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Regional Rankings

1. Covington Catholic (22-4): The Colonels beat Boone County and Beechwood last week. I have not seen them play in person but have watched the games via the YouTube channel on three occasions. The boys in blue are a very good team. I do not think that they are unbeatable though. I predicted earlier that they would lose to a NKY team this year. I think it will not happen.

2. Conner (17-5): Conner may run the table to the regional tournament. The Cougars are very hard to guard.

3. St. Henry (19-3): St. Henry has four tough opponents before the district tournament. The Crusaders are playing very well right now. I do not think they will win-out the rest of the regular season. If this bothers some fans, keep in mind, I have made four bold prognostications at various times this season and I am currently 0-4.

4. Beechwood (17-9): Beechwood lost to two teams that are ranked above them. This does not constitute a drop in the rankings. The Tigers have four tough games left before the district tournament including a game of major implications this coming Saturday.

5. Highlands (21-2): Highlands beat Dixie and Anderson this week. If I was allowed to have a tie, I would have Beechwood and Highlands both ranked #4. The only major difference is that Beechwood seemed to play Cov Cath a little closer than the Bluebirds did. Vinson scored 76 points in two total games this week. That is Freakish.

6. Newport Central Catholic (15-8): The Breds only have two games left before the post season. They play Newport and Conner. I thought they were supposed to play St. Henry again but I do not see it on their schedule.

7. Cooper (8-13): The Jags play their next two games against Campbell County and Dixie Heights. They should win one of these games.

8. Holy Cross (12-9): The Indians lost to Holmes but rebounded against two other 9th Region teams. They drop 1 slot. Holy Cross is in survival mode against Beechwood on Saturday.

9. Ryle (11-13): Ryle beat Boone County, which should guarantee a #3 seed. This is huge because the Raiders can match-up better with Cooper than with Conner.

10. Lloyd Memorial (12-10): Lloyd lost two game last week. They should win back-to-back against Walton and Williamstown this week.

11. Holmes (10-13): Holmes beat Holy Cross to set up an interesting scenario. For a rare occasion, the Bulldogs will be the biggest Tiger fans in the world on Saturday night.

12. Dixie Heights (6-18): Dixie beat Ludlow and played well against Highlands. They may not win another game all year until the district tournament.

13. Newport (12-10): Newport has a slew of home games before traveling to Breathitt County. Whoever thought traveling to Breathitt was a good idea should be called to task.

14. Ludlow (13-8): I am moving Ludlow ahead of Boone. I am probably wrong. The Panthers could get to 18 wins this year.

15. Boone County (5-19): The Rebels have four more games before facing Heritage in the opening round of their district tournament.

16. Dayton (9-15): Dayton has six games left against some geographical oddities.

17. Villa Madonna (5-20): Not sure what to say about a team that loses to St. Francis.

18. Heritage Academy (5-15): Heritage lost to Dayton by 40.

19. Bellevue (3-18): Bellevue got a win against David Justice’s alma mater.

20. Covington Latin (0-14): Et Latine est. Tu ergo quid dicis?