them out of the post, while his foot speed and reflexes allows him to stay with perimeter players. Despite being under six feet tall, Rice is versatile enough to be a defensive wild card on a team that likes to play a controlled chaos style. This should be a big year for Rice as he will be the focal point of a program that has been to six straight regional championship games.

    Name:  rice2.jpg
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Size:  159.5 KB
    The top rated junior in the region, Jacob Rice crosses over a defender his freshman year in the first round of the district tournament. Rice has started every game since ninth grade, averaging nearly 32 minutes a game. (Photo Credit: Ashland Daily Independent)

    4. Christian Mounts (Pike Central) 6'3'' Senior (G)
    Formyl of Phelps High School, Christian Mounts transferred late in the Fall to Pike Central (eligibility pending). Mounts is a great leaper from the guard position who can drive past defenders, elevating over them to create space. With range to twenty-five feet, Mounts has a complete offensive game, evident by the fact he is approaching 2,000 career points. If he gets eligible for Pike Central this could be a game changing addition for the Hawks. Mounts is fun to watch when he gets it going!

    Name:  mounts.jpg
Views: 728
Size:  46.2 KB
    Christian Mounts (left) is the leading returning scorer in the 15th Region. His high flying dunks and fade away's always give Phelps a chance. (Photo Credit: Teddy Paynter Medical Leader)

    5. Brady Conn (Floyd Central) 6'5'' Junior (PF)
    The big man in the middle for Floyd Central is one of the state's leading rebounders. Brady Conn has a chance to eclipse 2,000 rebounds before his career is over (still a junior) and with his physical play will be a force in the region. Conn has sneaky athleticism with the ability to slam the ball home on a drop step, but also has a nice shooting touch as you will see a few pick-and-pop actions that get him open for 3FG attempts. Conn is extremely strong and likes the rough play the post position offers. Look for his offensive production to increase this season with the one-two punch of himself and J.R. Tackett on the inside and outside respectively.

    Name:  conn.jpg
Views: 704
Size:  133.7 KB
    Brady Conn will be a force in the middle for newly founded Floyd Central High School. Conn has been in the top three in rebounding in the state the past two seasons! (Photo Credit: Floyd County Schools HOME - Floyd County Schools)

    6. Cody Potter (Shelby Valley) 6'6'' Sophomore (SF)
    The top sophomore in the region is Shelby Valley's Cody Potter. Potter is long, athletic, and has great shooting touch well beyond the three-point arc. With his length he can play above the rim and block shots when no one seems to expect it. Potter is expected to carry a young and talented roster this season for Head Coach Jim Hicks and you could see him put up a few triple doubles with his unique skill set. When he gets it going, it fun to watch as last season Potter was one of the state's leaders in made 3FG's while shooting a high percentage. Needless to say, Shelby Valley will go as far as Potter takes them and he is capable of some big time performances.

    Name:  potter.jpg
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Size:  198.9 KB
    Cody Potter is one of the state's leading 3FG shooter's. The top sophomore in the region will be relied on heavily by a young squad. (Photo Credit: Teddy Paynter Medical Leader)

    7. Ryan Mullins (Magoffin County) 6'3'' Senior (PF)
    Ryan Mullins of Magoffin County epitomizes toughness. One of the most underrated players in the region for his entire career, Mullins is strong, extremely athletic, and never quits. The three sport star is the best football player, basketball player and baseball player at Magoffin County this season and will look to see the Hornets through a rebuild on the hardwood after the loss of Trenton Russell and Jaren Lovely. Mullins is known for playing through injury and fatigue throughout his career and never wants to come out of the game. He blocks shots, rebounds, and gets the toughest defensive assignment each and every night. Early in the football season, Mullins suffered a knee injury, but could return late in the season following surgery in the early Fall. If he does return it might be enough to get the Hornets out of the 57th district and back in the regional tournament.

    Name:  mullins.jpg
Views: 669
Size:  22.8 KB
    Ryan Mullins slams the door on Sheldon Clark in last season's district tournament. The multisport star could return from injury late in the season and be a game changer for Magoffin County (Photo Credit: Steve Lemaster Salyersville Independent)

    8. Isaiah May (Johnson Central) 6'3'' Freshman (W)
    The top ranked freshman in the region is also one of the top ranked players in the class of 2021 in the state of Kentucky. Standing at 6'3'' with a 6'7'' wing span, Isaiah May has a complete game. He can handle the ball at the point guard position, score from the post position, and defend every spot on the floor. May has the ability to go by defenders and dunk at only fifteen years old, but also possesses a skill set that gives him range well beyond the three-point line. When teams go zone May will also find himself in the mid to high post where he is deadly on the fifteen-foot jump shot. He is very young, but this kid has a mature game. If May continues to develop he will make huge headlines across the state throughout his career. May has a chance to become the first player in school history to lead the team in scoring as a freshman after seeing big game minutes last year as an eighth grader.

