Apollo 61 Owensboro 58

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    Supposedly they had a starter out the last couple of weeks.

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    Is this 3 years in a row that the #1 seed in this district has lost in the 1st game?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Region2 Hype Man View Post
    The Boro looked like a top 10 team the first game I saw them this season, but as the season went on it looks like they regressed as a team. Were injuries a factor?
    They really peaked in the middle of the season. Around mid-late January I honestly thought they were going to roll the entire region. It wasnít until Apollo beat them in that last regular season district matchup that they looked beatable. It seemed like they peaked midseason but still looked like the best team by quite a bit to me. They just got caught up vs a rival who had nothing to lose and didnít get any help from the officials either.