All Time Maher Rankings

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    All Time Maher Rankings

    We have finally taken a stab at a multi-year ranking. We don't have data going back to the start of Kentucky basketball, so it isn't truly an all-time ranking. So far, we can go back to the 2006-07 season, so more of an all-decade ranking. Give it a read, and leave some comments.

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    Here is just a glimpse at the top 25:
    Rank Team
    1 Trinity (Louisville)
    2 Eastern
    3 Ballard
    4 Scott County
    5 Ballard
    6 Trinity (Louisville)
    7 Lexington Catholic
    8 Trinity (Louisville)
    9 Ballard
    10 Ballard
    11 Scott County
    12 Madison Central
    13 Covington Catholic
    14 Shelby Valley
    15 Ballard
    16 Scott County
    17 Scott County
    18 Mason County
    19 Bryan Station
    20 Holmes
    21 Trinity (Louisville)
    22 Scott County
    23 Owensboro
    24 Montgomery County
    25 Bullitt East