    Name:  may.jpg
Views: 706
Size:  55.7 KB
    Isaiah May from Johnson Central has a game that was built in a lab. He can do it all on the basketball floor at a very young age and will help lead a young and extremely talented Johnson Central squad this season. May began dunking at basketball at in seventh grade at the age of 13 (Photo from last season early in his 8th grade year).

    9. Trey James (Sheldon Clark) 6'10'' Freshman (C)
    Trey James of Sheldon Clark is the biggest player and in the region and still very young. He is on pace to set the state record for most blocks in a career (J.R. VanHoose €“ 1998) and is a triple double machine with his rebounding and scoring. Standing nearly seven feet tall, James is the most dynamic defensive player in the region, giving his team the ability to gamble on the perimeter as he protects the paint. He is also one of the top ranked players in the class of 2021 across the state and is already getting attention from plenty of D1 programs. If the Cards can find a way to get him the ball in the mid to low post, James has the ability to dunk through contact and even hit the face up jump shot fifteen feet and in. James plays the game hard and takes no plays off. His ability to run the floor generates mismatches and easy baskets for his team. With his size and wing span, James can change a game without scoring the basketball. He will keep Sheldon Clark in a lot of games this season.

    Name:  tjames.jpg
Views: 671
Size:  66.3 KB
    Freshman big man Trey James goes up for a dunk in his 8th grade season. He is the most dynamic defensive force in the region. (Photo Credit: Teddy Paynter Medical Leader)

    10. Evan Rhodes (Pikeville) 6'0'' Senior (G)
    The heart and soul of the Pikeville Panthers rest with Evan Rhodes. He is a do
    -it-all guard who can shoot from deep, dribble, rebound, pass, and defend. Rhodes often gets over shadowed by the great play from Wyatt Battaile, but make no mistake, he is a player in his own right. You will never see Rhodes force a bad shot or make a bad turnover. He plays with intensity and passion and generates driving lanes by spacing the floor on the perimeter. He also has the ability to attack the basket with his leaping ability and strength. Yet again, Rhodes will be a major contributor on a team that returned every single player.

    Name:  rhodes.jpg
Views: 709
Size:  140.3 KB
    Evan Rhodes leading the Pikeville Panthers comeback during last year's regional championship game. (Photo Credit: Josh Ball Daily Independent)

    Players just outside the top 10 (in no particular order):
    Mason Moore (Paintsville), Dalton Collins (Johnson Central), Seth Williams (Paintsville), Brady Dingess (Sheldon Clark), Brady Whitaker (Magoffin County), Cameron Nelson (Floyd Central), Koleston Blankenship (Belfry) Isiah Roblee (Belfry), Ethan Smith-Mills (Floyd Central), Kyle Watkins (Pikeville), Cade Byers (Pikeville), Jacob Collins (Floyd Central), Ryan Jessie (Belfry), Seth Conn (Pike Central), Ramon Mercado (Pike Central), Levard Missick (Pike Central), Trey Dotson (Lawrence County), Drake Nunnery (Prestonsburg), Grant Orsborn (Betsy Layne), Blake Burke (Shelby Valley)

    Listed below is the break-down of the 15th Region by District with Preseason Predictions based on past performance:
    57th District (last years record):
    Johnson Central (27-7)
    Sheldon Clark (19-12)
    Magoffin County (18-12)
    Paintsville (8-20)

    Projected Winner: Johnson Central
    Projected Runner-up: Paintsville
    *2018 57th District Tournament is Scheduled to be played at Johnson Central

    58th District (last years record):
    Betsy Layne (7-23)
    Prestonsburg (7-24)
    Floyd Central (0-0)
    Lawrence County (22-12)

    Projected Winner: Floyd Central
    Projected Runner-up: Lawrence County
    *2018 58th District Tournament is Scheduled to be played at Floyd Central

    59th District (last years record):
    Shelby Valley (16-15)
    East Ridge (19-11)
    Pikeville (23-9)
    Jenkins (5-26)

    Projected Winner: Pikeville
    Projected Runner-up: Shelby Valley
    *2018 59th District Tournament is Scheduled to be played at Shelby Valley

    60th District (last years record):
    Piarist (1-28)
    Pike Central (16-15)
    Belfry (14-18)
    Phelps (14-17)

    Projected Winner: Pike Central
    Projected Runner-up: Belfry
    *2018 60th District Tournament is Scheduled to be played at Pike Central

    **15th Region Tournament will be at Pikeville EXPO Center. Contract was renewed during the offseason for 4 additional years.
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