Beechwood 65 Scott 57

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    Quote Originally Posted by PP1 View Post
    How about that 3 that Draud hit from half court?
    Wasn’t there but his Dad had in the gym range lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by B-Ball-fan View Post
    It wasn't just the fouls being called that I'm referring to, it was stuff like a non-existent walking violation served that not a soul in the house could see just as Scott got a defensive rebound and were trying to get going to cut into a reachable small lead that kept getting away from them.

    There's a certain control freak posturing that some refs can have when they relentlessly call stuff as if they have an ax to grind with someone. This ref had this certain something that you just know it when you see it. He was going to see to it that every Eagles hint of momentum would be halted before it could ever take flight.
    In the middle of the second quarter, Scott had the whistle blown in their favor, 8 consecutive times.

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    Tough, physical game, nice crowd on hand for both teams. Beechwood made the plays when they had to. Congrats Tigers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PP1 View Post
    In the middle of the second quarter, Scott had the whistle blown in their favor, 8 consecutive times.
    It was in the 2nd quarter that Scott was finally cutting into the lead when they were taking advantage of some momentum while the Tigers were hitting snags and lapses.

    Officiating at this time was par for the course.

    Most of the 3rd quarter was neck n' neck, but then in the 4th at optimum times, time and again the relentless momentum stealing posturing began to rear its ugly head.

    At this point in the game the ref could more clearly access what he had to do to make his impact, and if you're a Tigers fan you're happy with, and will not see it, or question the results.

    I was an impartial spectator seeing it plain as day.

    To be clear I am always happy to see Beechwood succeed in basketball... that is when it's done fairly without the help of the officials.

    I love a good basketball game, but I just can't stand it when I see a ref obviously give one team help over the other.

    There's a real reason for the term "Homer", and it's because this kind of stuff happens.

    Last night this stuff happened.