Bishop Brossart 85 Covington Holy Cross 78

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    Bishop Brossart 85 Covington Holy Cross 78

    Final per the scoreboard.

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    Listened partially to the Holy Cross broadcast, and after being down by a bunch HC had all the momentum going their way and cut it to 3, 81-78 with under a minute to play, however after that bucket that put them within 3 a HC player got a technical called on him for what I could gather was intentionally pushing the ball for whatever reason away from a Brossart player and delaying the game. That was a costly move because the Mustangs went to the line, and also retained possession of the ball. They widened the gap and won 85-78.

    Someone else should be able to give a better game recap, but that was the gist of what I heard while listening.

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    Credit Holy Cross - they would not go away. Brossart led by 16 at 62-46 to start the fourth quarter.
    In the double-bonus, Brossart tried our best to maintain possession and get to the free-throw line which we did. The difference was that while we only scored two field goals in the fourth period, Holy Cross scored 9 baskets.

    IMO, the quality of play deteriorated as the game became a foul-fest with no continuity. It was what Holy Cross needed to do to win and it worked well for them.
    A total of 39 free-throws were shot by both teams in the period. Brossart 24 and Holy Cross 15.
    A total of 55 points were scored in the quarter - 28 of them via free throws.

    I'm just not sure this is how Dr. Naismith envisioned the game to be played, and it wasn't any fun for players or fans alike.

    The tribe hit a lot of clutch shots. Junior Jeremiah Hicks scored 32 points.
    Three Mustangs put up 20-plus points - Stephen Verst with 23, Ethan Eilerman 21,and Carson Schirmer 20.