Berea Summer Team Camp (June 7th and 8th)

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    Berea Summer Team Camp (June 7th and 8th)

    Pool Play Games on Friday June 7th, Bracket Play on Saturday June 8th. All Times Eastern.

    Pool 1 Games
    9 AM Sayre vs Harrison Co.
    10 AM Harrison Co. vs Buckhorn
    11 AM Sayre vs Buckhorn

    Pool 2 Games
    12 AM Berea vs Bath Co.
    1 PM Bath Co. vs Whitley Co.
    2PM Berea vs Whitley Co.

    Pool 3 Games
    3 PM Madison Central vs Grant Co.
    4 PM Grant Co. vs Greenup Co.
    5 PM Madison Central vs Greenup Co.

    Pool 4 Games
    6 PM Red Bird vs Adair Co.
    7 PM Adair Co. vs Allen County-Scottsville
    8 PM Red Bird vs Allen County-Scottsville