Best Active Coach in State of Kentucky

Page 3 of Billy Hicks is the all time wins leader and has 2 state titles but also has 5 runner ups including the last 3. Is he the best coach in the state or is ... 32 comments | 9658 Views | Go to page 1 →

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Double Deuce View Post
    Hmm, this is an interesting take. Care to expound on this? They have undoubtedly had some decent players, one VERY GOOD one, but your "primarily due" inclusion is very interesting. I'd love to hear your thoughts.
    Primarily was the wrong choice of words. Should have said with some amazing talent.

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    If you are looking at last decade would be hard to argue that Aric Russell isn’t up on the list. 5 region titles, 6 district titles in a row at Campbell County, state Quarterfinalist, state semifinals this year. Two miracle shots away from possible 6 regions in a row. All with homegrown talent.

    Tim Sullivan up the list as well. Steve Simpson at South Oldham. State of Kentucky has a lot of great coaches. People will answer with ones they know from their area for sure.

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    John Newton at Webster County and Jeff Embrey at Lyon County are probably the two best coaches in the second region. Coach Stovall at Christian County is really good also.